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Chapter 216

Raon raised the manga ball while aiming his sword at the mad blood demon.

‘I have to finish without getting hurt as much as possible.’

According to Rosie, there are four masters in total. There is a light blood demon ahead, so there are three masters in the forest. In order to save the saint against them, he had to conserve his strength as much as possible.

-Do you think that is possible?

Lars snorted as if it were nonsense.

-Hand over yourself to the king. I will freeze even the woman who tries to cross my king’s body and all the bugs that are trembling in the forest.

The guy stretched out his round hand.

-That is the only way to save your benefactor.
‘They say if you enter my body before, you will go into a state of runaway.’
-Yeah, that’s right, but I’ll be back soon! If only I came to my senses… .
‘Stop talking nonsense, stay back.’

When I met Sloth, Ras said that his body and soul had been separated for so long that he went into a state of runaway the moment he entered his body.
If you hand yourself over to that guy now, Cheryl, or Pedric and the child in that forest will die.

“Haaa… .”

White breath like cigarette smoke blew out from the Glorious Demon’s mouth.

“You’re overconfident. “I guess it’s because I was born into a good family and have a lot of talent.”

The guy’s eyes were shining red with jealousy and murder.

“Even though I became a Master, that feeling of inferiority didn’t go away. “It’s pitiful.”

Raon lifted his chin and sneered.

“Shut up!”

The radiant demon screamed and stretched out its fist. The strong energy of speculation burned and the air burst out mercilessly.


Raon watched the Gwangblood Demon’s fist that seemed to block his entire vision, and at the last moment, he pulled back his left foot. Even though he didn’t even touch me, it felt like his wind was tearing my skin apart.

‘The power itself is no less than that of the Gwangblood Demon I’ve seen before. It’s similar to the tour.’

The fist he raised was not much different from the previous Gwangblood Demon that he fought in Cebu Village.

‘Then what about the next one?’

Raon lightly stepped back and lowered his sword. The glowing ears clung to her like leeches and swung their entire forearms. The guy’s entire arm was burning with fighting spirit, so there was extremely little space to dodge.

‘It’s as expected.’

The second attack is also similar to that seen in Sentai Gwanghyeogwi. He leaned back and perfectly dodged the attack that came in a straight line.


Raon straightened his back and lowered his sword, holding a bunch of quick swords. The red-hot blade became a beam of light and swept across the forearm of the radiant demon.


Blood drips from between cracked armor. The glowing ear lowered her head and stared blankly at her own blood.

“Whoa… .”

Raon took a breath and turned his wrist.

‘Eden doesn’t know that I’ve fought a Glorious Demon.’

I felt like I could turn this battle to my advantage if I took advantage of the difference in information.

“Ha, avoid that and counterattack.”

Merlin let out a deep exclamation.

“As expected, I didn’t see anything wrong. Raon. “You must come with me.”

The voice seemed gentle, but it was overflowing with uncontrollable desire.

“It would be nice to be blessed with talent.”

The glow-in-the-dark demon slowly raised its head. The red eyes were distorted with madness and anger.

“It would be great to make a name for myself with that talent and even get that person’s attention!”

Its momentum gradually becomes stronger. The fire that burned in his fist spread throughout his body.

“Now your sword can’t reach me!”

The Glorious Demon let out an ogre-like roar and rushed forward. It was a tremendous force, as if a mountain, not a human, was rushing towards me.

‘This is the same.’

It was an attack I couldn’t forget even if I wanted to, because my left arm was shattered when I blocked this rush incorrectly.


I stepped on the three treasures of Taehwa. The soft steps carried away the mad blood demon’s charge like raindrops seeping through rocks.

“this guy!”

The bright blood demon changed direction in an instant and followed suit again. She stretched out her arms as if to grab and crush it.


Raon used the Garambo technique in succession to escape the clutches of the Glow Blood Demon and raised Manga Ball with all his might.

Cartoon Ball Ten Episodes

The flame petals that bloomed from the silver earth attacked the Glorious Demon, but they could not pierce his fighting spirit and disappeared like fog.

“I told you so!”

The mad blood demon rushed at me again, laughing full of madness.

“Your sword doesn’t work!”

Throwing out rock-like fists one after another. The air and the earth exploded endlessly due to the enormous energy wave.


