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Chapter 227

The Yonan family before departing for Sieghart.


Raon wrinkled his nose as he looked at Pedric, who was smiling. He gave her the clever advice that if she wanted to see Glenn’s real face, she should smile broadly.

“okay. “Smile brightly in front of him like the smile you showed me two days ago.”
“What will change if I smile?”

Raon tilted his head.

‘I don’t think there will be any difference.’

This time too, Glenn will only give you the reward for the mission with an expressionless expression. His iron mask didn’t seem like it would come off no matter what he did.

“Just give it a try. “Because there will definitely be change.”

Pedric nodded as if he was sure and added the advice to smile sincerely.

“The matriarch is not Encia… .”

Although I was somewhat aware of the uniqueness of his appearance, I never thought that it would work for Glenn.

“What are you talking about? “It’s more effective against that iron mask guy than Encia.”
“Aren’t you and that guy the relationship between grandchild and grandfather?”

Pedric was now openly exposing Glenn.

“The matriarch does not show much emotion even to her children, not even to her grandchildren.”

Glenn did not show much interest in Sylvia or his other children. She didn’t understand why she was responding to her own laughter.

“Naturally, grandsons are happy to do whatever they do, but aren’t you an outstanding grandson who became a master at the age of 18 and made a name for himself on the continent through his chivalry? “He must be so happy on the inside, so if you hit him with your smile, I’m sure he won’t be able to hold back his laughter.”
“And Sylvia and you…” no.”

Pedric stopped talking and savored his appetite.

“If you do it anyway, you won’t regret it.”

He told me to always smile and left.

* * *

Raon looked at Glenn’s face while maintaining a smile.

‘What kind of expression is this?’

Glenn’s expression was wrinkled like old tree bark and crumpled like paper that had been strained. To put it simply, it was a bizarrely awkward expression.

‘You’re not smiling at all?’

However, contrary to Pedric’s assurances, there was no sign of laughter at all.

-Still, something has changed.
‘That’s right.’

Raon narrowed his eyes. Glenn’s mouth twitched beyond a severe grimace on her face, and her deeply sunken eyes also sparkled as if a stone had been dropped.


Rimmer’s laughter below awakened the strange atmosphere.

I glanced behind me. Since Glenn and Roen were the only ones who saw his smile, the other great lords were confused as they did not know what was going on.

“you. No, Raon Sieghardt… .”

After Glenn’s throat swelled loudly, his expression became colder than before, as if he were covered in ice.

“Don’t do anything useless.”

He let out a cold voice that sent shivers down the spine and beckoned to Roen.


Roen, who was standing there in a daze, approached with a red board with a gold card on it.

“We award a gold plaque and a one-time entry ticket to the Gwangpung Budanju who successfully completed his mission.”

Unlike before, Glenn said his position and handed over a gold plaque.

“thank you.”

Raon bowed his head, receiving the golden plaque with both hands.

‘He doesn’t smile, but his expression changes.’

Although she didn’t see Glenn smile, it was clear that her smile had an effect on him.

‘I just don’t know what it means.’

Because my life was far from normal, whether in my past life or my current life, I couldn’t understand exactly what Glenn’s reaction meant. It seemed clear that he did not hate himself, as Pedric said.

“Well done Raon! “As expected of our Vice Danju!”

The Gwangpungdan and Cheongeomdae erupted in cheers, and Rimmer waved his hands wildly. Cheryl also smiled and applauded.

Raon turned around and smiled slightly.

‘This is comfortable.’

Unlike Glenn’s dark emotions, glances are shot that can be recognized immediately. Admiration, admiration, greed, jealousy, anger, and even malice. I came down to the stage, accepting the looks in my eyes that were filled with various emotions.

“To Buren Sieghardt.”

At Glenn’s soft call, Burren stood up and went up to the podium.

