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Chapter 213

“Lord Heavenly Sword.”

Buren approached Cheryl with his eyebrows slightly lowered.

“Raon hasn’t been here so much, so shouldn’t we go look for him?”
“It’s a little late.”

Marta also nodded, turning away from the tree.

“Are you worried?”

Cheryl looked back at Burren and Marta with calm eyes.

“Well, what are you worried about? Absolutely not!”

Marta quickly shook her head as if it made no sense.

“you’re right. Just because the departure is late… .”

Burren scratched his head with his eyes downcast.

“is it.”

Cheryl smiled lightly as she saw the two people waving widely.

“hmm… .”

Runan followed Raon’s instructions and did not leave the area near the carriage, staring at the sky with blind eyes.

“Aren’t you anxious, Runaan?”

Encia stuck her head out the carriage window and called out to Runaan.

“Raon went out alone, but he still hasn’t come.”

She also knew what was going on, so she shook her hands as if she was worried.

“You don’t have to worry.”

Runaan calmly shook his head.

“Raon won’t lose.”

Her calm expression and short words clearly revealed how much she trusted Raon.

“I heard that Gwangpungdan was created not that long ago, and the relationship of trust is wonderful.”

Encia smiled as she looked at the Gwangpungdan members.

“It has to be that way. “It’s been 6 years since we were together as trainees.”
“ah! Did you all go from trainee to sword training together?”
“Yes. But today it’s a little later than usual… uh! Lord Budan!”

As Dorian looked around, Raon came out of the forest path on the right. On his shoulder was an unknown person.

“Why are you here so late!”
“I was worried for no reason.”

Runaan came running, Marta frowned, and Buren smiled slightly.

“It’s a little far away.”

Raon smiled at the three people’s different reactions and approached Cheryl.

“Is it all over?”

Cheryl narrowed her eyes as she looked at Temus’ corpse.

“yes. But there might be a bit of a problem… .”

Raon placed Temus’ body, which he was carrying on his shoulder, on the floor.

“It’s a problem… .”

Cheryl was calm even after seeing the corpse was Themus. It seems they realized that Temus was the instigator the moment the formation that had been hiding their presence was broken.

“Now, wait a minute!”
“That’s the congressman!”
“Te, Temus?”
“Huh? That congressman was targeting us? why!”
“crazy… .”

Everyone from the Heavenly Blade and the Light Winds opened their mouths in astonishment when they saw Temus’ corpse.

“iced coffee… .”

Encia’s lips trembled as she held the wrist where Temus had taken the pulse.

“Is there any evidence that this person ordered the attack?”
“First of all, there is this Jinmyeongjeok. There… .”

Raon explained about the Jinmyeong enemy and even told him that Temus had learned poison, and that while interrogating him, his heart suddenly stopped.

“It’s a lazy worm.”

Cheryl frowned as she looked at Temus’ corpse with its blood vessels bursting out.

“It looks like there is someone behind Temus.”

She instantly figured out the identity of Lazy Worm and even realized that there was someone behind it. As expected, it was not ordinary insight.

“Have you not heard who it is?”
“yes. “I didn’t hear it.”

Raon shook his head.

‘Now is not the time.’

Unless there is solid evidence that Derus Robert participated, it is not a good idea to bring up his name here.

Because the cause is weak, a war may break out between the Sieghardt and Robert families, leading to endless deaths of innocent people.

‘And he’s mine.’

I have no intention of giving Derus an easy death. He will bring despair by destroying the forces he holds dear, one by one, and then cut off his head at the last moment.

“is it.”

Cheryl nodded as if she knew that would happen.

“I will resolve this matter entirely.”

Without any time to stop her, she carved a sword mark on Temus’ body.

“Great, great lord?”
“Why all of a sudden… .”

When the Heavenly Sword Grandmaster said he would take the reputation for solving all problems, people’s eyes widened.

“Seo, you really want to take care of your reputation… “Inhale!”

Raon covered Crane’s mouth when he was talking nonsense and looked at Cheryl.

“Can you explain why?”
“Temus is a lawmaker who has had a positive influence throughout the continent. “He may have poison in his blood, holes in his teeth, and even if there is a true enemy, he may not believe you, or someone who wants to attack you may appear.”

Cheryl continued speaking in her usual simple tone.

“In other words, what you can gain by killing this person is not a good reputation. Moreover, there is a very high possibility that the mastermind behind Temus will take revenge on you and the Frenzy. “It would be better to spread the word that I did this on my own.”

