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Chapter 225

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the box with a red dragon and a blue dragon engraved on it.

‘This is a legendary artifact?’

Rather than preparing it in advance, Michelle pulled this box out from a place where miscellaneous items were gathered. It was absurd to throw it away like a stone dropped from the floor and say it was a legendary artifact.

‘Well, it’s all managed that way.’

She also scattered all the advanced artifacts she had returned earlier on the floor. She originally seemed to be the type of person who lived a disorganized life.

“Open it.”
“All right.”

Raon opened the box, looking into Michelle’s expectant eyes.


Inside the box was a ring, and its shape was unusual. The red dragon and the blue dragon had a strange shape where they were biting each other’s tails.

‘Such craftsmanship… .’

Not only the facial features of the two dragons that formed the ring, but also each of their scales were smooth as if they were alive. Looking at the attention to detail put into such a small ring, it was clear that it was the work of a renowned craftsman.

“It’s an artifact called Cheonghonghwan. Raon can use both fire and water properties, so that ring will be helpful.”
“Fire speed and processing speed?”
“yes. “It has the ability to increase the power of fire and water mana and relieve internal shock.”
“ah… .”

Raon looked at Cheonghonghwan and opened his mouth round. As Michel said, if it strengthened the aura of both attributes and had the effect of alleviating internal injuries, it was the perfect artifact for him.

‘Did you prepare it in advance?’

It seems that Michel chose the most necessary artifacts after hearing about this battle.

“This is an item I was planning to keep as a souvenir rather than sell, but it finally found its owner.”

Michelle looked at Cheonghonghwan with faint eyes. She seemed to have some circumstances.

“Are you sure I can take it?”

Raon licked his appetite as he swept down the box containing the green pill. I received a large reward for exclusive use, but receiving such a ring was quite burdensome.
I was particularly moved by the fact that it was not an ordinary mission, but one that involved saving people’s lives.

“Sure. The creator of this artifact will also be happy if Raon accepts it.”

Michelle smiled lightly and looked at the seat next to her.

“Raon looks great both in natural light and indoor lighting.”

Encia was smiling brightly as she looked at Raon holding the blue-red pill.

“no way?”
“that’s right. Blue Red Pill is the first legendary artifact created by Encia. “I couldn’t even promote it because the symptoms appeared as soon as I made it.”
“her… .”

Raon sighed as he looked at Encia.

‘Does this make sense?’

No matter how many times you look at it, Encia is only in her early to mid 20s. It was two years ago that she fell, which meant she created this legendary level artifact when she was about 20 years old. She was so dumbfounded that she couldn’t close her mouth.

“There was a genius here who could make the continent cry.”
“It’s unheard of to create a legendary artifact in your 20s… .”

Cheryl and Pedric’s eyes lit up when they heard that the producer of the Blue and Red Pill was Encia.


The genius was wandering around looking at Raon, not even realizing that he was praising himself.

“You’re really handsome.”
“No matter how much I look at it, I never get tired of it… evil!”

Only after Michelle slapped her back did Encia’s eyes return to focus.

“Encia. “Is it okay if I give a blue pill to Raon?”
“Sure. “The completion of a work is achieved when you meet a good owner.”

Encia’s sea-green eyes sparkled with a mysterious light. It occurred to me that this was the true face of a craftsman who created legendary artifacts in his 20s.

“Actually, that ring has one more effect.”
“Are you saying there are other abilities besides strengthening mana and alleviating internal injuries?”

Encia nodded with a confident gesture.

‘I’m not an ordinary person after all.’

A person who is a candidate for the Yonan family’s successor and who created a legendary artifact in his 20s cannot be a fool who only cares about his appearance.

“Then what is the fourth ability?”

Raon opened his mouth, his heart soaked with the tension he felt when he first met Encia.

“It’s an ability I didn’t expect, but my skin becomes smoother and my skin color becomes a little brighter.”

My jaw turned at the unexpected ability.

“Simply put, it’s a cosmetic effect! “I’m looking forward to seeing how much more handsome Raon will look when he wears it!”

Encia rubbed her hands and brought her face forward. Even her saliva was about to flow from her open mouth.

“Put it on quickly!”

She made a big gesture as if telling me to wear a blue-red pill.

“Umm… .”

Raon swallowed dry saliva.

‘I thought wrong.’

I think the face-only look is real, and the mysterious atmosphere shown earlier is fake.

“Come on!”
“Um, I understand.”

I sighed softly and put on the blue-red pill. Contrary to her expectations that she would be upset, the ring fit gently on her finger.


The moment the blue-red pill was fully worn, blue and red light emanated from the eyes of the two dragons, and the thread-like energy penetrated the mana circuit and mingled with the manga ball and Glacia that were sinking in the danteon.


The energy of Mangagong and Glacia rises spontaneously, and its strength and size are of a different order from before. The mana strengthening effect contained in the blue-red pill was faster and greater than expected.