“We award a plaque of the same color in recognition of our efforts to protect people through appropriate personnel deployment and judgment without panicking even when there is no one or two to do so, and to build a foundation for completing the mission.”
“thank you!”

Burren shouted loudly and lowered his head.


This time too, Gwangpungdan and Cheongeomdae cheered. However, Karun, who I thought would ignore or get annoyed, clapped normally.

‘Do you have a plan?’

Raon looked at Karun Sieghart and lowered his eyebrows. There is no way that cold-blooded person who once abandoned his son will just applaud. There must be some ulterior motive.

“Umm… .”

Buren also came down the stairs with his eyes wide, as if he was surprised.

“Next Martha Sieghardt.”

Glenn gave cards of the same color not only to Burren but also to Mata, Runaan, Dorian, and Crane who went with him.

Raon congratulated everyone who received the award and looked at the gold plaque. I clenched my fists as I looked at the flaming sword symbol engraved in the center of the card.

‘How many of these do I need to raise my mother as a direct descendant?’

There are a lot of people who are against just reporting savings, so it won’t be an easy task.

However, there was a good chance that he could make a few more achievements like this one that would silence everyone.

Raon grinned as he faced the direct gazes of his immediate superiors, who were giving him murderous looks.


Soon, in the same place as you. No, I will look down from a higher place.

* * *

An old tavern within Robert’s faction in the southern part of the continent.
Even though the sun was still shining, the inside of the bar was filled with people, and a strong violin melody rang out from the bar’s central stage.

A man dressed as an adventurer standing in the center of the stage told a story about someone’s heroism to the clear sound of a violin.

“He looked for an opportunity to dodge the Glorious Demon’s huge fist. The moment the Glorious Demon’s movements became louder, he stretched out his sword like a gale and plunged it into his heart! It was the first moment on the continent where an Expert took the life of a Master. But his bravery did not end there!”

The tension continued as the man extended his long hand to the end of the bar.

“He went into the dark forest without hesitation, separated the forces of the red-winged demon and the black-winged demon, and saved the saint and the child who had risked death! What followed was a fierce battle filled with blood and flesh… .”

He raised his voice and stamped his feet to match the intensified sound of the violin, vividly expressing the battle between Raon, the Red Winged Demon, and the Black Winged Demon.

“… The last part is the highlight of this battle. Evil Yanggwi and Raon Sieghart decided to decide the winner in a combined battle, and each clashed their swords with all their might! Of course, he used all his strength and the injured Raon was pushed, but he held on until the end without collapsing. because! Because there were people behind it that had to be protected! Even though he was pushed into a tree by the evil demon’s power, he stood up again and raised his sword. “Ye Yang Gui must have been impressed by his fighting spirit and withdrew, saying it should be a draw!”

The man clapped his hands so that the entire bar rang.

“People who heard this myth-like story gave Raon Sieghardt, who did not forget the help he received as a child and sacrificed his life to repay the silver, with the nickname Seolwha Swordsman! Even at this very moment, the heroic story of the Sulwha Sword Association is spreading throughout the continent!”

He exclaimed that the news of a genius swordsman who became a master at the age of 18 was resonating across the continent.

“I can’t believe there was such a brave person in the North too!”
“Sieghart! “The loser of the North is not dead yet!”
“It’s a pity that a prosecutor who knows silver and has faith wasn’t born in Robert!”
“It would have been better if such a prosecutor had been here!”
“Master at 18. “I don’t know how many years they advanced the youngest age.”
“He’s a hero who seems like a good match for the Derus family head.”

The people in the bar cheered and shouted Raon’s name. There were some people who said it was a lie or an exaggeration, but most people were so absorbed in the man’s acting that they didn’t care about the counterarguments.

“hey! “Tell me more!”
“What happened after that!”
“Did you really get your master’s degree at 18?”
“It’s much faster than our master who entered the Twelve Continents!”

People threw money at the man and the violinist, ordered them food and drinks, and shouted at them to tell the story.