‘As expected, it was meant to protect you.’

Cheryl said that she would take the credit for resolving this matter to protect herself and the Frenzy from those behind Temus.

‘He’s a good person.’

Despite appearing cold and strict, Cheryl had a warmth and consideration for many things.

“I am grateful, but I can’t do it.”

Raon slowly shook his head.

‘Because I don’t want other people to suffer because of me.’

If the information spreads like this, Derus may target the Heavenly Sword Master. I couldn’t accept that my revenge would cause problems for others.

“I don’t know who is behind Temus, but I can’t leave the matter to the Great Lord of the Heavenly Sword. I was the one who insulted Temus and took Lady Encia away. I am… .”

As she spoke, Cheryl’s right hand reached out. He curled his middle finger around his thumb and flicked his forehead.


I groaned involuntarily at the sudden pain.

“Who is this guy with no blood on his head so arrogant to worry about?”

Cheryl frowned.

“I am the one in charge of this mission. “I decide the outcome and the process.”
“hmm… .”
“I clearly told you to take care of it, and you fully followed those instructions. Because I was the one who created this result. “I also take responsibility.”
“Lord Heavenly Sword… .”
“And who do you think I am?”

A terrifying aura soared through her whole body, making her skin tremble.

“I am the first sword that protects the head of the family. “As long as it’s not him, it doesn’t matter if the other person is the leader of the Six Emperor Five Demons.”

As if she knew something, Cheryl said that she was the head of the Six Emperors and turned around. She circled around, spreading an aura throughout the forest like she had left behind on Temus.

“Ugh… .”
“As expected, our great lord!”
“There is no way the Great Lord would care about such a reputation!”
“I fell in love with its confident appearance again!”

The Cheongeomdae prosecutors smiled as if they knew that would happen.

“Wow, that’s responsibility.”
“different. “It’s completely different.”
“If it were him, he would have passed it on to Raon somehow… .”

The Gwangpungdae swordsmen whetted their appetites while thinking about the red-haired elf on the opposite line from Sheryl.

“hmm… .”

Raon looked at Sheryl’s back and let out a light breath.

‘I guess I’ll have to create an opportunity.’

I think I need to create an opportunity later to let Sheryl know that the person who did this was Derus. Even if that happens, I don’t think she’ll change her mind.

‘Anyway, I bought some time.’

Thanks to Cheryl, I felt like I could significantly delay the time my name was exposed to Derus. In the meantime, it seemed like he would just have to destroy the bastard’s plans one by one.

“thank you.”

Raon bowed his head towards Cheryl, who was leaving traces of battle here and there in the forest.

“Lord Budan!”

When I raised my head, Dorian came running towards me with a red face.

“Today I saw the God of Supply! Please teach me!”
“It was beyond surprising and touching to completely block a dangerous situation with a situation-appropriate artifact! “I will treat you as my teacher!”

The guy lay face down. His eyes sparkled to the point of brilliance, as if he was impressed by the situation in which he took out the appropriate tool and perfectly prevented the enemy’s attack.

“This is a coincidence.”

This time, it wasn’t because I had prepared the supplies well, it was because I had memories of my past life.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Lord Budan is the god of supply. You’ve been testing me all this time! Teach me!”

Dorian shook his head vigorously, as if saying absolutely nothing, and cried out for instruction.


Encia got off the carriage and approached with blank eyes.

“You’re good looking, you’re strong, you’re good looking, but you’re perfectly prepared, you’re good looking, and you’re smart. And he’s so fucking handsome!”

Her eyes also shone as if they were set with some kind of jewel.

“Raon. Handsome. Prepare well. “There’s a lot of money!”

Runaan stood next to Dorian and raised his fist. Unlike other people, my eyesight was blind, so it was only better.


Raon frowned at the gaze of the three people and stepped back.

‘The number of followers is increasing… .’

* * *

Raon left for Letran after recording the situation around the assassins and the forest with an artifact that stores visual images.

Because there might be another attack, we moved without stopping and were able to arrive at the end of the Krn Forest by the evening of the next day.

“We’ve finally arrived.”
“Aww, I can get some rest now.”

Dorian smiled as he looked at the open forest path. Crane also nodded, looking at the exit of the forest where a bright light was shining.

“Our mission is not over until we heal Encia and return to work. Wake.”

Buren looked back at the two people and narrowed his eyes.

“Didn’t you hear that there’s a war here? “If you don’t come to your senses, your head will fly off.”

Martha also frowned as she slapped Dorian and Crane on the shoulders.