Raon barely escaped or blocked the light blood demon’s blows and continued to retreat. He looked like he was in desperate danger, but his eyes didn’t waver at all.

‘It’s going according to plan.’

Even though he was able to avoid it perfectly thanks to having learned all the battle techniques of the Sentai Glorious Demon, he was acting as if he was narrowly avoiding it. There is one reason. The purpose was to cut down the glowing blood demon with a single blow.

‘He’s still immature.’

According to Demt’s testimony, it must not have been long since Stain received the power of the Glorious Demon.

The power itself created through speculation was more powerful than the seven apostles, but its perfection was clearly lacking. It was a gap large enough to stab.


Raon showed off Manhwagong’s sword skills one after another, making it clear to the mad blood demon that his attacks would not work.

“I am different from the 7 apostles you fought! “Your flames don’t work!”

Those words were also the same as those from the previous generation. As expected, they didn’t know that they and the Sentai Glorious Demon had fought.

“Let’s get this over with!”

The mad blood demon raises his right fist, which had been thrown back. Young fighting spirit shot out of her fist like a waterspout, creating a huge wave.

“at las.”

Raon smiled as he saw the speculation spreading to the point where it was difficult to open his eyes.

‘I’m here!’

The wave of speculation caused by the mad blood demon was the same force that Rimmer had split with the blade of wind. He saw it breaking right before his eyes, so he could immediately see where the gap was.


He extended his sword of heaven toward the small loophole. Like a stroke of a brush with blue paint. The blue light on the blade of the Jecheon Sword ran through the air.


The armor of the Glorious Demon was torn off, and blood burst out from his chest.


The glowing blood demon’s eyes grew so big that they seemed to pop out. Even though she was embarrassed, she raised her right arm. She seemed to instinctively feel Frost Kite’s second slash.

‘I expected that too.’

I pressed forward with all my might. He reversed the Jecheon sword that had reached the right and lowered it again to the left.


The ice streak of the frost kite drawn along the first trajectory and the silver blade rising from the opposite side intersected as if intersecting.


The two sword strikes struck at the same time pierced the spirit of the mad blood demon and tore through its heart.

“Ugh, you, you… .”

The Glorious Demon fell to his knees, clutching his chest, with blood gushing out like a fountain.

“Whoa, I told you so.”

Raon took a deep breath and looked down at the glowing blood demon.

“The power gained through hexes is nothing.”
“I, I. I have talent… .”

The light blood cell stretched out its arm to the end, but its hand fell to the ground without being able to reach Raon.


Strangely enough, the man who lost his family, colleagues, and lifelong rivals to become a master was defeated by a prosecutor who could not become a master.

“Gwangblood demon… ?”

Merlin may not have predicted this situation, but the strange expression on his mask hardened for the first time.

“Raon! “You really are a bastard!”

Cheryl was also surprised and opened her eyes so wide that her thin eyes looked round.

“Lord Heavenly Sword. “Can I just follow the mission you mentioned earlier?”

Raon looked at Sheryl’s back while holding the Jecheon Sword.

“okay! good!”

She nodded as if telling her to go right away.

“go? Where are you going! “I can never go!”

Merlin came to his senses and put his hands together. A huge magic circle like the sun and moon bloomed behind her, and countless magics soared from that magic circle.

“Catch him!”
“Never let them go into the forest!”

That’s not all. The green demons, red demons, and monsters that had stayed behind until now came rushing in like a tidal wave.

“Raon. “I told you to go, but why are you there?”

Cheryl turned her head back.

“but… .”
“You still don’t know who I am?”

She smiled slightly and pulled out the sword on her back.

“I am his first sword and final shield.”

Two swords shoot out from one scabbard. White sword and black sword. Swords of starkly opposing colors distorted the darkness.

“Black and white school sword! Why is that to you?”

A scream came from Merlin’s mouth.

“Nothing can pass behind me!”

The white sword points to the ground, and the black sword points to the sky.


The moment the two swords’ young gray light spread out across the heavens and earth, Merlin’s pouring magic melted away like dust, and the ghosts of Eden who were rushing towards him were swept away like sand swept away by the waves.

“I’ll give you instructions again.”

Cheryl erased all the magic and monsters that had filled her field of vision and pointed behind her.