“of course! Of course there are more. Regarding Prosecutor Raon’s healing abilities… .”

As the bard was about to start talking again, a shabby looking young man sitting at the end of the bar stood up.
He placed the gold coins on the table with trembling hands and left the tavern. The place he was heading to as he started running slowly was the mansion of the Robert family.

Even though the young man was not dressed like a traveler, no one blocked his path. Instead, he bowed his head and greeted me politely. He is greeted by people and is the center of the Robert family. He entered the family battle.

“father! father!”

He ran inside Gajujeon and knocked on Derus Robert’s office in the deepest part.

“Come in.”

The young man nodded at the friendly voice coming from inside and opened the door.

“What is it that is so urgent? Repon.”

Derus Robert grinned, pushing back the silver hair that fell over his shoulders.

“Have you heard any rumors about Prosecutor Raon Sieghardt?”

Repon, Derus’ youngest son, clenched his fists and trembled his chin.

“Raon Sieghardt?”

Derus repeated the name with his eyes stilled.

“yes! An undefeated swordsman who became a master at the age of 18 and cut down three ghosts of Eden! Sulwha Swordsman Raon Sieghart! “There are rumors spreading throughout the territory now!”

Lepon let out a long snort, probably excited, and his eyes lit up.

“You are only 3 years older than me, but the fact that you overcame such a brutal battle and became a master makes me respect you!”
“Oh, I heard that too. What a great kid. No, at that level, I should call it a prosecutor.”
“More than anything else, I am more excited about the all-out battle with the evil demon. A fighting spirit that never falls! “I dream of being a hero like that too!”
“okay. It did.”

Derus smiled slightly and nodded.

“But if you want to become that kind of hero, wouldn’t you have time to be like this now?”
“uh… .”
“You shouldn’t skip training and go to a bar.”
“Ugh! “I’ll do everything right away!”

Repon’s shoulders shook slightly and he took a step back. As he was about to go out on the road, he glanced behind him.

“If I train hard, will I be able to become someone like Raon?”
“It may be a little late, but it will definitely be possible.”

Derus nodded with a soft smile.

“all right!”

Repon clenched his fists and walked out.


Derus, who was left alone, had the same smile as when he showed it to Repon, but the air in the office was extremely cold. Even the sunlight pouring through the window was on the verge of freezing.


At his call, a black shadow fell from the ceiling. The shadow rippled like a windy puddle and transformed into the appearance of a man wearing black night clothes and his face covered with a mask.

“It is said that the Heavenly Sword Master Sheryl is the one who broke the trap made by Temus and cut him down. Cheryl’s energy was also engraved in the traces of the corpses. It is said that Raon Sieghardt also made moves, but he was supportive and did not lead anything.”

The masked man called Mattio continued speaking in the same tone as if he were a machine.

“Rumors spread that it was Cheryl who caused the Yonan family to refuse treatment for Temus and discovered the identity of the maid, but there were also rumors that it was Raon Sieghardt at first.”
“What information about Raon Sieghardt being the Master?”
“It’s true. Raon’s status as a master has been confirmed in the black market.”
“I became a master at 18… .”

Derus grinned. With that cool smile, she lightly tapped the desk with her fingers.

Coo coo coo coo!

The air in the office changes once again. Neither the desk nor the bookshelf shook at all, but the mana in this entire space began to become so heavy that it was difficult to breathe.

“Keuuuuu… .”

Matio could not bear the pressure and groaned.

“Isn’t it fun?”

Derus smiled brighter and tilted his chin.

“Temus. “That an 18-year-old master came to Sieghart because of that stupid bastard?”

If Temus had handled things well, Raon would not have become a master and the plan to rule the Yonan family would not have failed.
It was absurd that things could get so messed up because of that one bug.
Additionally, before Raon became a master, the youngest master was Robert. Out of anger that all the plans I had prepared were shattered, I could barely resist the urge to destroy everything in sight.