“You don’t have to worry so much.”

Econ, who was in the lead, looked back and smiled.

“The longer the war lasts, the less serious the situation becomes. I’m just holding on because of my pride. It can be treated without any problems… uh?”

He maintained a smile, but the moment he left the forest, he froze like a doll whose strings had been cut off.

“what… .”

Raon followed Ekon out and stopped. Even though it was evening, the view was bright as if the sun had risen again.


It’s not moonlight. It was the shadow of a fire burning in Letran.

“There’s a problem.”

Cheryl frowned as she looked at Letran engulfed in flames.

“Gwangpungdan will come with me, and Cheongeomdae will lead the carriage.”

She stormed out before hearing Ekon’s answer.

“let’s go!”

Raon also gestured to the Gwangpungdan and followed after Cheryl.

‘What on earth is going on…’ .’

There is no way a fight on this scale would happen unless the two families that divide Letran go crazy. Obviously something different from a war would have happened.


Raon followed Cheryl, jumped over Letran’s castle gate, and stood on the castle wall. Flames erupted from the outskirts, and the interior of the city was filled with corpses and blood.


I looked to the left when I heard the sound of swords clashing with swords.

Monsters wearing green and red hoods were swinging swords and axes at both unmanned and civilian targets.

“Eden… .”
“Green and red demons!”

Burren and Marta’s panicked voices were heard from behind. Because they encountered each other in Cebu Village, everyone in the Gwangpungdan immediately recognized the Ghosts of Eden.

There are more than just red and green demons. Executives wearing monster armor were also seen everywhere.

“There is no time, so I will give you instructions right away. Cut down all the red and green demons in the village. There is no need for interrogation. “Save as many people as possible!”

As soon as Cheryl gave the order, she ran down the central street. He seemed to be targeting the Eden executives who were slaughtering the warriors in the city center.

“After dealing with the red and green ghosts as instructed by the Heavenly Sword Master, gather in the center of the city.”
“All right!”

Raon gave additional orders and jumped down the castle wall. He ran to the left, where the energy of the red and green ears was felt the most.

‘Those damn bastards… .’

Uncongealed blood was flowing down the hill, and the corpse, whose heat had not cooled down, had its blood-filled eyes wide open.

The red and green ghosts, unaware of their presence, screamed like monsters and slashed their swords and axes at the civilians.


Raon stepped on the ground so hard that it exploded, stopping everyone.

The Red Demon and the Green Demon turned around, holding weapons covered in blood.

“Why Sieghardt?”

Without answering, I stepped on Taehwabo. He moved forward and threw down his sword, creating a phenomenon that seemed to fold the ground. The silver blade passed by the green and red demons without the slightest hesitation.


Before they could react, I turned to the right and pushed back the second sword strike. The young flames on the blade split into spirals and cut down the remaining green and red demons.


In the blink of an eye, the heads of ten red and green demons rolled to the floor.

“uh… .”

People who survived after almost being killed by a deer sat down, breathing heavily.

“Da, who are you…” .”
“I’m from Sieghardt. Go to the center of town. That place is Saint-Roh.”

There was no time to explain. The demons of Eden causing massacre had to be cut down as quickly as possible.


Glacia’s senses were opened. She followed the death path and cut down all the ghosts that were slaughtering her.

‘These crazy guys… .’

Even though it hasn’t been long since I came here, I have already killed over 30 green and red demons. It seems like the Eden guys were trying to erase this place entirely.

‘Is that the last one?’

Raon ran to the building with smooth curves.


It was a temple dedicated to the god of abundance, but the door was already broken and urgent screams could be heard from inside.


Upon entering, the Ghost of Eden, wearing the armor of an Orc warrior, was slashing deadly sword strikes at the swordsmen wearing brown uniforms.

Both sides were full of corpses, and behind the prosecutors, people who appeared to be civilians were trembling with their eyes closed.

‘Green Ghost? ‘No, it’s different.’

He was stronger than the one I cut down in Cebu Village and his temperament was different. The people inside the magic stone also seemed to be different beings.

“What are you?”

Nokjeongwi lowered his sword and turned around.

“I don’t want to interrupt mealtimes…” “Wow!”

Raon didn’t give him a chance to speak. He stepped on Taihuaibo and jumped inside at once.


The blue blade captured the moonlight spreading from the broken bars and was drawn diagonally.

“Stick… .”

Green Demon sank to the floor, clutching his bleeding neck.

-Slugs also grow.

Lars narrowed his eyes as he looked at the corpse of the Green Demon.