“Raon Sieghardt. “Please save the saint.”

* * *


A huge shock wave shakes the forest.

“Ugh… .”

Saint Pedro of Rags was pushed away, staggering like a drunken man. The mat he always wore had crumbled like dry leaves and had lost its shape.

‘Damn… .’

Pedric looked at his shaking hands. Both of his arms hurt as if they had been broken, and the strength in his legs, which had supported his entire body, was gone. I felt like I would collapse like this if I let my guard down.

“They’re all holding up well despite their old bodies.”

The Ghost of Eden, the Black Winged Demon, who inherited the power of the Gargoyle Lord, grinned while floating in the air.

“Don’t let your guard down. “The saint is still recovering his body.”

The red fox wearing lycanthrope armor let out a cold voice and clawed its claws. Bright red stains spilled over his black fingernails.


Pedric forced the Auror into his shaking hands and performed a spell. The yellow janggang containing the rotation of the warrior’s mirror was shot towards the gap between the two ghosts.


The young fighter’s claws caused enormous wind pressure and burst the Yangtze River. Straight speculation operated at the perfect moment. It was not a dirty move, but someone who had learned proper martial arts.

“Just this?”

The Black Winged Demon swept the air with the wings attached to its armor, releasing the Yangtze River. It was a movement that clearly revealed the majesty of the Gargoyle Lord who dominates the sky.

“Whoa… .”

Pedric frowned and took a breath. He was using Siltia’s energy to recover from his internal injuries and trauma, but because the wounds were caused by a collision with strong energy, recovery was slow. The more we fought, the more severe the losses were.


The red-orange ear bends its waist like a wolf and charges in. Incredible speed. It came as if rising from the ground and exuded enthusiasm.


The black-winged demon circled in the air in opposition to the red-winged demon’s movements and aimed behind it.


Pedric spread both his hands and made a big splash. The energy and fighting spirit condensed in his grasp collided, causing a terrifying explosion.


Pedric stepped back, protecting Julius from the aftermath of the explosion. One-on-one was enough to defeat them, but dealing with two at the same time was difficult.
In particular, I was very annoyed by the Black Winged Demon who left the front line to the Red Winged Demon and took advantage of the gaps in the air.

‘There… .’

There was one more person to deal with. An evil demon leaning his back against a tree. Right now, I’m staying quiet like it’s someone else’s business, but if those two are in trouble or in danger, I’ll step out right away. I had to remember that it was a three-on-one battle.

“Where are you looking!”

The black winged demon fell vertically and thrust out a dagger. Her wrists turned like rubber and aimed at her neck in a strange way.


The red fox also did not stay still. The energy in his claws as he lunged to the left was so powerful that it was difficult to block.


Pedric brought up Siltia’s energy and put his hands together. The wave of aura that started from the gathered hands spread to the sons and daughters, pushing away the speculations of the black-winged ears and the red-and-red ears. It’s the season of Daeunjang.

“Uhm… .”

The black-winged ear and the red-winged ear were unable to overcome the sudden rebound and bounced off like rubber balls.

Pedric’s old eyes flashed for a moment. Not missing the gap revealed by the black winged demon, he kicked the ground and stretched out his intestines.


A black winged ear that grazed its back in the Yangtze River fell to the ground without being able to spread its wings.

‘It has to end now!’

The opportunity has finally arrived. We had to reduce the number here, even if it was unreasonable. As he was about to strike down the intestines filled with strong energy, a terrifying fighting spirit arose from behind his back. Before I knew it, it was the momentum of the Red Wolf that followed behind me.


If you proceed from here, you can kill the Black Winged Demon, but you will also be killed or seriously injured. I debated for a moment whether I should back off or keep going, but that was the worst mistake I could make.

Because that fleeting moment felt like an eternity to the experts.

The red fox noticed Pedric’s slow reaction and took advantage of the loophole.


Before Pedric could turn around and get into a defensive stance, the Red Demon’s claws cut into his right chest.


There was no time for Pedric to feel any pain. Because the black winged demon flew in with fierce fighting spirit.


Although he avoided having his head blown off with a surprise attack, his body’s balance was seriously broken. The speculation continued without any chance of stopping the bleeding.

bang! Kwaaaaang!