‘I understand what the internal protection effect is.’

It seemed as if countless soft but small mana particles were spreading inside the body, alleviating the shock of the organs.

‘amazing… .’

Raon’s eyes lit up as he looked at Cheonghonghwan. It was not an artifact that was elevated to legendary level for no reason, as the effects of strengthening auras and protecting against internal injuries were immediately felt as soon as it was put on.


Lars climbed up onto the bracelet and wrinkled the bridge of his nose.

-Why in the world are there so many bigots? Why is everyone so upset that they can’t give it to you!

The guy scolded me, asking me why I had to take so much for one mission. He felt like his stomach was twisted at receiving so many ability points and receiving rewards.

-Stupid bastards!

Raon chuckled as he looked at Lars, who was blowing out cold steam above his head.

The best among them is you.

Since you can’t cut down a tree that gives generously, I didn’t mention that one of those bigots was Lars himself.

“This is amazing.”

Raon lifted the blue pill and smiled excitedly.


However, people’s eyes were wide open not at Cheonghonghwan’s face, but at their own face.

“Well, your face really shines… .”
“Your handsomeness has doubled! “Your face is full of handsomeness!”

Michel and Pedric let out a sigh, and Encia opened her eyes so wide that they almost jumped out.

“Well, that ring does have an effect. “You can almost feel the spirit on your face.”

Even Cheryl, who didn’t care about her appearance, stuttered slightly in surprise.

“Whoa… .”

Raon took the blue pill out of his fingers and sighed briefly.

I guess this ring should only be worn when fighting.

* * *

Dawn three days later.
Raon and the Sieghardt swordsmen melted away the fatigue of their journey and prepared to depart for Sieghardt again.

There were never-before-seen accessories on the prosecutors’ wrists and fingers, and they were all artifacts gifted by Encia.

“Get ready to leave. “Make sure you don’t leave anything behind.”

As always, Cheryl came out first to check on the prosecutors’ condition.


Raon and the prosecutors nodded and checked the equipment and baggage once again.

“It’s such a pity that I won’t be able to see Raon for a while… .”

Encia, whose eyes were dark as if she had stayed up all night, covered her mouth and frowned.

“I’m not going to lie. It makes me want to get sick again.”

Her eyes didn’t waver at all, perhaps because she was serious. She was starting to feel a little scared now.

“That guy’s handsome, that guy’s handsome. boring. boring… .”
“But today is the last time I meet that self-esteem thief. “Hold on.”

Dorian and Crane shook their heads while staying away from Encia.

“What are you talking about! I’m the one going for the exclusive deal with Sieghardt! “We will continue to see you in the future, so please continue to look after us!”

Encia looked back at the two people and smiled.

“They say the ghost of self-esteem is coming. Even Sieghart… .”
“Let’s die.”

Crane and Dorian sat down on the floor with distorted expressions.


Burren approached Encia, adjusting the turquoise necklace around her neck.

“Am I really allowed to accept this?”
“that’s right. “We haven’t done much compared to Raon.”

Marta, too, frowned as she looked at the brown bracelet she wore on her wrist.

“Sure. You stopped the assassins’ attack and saved Letran. “Don’t feel pressured.”

Encia nodded with a cool smile.

“Besides, Yonan and Sieghart will walk together from now on. “Please think of it as a gift and a bribe as a witness to the contract.”

She joked and waved her hands so as not to put pressure on the prosecutors.

“Well, in that case, I would be grateful.”

Buren bowed his head in a polite manner. Martha also nodded her head in gratitude.

‘You also have a good personality.’

Raon smiled slightly as he saw Encia greeting the prosecutors. Not only is her ability outstanding, but her consideration is also outstanding. I could see why everyone in this family cared for her.

“Raon! Can you please live here? That face is almost addictive! “It’s a drug!”

It would be great if only that point were left out… .

Raon sighed and turned around.


Michelle approached and smiled slightly.

“I have something to tell you for a moment. Is that okay?”
“of course.”

Raon nodded and followed Michelle.

“I should have told you before, but I’m only saying it now.”

She stopped at the entrance to the garden where two trees were tangled together.

“Do you by any chance have a partner?”

Raon widened his eyes. I thought she was going to talk about work, but what came out of Michelle’s mouth was something I couldn’t have imagined: an engagement.

“Looking at your expression, it looks like you’re not there.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Then how about considering my daughter as your spouse?”

Michelle held Runan’s hand and looked at Encia teaching her strange words.

“It’s not because she’s my daughter, but when I look at it objectively, I don’t think her personality, appearance, or abilities are all bad. “Our family will not bow down anywhere either.”

She continued speaking with a faint smile.

“I like Raon a lot too, so could you please think about it?”

Michelle’s tone was calm. It wasn’t a joke, it meant it was sincere.

“hmm… .”

Raon let out a short breath.

‘I’ve never thought about that.’