“You said Cheryl took care of everything, right?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Mattio responded with black blood streaming from his mouth.

“I think differently.”
“There is a difference from her usual behavior. “It’s clear that Raon Sieghardt intervened at some point.”

Derus calmed down the energy that seemed to be weighing down the world.


Matio’s body swayed as if he would fall.

“Research about Raon. Who is your mother and father, who are your close friends, and what is your purpose? “I learned martial arts and even what my weaknesses were.”
“That is something that is already being done to the best of its ability… .”
“best? There is no need for the best. “It means making sure you do the job properly.”
“ah… .”
“I don’t need anything else. “Focus on that damn information.”

Even though Derus’ voice was not loud, Matio’s eyes trembled as if he heard the roar of a monster.

“Becoming a master at the age of 18 means that you have the ability to change the landscape of the continent in the future. This means that Sieghardt may become as powerful again as he was before Glenn stopped.”

Terrible murderousness flowed from Derus’ icy eyes.

“You have to kill him before that. “No matter what it takes.”

* * *

After the ceremony for the swordsmen of the Cheongeomdae was over, Glenn’s eyes turned to Julius, who was at the very end.

“Come forward.”
“Oh, yes!”

Julius took a slow, deep breath and stood in front of the podium with polite steps.

“What’s your name?”

Glenn looked down at Julius with his cold gaze gone.

“My name is Julius Forzan!”
“There’s a reason he recommended it. Let him give an effort commensurate with his qualities.”
‘The saint told you in advance.’

Raon looked at Julius and nodded slightly. Listening to Glenn’s words, it seems that the saint sent information about Julius in advance.

“yes! thank you!”

Julius knelt down and bowed his head. The noble manners were as natural as flowing water.

“Umm… .”
“Is it even worth saying something like that?”
“What did you bring again?”

The great lords, who had finally seen Julius, raised their spirits to confirm the qualities that had earned Glenn’s recognition.

“Why is the mana circuit so wide… .”
“The danjeon is also more than twice as big as a child of that age.”
“The physique is a bit lacking, but on the inside, the talent is beyond that of a direct lineage.”

The great lords who confirmed Julius’s talent looked at him with greed. As soon as I got out of this place, I was going to take him with me by force.

“Raon Sieghardt. Since you brought this child with you, take responsibility for that child.

Glenn seemed to know their thoughts and confirmed their affiliation.

“I follow your orders.”

Raon bowed his head. He had planned to take her to the annex from the beginning, so of course he accepted.

“This is the end for today. “Let everyone go back.”

Glenn motioned for me to leave quickly because it was annoying.

The great lords and lords quietly bowed their heads to Glenn as if they were accustomed to this kind of situation and left the throne room.
Of course, the direct lineage and the collateral lineage that followed them glared at us without hiding their ugly eyes until the end.


Raon snorted and took Julius to the throne room door. Before he left, he looked back and Glenn’s expression looked as blank and bored as when he first saw him. She bowed her head, closed the door, and left.

-let’s hurry! I missed the food at the annex!

Lars said he was looking forward to Yua’s food and danced on his bracelet.


As I was about to leave the family battle with a grin, Rimmer and Cheryl’s voices were heard at the same time.


Rimmer raised his thumb and grinned.

“I expected a gold plaque, but I didn’t know they would even give me a savings report.”
“Like that idiot said, savings and access tickets are special. “It will be a really great opportunity.”

Cheryl nodded, pushing Rimmer away.

“When is the best time to use it?”
“Not right now.”
“that’s right. “Just leave it alone.”

Rimmer came next to Cheryl and waved his palm.

“There are various items inside the treasury, including weapons, artifacts, martial arts books, and elixirs. They are family treasures that even the matriarch does not use carelessly. “Go in when you feel like you’re lacking something.”
“Why does a gambler give sound advice?”
“But in my life, in the end, money is the best! There is a jewel called a small portion of the sun inside it, and if you sell it, it will last for the rest of your life… “Wow!”