Every time I compete with speculation, my heart feels like it’s melting. Terrible internal injuries. Pedric swallowed the blood that had flowed up his stomach again.

“Keuuuuu… .”

I shouldn’t be in a hurry, but the situation was so bad that I couldn’t stay calm. Although I had a lot of regrets, I had already crossed the river of no return.


I must not give up, even for the sake of Julius, who is covering his mouth behind me without once screaming.

Coooooo! Kugugoogung!

However, the red and black ears continued to collide, worsening the internal injuries and constricting the person’s breathing. They knew how to pressure a cornered rat.

‘If this continues, I’m really going to die.’

During the battle, I suffered internal injuries and trauma that were beyond recovery. He had to win before he fell.

Pedric used footwork to avoid collisions as much as possible, but the red-tailed and black-winged ears persistently targeted only the injured area.

‘okay. come.’

It was what I hoped for. When they approached unguarded, they were in the process of creating a trap using Daeunjang’s final season to wipe them out all at once.

Oh my!

The waist was torn off by the charge of the black-winged demon hiding behind the red-winged demon.


Pedric groaned and stopped his shaky feet. The Red Winged Demon kicked the ground and shouted, and the Black Winged Demon rushed forward with a red-flaming dagger, baring his teeth and laughing.

‘just now!’

By opening the dantian, all the energy concentrated in the mana circuit was released in an instant. It was a seasonal annihilation site of Daeunjang that swept away everything around it.


A huge explosion exploded, shaking the entire forest.

Coo coo coo coo!

Everything in sight was devastated, but Pedric’s expression was not bright.

“Ugh… .”

He gritted his teeth and looked up into the air. The black-winged ear was raising its red-winged ear and smiling strangely. Except for a few scars, it was in perfect condition.

“Inspiration. “It’s too obvious.”
“Is there nothing even a saint can do in a situation like this?”

The black-winged ear sneered, and the red-winged ear gave a cold, regretful look.

“shit… .”

Pedric bit his lip until it bled. There was no way that a master of their level would not know that they were in a hurry. The person caught in the trap was not those ghosts, but himself.

‘It’s empty.’

There was nothing left of the dantian and mana circuit.


I laughed helplessly at the shadow of death approaching me.

‘Is this the end?’

I feel Julius’ gaze behind me.

‘I’m sure I’m still biting my lips and holding back tears.’

I was very proud of the guy who held back crying and screaming until the end for fear of interfering with the battle.

‘I’m sorry.’

I couldn’t keep my promise to go see Raon or to run away from here together. I wanted to fight until the end, but there was nothing left. I just feel sorry for Julius.

“Let’s finish now. “I held on better than I thought.”
“I will send you off without pain as befits the name of a saint.”
“Oh, I hate it! “I’ll eat you alive!”
“Does wearing the skin of a monster mean that even your head has become a beast?”

The black-winged ear and the red-winged ear slowly approach. Those two were exhausted because they had used up a lot of strength, but they could not compare to themselves who had used all their strength.


Even during this time, the two guys did not let down their guard and showed off their fighting spirit with all their might. My eyes were filled with red-hot energy.

‘Oh my God. I don’t care if I die.’

I bit my tongue and internally screamed rather than prayed.

‘Please save the child behind me! He is too pure to be with those demons! You can do whatever you want with this old man! “Please, at least that kid!”

Although I heard stories of him being a saint, I did not believe in God. He saw it only as a healing tool, and for the first time he prayed.

But nothing changed. It seems too late.


Pedric turned around to see speculation filling his vision.

“Julius. “I guess I can’t keep my promise.”
“Seo, saint… .”
“Live steadfastly.”

He gave a soft smile to Julius, whose chin was shaking. He turned around and waited for his final moments.

But even though God has abandoned them, the thread of their relationship has not yet been broken.

A pure wind blows with a roar that seems to shatter the earth.

Flashes of red and blue crossed diagonally, shredding the fighting spirit of the red and black winged ears.

A man stood among the flickering firelight. tall. The flowing blonde hair reminded Pedric of a close friend.

“Da, you…” .”

He looks back. Honest red eyes. There was deep joy in his eyes as if he had seen them before.

“Long time no see.”

My heart beat loudly at the man’s low voice.

“I came to repay the silver.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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