The first goal in this life was revenge, and the second goal was Sylvia’s return to the lineage and the happiness of the people in the annex.

After that, many things happened, and the enemies became more numerous.

In particular, throwing Derus into the gutter is impossible without risking one’s life. He didn’t think about his future at all because he didn’t know when he would die. All I could think about was becoming stronger.

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t thought about that yet. “I don’t even have time to think.”

Raon bowed his head and euphemistically expressed his refusal.

“As expected.”

Michelle nodded as if she knew that would happen.

“I said I gained faith by looking at Raon’s eyes, right?”
“It is true that there was sincerity in those serious eyes, but there was no sign of composure or expectation. I wish she thought of herself a little more.”

She made eye contact and smiled softly.

“hmm… .”

Raon swallowed dry saliva. It seemed like people who had reached the level had different perspectives, even if it was not a swordsmanship because it was a Manryu return species.


Just in case. I really didn’t know if I would be alive after everything was over, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to think about the future a little.

“Thank you for the advice.”

Raon bowed his head in a polite manner.

“But that doesn’t mean I just said what I suggested a moment ago.”
“Please think about having Encia as your partner in the future.”
“I’m still a minor. The one we met was in the immediate family… .”
“Seeing as it’s still there, it means you have the confidence to go up. “I’ll be waiting.”

Michelle waved her hand and approached Cheryl.


I turned my head to the sound of loud laughter. Pedric was smiling as he came out of the mansion.

“You must feel like you’ve been hit.”
“That’s right.”

Raon scratched his red cheeks. After all, among the heads of a family who rose to the top, there was no one who was easy to deal with.

“Are you here to see that maid until now?”

Looking at the fatigue on Pedric’s face, it seemed like he was checking the condition of the maid who had injected Hell Worm into Encia from last night until now.

“The brainwashing was stronger than I thought. “I’ve been walking consistently for a long time, so it’s natural.”

It’s as they say. That maid, like herself in her previous life, would have had fear and brainwashing drilled into her head since childhood.

“Don’t worry though. “I called in someone who is good at this, so even if it takes a while, I will be able to find out how to treat it.”
“I will believe it.”

Raon nodded. If you don’t trust Pedric for something like this, who can you trust? Trusting and waiting is the only answer.

“Are you really not going with me? Brainwashing treatment may be delayed… .”
“Brainwashing is brainwashing, but I guess I’ll be busy because there’s homework you gave me and there are patients that Temus gave up on while treating.”

He shrugged, saying he had a lot to do.

“Then I can’t help it.”

Raon straightened his posture and lowered his head.

“Thank you so much.”
“It’s up to me to say thank you, you guy!”

Pedric chuckled as if it was absurd and hit Raon on the shoulder.

“If you saved my life and said thank you, I wouldn’t have anything to say! “Are you even condescending?”
“Is that possible?”

Raon shook his head and smiled slightly.

“From childhood to now, I just want to thank you.”
“I am indeed.”

The corners of Pedric’s mouth softened, as if he didn’t like that sincere greeting.

“Then please take care of yourself.”
“Oh, wait!”

Raon nodded again and was about to leave when Pedric grabbed his shoulder.

“If you want to know his true feelings. Shown before… .”

He told him a way to find out Glenn’s true feelings and went back to the mansion.

-I don’t think it will work at all.
‘I think the same.’

Raon frowned as he looked at Pedric leaving.

* * *

After a long mission that went from the Yonan family to Letran City and back to the Yonan family, Raon and the swordsmen arrived in front of Sieghart’s main gate.

The tall silver castle walls and the permanent snow surrounding them made the swordsman’s majesty burn every time he saw them.

“Cheongeomdae and Gwangpungdan. “I have returned after completing my duties as the head of the family.”

Cheryl approached the door and announced her return to duty.

“Meet the Heavenly Sword Great Lord!”
“Thank you for your hard work!”

The prosecutors guarding the door ordered the door to be opened and looked at Raon standing in the back, not Sheryl in front.

‘Has there been a rumor here too?’

Raon quenched his appetite as he felt the gazes of the gatekeepers and the swordsmen on the walls. Seeing that everyone was only looking at him, it seemed like the news that he had become a master had spread here as well.

“I’m going to have a hard time from now on because of the attention coming from all over the place.”

Econ came to the side and laughed.

“Now you better be more careful about how you carry yourself. “Because the number of people at the top who find fault with something will increase.”

Because we had become close friends during the mission, his advice exuded warmth.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Raon nodded as he looked at the door opening. A high position comes with responsibility and attention. Whether it was attention, jealousy, or challenge, I was ready to accept it all.

Coo coo coo coo!

The huge door opened wide, and as Glenn was looking at the grandeur and thinking about what to say, a red-haired man came out from inside.

“Raon! Guys! “Welcome back!”

It was Rimmer. He came running with his arms wide open as if welcoming everyone back.

“hmm… .”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched Rimer approaching.

‘Why did that person become a beggar again?’

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