Cheryl kicked Rimmer’s waist and frowned.

“Don’t listen to that guy. There are many more important values in the world than money. “Try to use this as an opportunity to make up for what you are lacking.”

She also smiled slightly, advising me not to go now.

“thank you.”

Raon smiled and bowed his head to the two people who gave him sincere advice.

“I’ll stop then… ah!”

As I was about to leave, something occurred to me, so I came back and approached Rimmer, who was standing up holding his waist.

“The three medicines you mentioned earlier. “Are you talking about the Three Pills of Destruction?”
“uh? “Do you know that?”

Rimmer’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘As expected.’

If there is a collapse, it is understandable that Rimmer would lose money.

“Then you must have really lost everything.”
“What… .”

Rimmer couldn’t answer properly and looked away.


Cheryl clicked her tongue as if she was pathetic.

Raon looked at Rimmer, who looked like a beggar, and frowned. Although he acknowledged Do-goe’s gambling skills, he could never let the fact that he continued to siphon off his money.

‘I need to retrieve my money that was lost to thieves.’
-… Why is it your money?

* * *

When the throne room was empty, Roen went up to the stage and smiled slightly.

“You were dangerous.”

Glenn covered his eyes with his hands and sighed.

“It hit me so suddenly, I couldn’t come to my senses.”

Everyone who heard Raon’s performance was so satisfied that they would fly away just by keeping their mouths shut, but the guy suddenly smiled so brightly that my head went blank for an instant.

‘The destructive power is enormous.’

When my grandson, who usually didn’t show his expression, smiled as brilliantly as if he had turned on hundreds of luminous stones, my head went blank for a moment.
It was a shock that shook my heart for the first time in decades, but I was able to endure it thanks to the mental power of a transcendent person.

‘I even used Aurors.’

In order to prevent the corners of his mouth from rising, he used his aura in a split second to manage his facial expression so that no one would notice. If I had been a little late, I would have shown a sad face in front of everyone.

“But I don’t know why I laughed.”

Glenn frowned. Raon’s laugh was not a smile of rewarded joy, but a pure laugh, so the shock was so great that it put a strain on the heart.

“I don’t know either. But it was intense for me too.”

Roen nodded in agreement. He had seen Raon since he was young and felt sorry for him, so Raon’s smile was a weapon sharper than a blade to him.

“I’ll have to be careful from now on… .”

Glenn shook his head.

“I don’t think it can be helped.”
“Can not help it?”
“I became a Master at the age of 18, becoming the youngest Master in the history of the continent, and wasn’t I even given the title of Swordsman due to my overflowing reputation? “She even looks great, so it’s natural that we can’t help but like her.”

Loen grinned at Glenn, who looked weak.

“If Master Raon were my grandson, I would go around here and there bragging about him.”
“Umm… .”

Glenn closed his eyes. When she thought of herself like that, she felt miserable.

‘but… .’

Why are you attracted to me?

I know it’s ugly and ugly, but I strangely wanted to brag about it. I wanted to make Raon’s presence known not only here and there, but also to the entire continent by increasing its scale.


Glenn sighed softly.

‘I’m crazy.’

I shook my head, thinking that I was out of energy and thinking about nothing.

“I am… .”

Just as I was about to say that I would not do such a foolish thing, the throne room door opened without knocking.

“Puhahahaha! Lord! Are you surprised to see Raon smiling? It’s my first time seeing such a stupid expression… “Huh!”

Glenn stretched out his hand before Rimmer could finish speaking.


In a split second, red thunder rose from the ground and enveloped Rimmer’s body.

“Oh my… .”

Rimmer fell to the ground, charred by the powerful thunderbolt that could even melt a piece of iron.

Cheryl looked at Rimmer with pitiful eyes and clicked her tongue again.


The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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