-That strange armor. Don’t you have the same energy as the guy you fought with about 4 years ago? At the time, I barely beat them, but now I can cut them down with just one sword.
‘Because a lot of time has passed.’

Since then, I’ve put a lot of time, effort, and catch up, so it was only natural that there would be a difference.

“iced coffee… .”
“No, with a single sword… .”
“What are you…?” .”

The prosecutors wearing brown military uniforms widened their eyes, as if they were more surprised that the Green Demon had been cut by a single sword than that he had survived.

“Are you okay?”

Raon lowered his sword and approached the survivors.

“Thank you!”
“thank you!”

People seemed to have come to their senses only then and bowed their heads in tears.

“What on earth happened?”

Raon approached the prosecutor who seemed to be protecting everyone. Since he had dealt with most of the demons of Eden outside, it was now time to listen to the story.

“Well, that…” .”
“Now that I think about it, where has the saint gone? “If he had been there, he wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.”

Saint Pedro of Rags is also a warrior who has reached the rank of Master. Compared to his medical skills, he ran a lot, but he had the power to not be outdone.

“Okay, let me explain.”

A female priest who appeared to be in her early 20s raised her hand.

“you are… .”
“I am Rosie, the priest who assisted the saint here.”

Rosie sighed and stood in front of Raon. My legs were shaking, as if I was still scared.

“Sometime today, while I was checking on patients from two families with the saint, assassins suddenly appeared.”
“assassin… .”

Raon narrowed his eyes. It seems that Temus was targeting not only himself, but also Fedric.

“The Basin and Trian families, who received a lot of help from the saint, made a brief truce and worked together to drive out the assassins. “The atmosphere between the two families was not bad, perhaps because they were swinging their swords against the same enemy.”

It will happen. Because the Vasin and Trian families also wanted to end this sluggish war.

“We decided to continue the temporary truce a little longer and have a meal together, but suddenly a fire started breaking out on the outskirts of the city.”

Raon frowned at the sound of fire. Now I have a rough idea of how things will turn out.

“The warriors of the two families dispersed to put out the fire, and the Ghosts of Eden attacked, taking advantage of the gap. “A lot of Eden’s ghosts died, but the damage to the family swordsmen who were away was much greater.”

Rosie couldn’t hold back and bit her lip.

“The saint didn’t come forward?”
“Of course he came out and moved to save people. But that wasn’t the case.”
“What is that… .”

I didn’t understand what she said.

“Because the purpose of Eden was the Holy Son.”
“As soon as the saint came out, Eden deployed four master-level ghosts as if they had been waiting. Two of them attracted attention by carrying out a massacre in the center of the city, while the other two attacked the saint. In other words, the saint was the goal.”

Rosie sighed deeply.

“The saint realized that the purpose of Eden was himself, and took Julius with him and left Letran. “Thanks to you, we have survived until now.”

It seems that Pedric ran away, attracting Eden’s attention, to save this city. However, there was a name among them that he had heard for the first time.

“It is the cause of the war between the two families in this city.”

I knew who it was. He seemed to be a child with a genius talent that led to a family war.

“Could it be Eden… .”
“yes. “They were targeting both the saint and the child.”
“Why are they targeting you, Saint?”

Raon narrowed his eyes. Eden was always looking for someone to wear the armor, so he understood why he was targeting the child, but he couldn’t think of the reason why he went to such lengths to target Pedric.

“It’s because of the flowers the saint has.”
“What kind of flower is this?” .”
“It is a treasure that can save 10,000 people if made into medicine, and can kill 100,000 people if made into poison.”

Rosie’s hand clutching her chest trembled.

“Eden is targeting the child, the saint’s life, and Raishin.”

* * *

After sending Rosie and the others to a safe place, Raon headed to the center where Cheryl had gone.

All of Eden’s executives who were seated there lost their heads, and the Gwangpungdan and carriages had also arrived.

“I will explain briefly. Eden is targeting both the life of the saint and the child. The saint left here with the child to prevent the destruction of the village. “He’s probably still being chased.”

She also knew that the saint had taken Julius with her, as if she had heard the circumstances. She just didn’t know about Reisin.

“There is one more reason.”

Raon raised his hand.

“Eden is aiming for the Reisin that the Saint has.”
“Raisin… .”

The prosecutors’ impressions were even more distorted as they knew that name.

“Are you saying you’re targeting the child, the saint, and even Reisin? “You’re too greedy about the topic of ghosts.”

Cheryl smiled coldly and clenched her fists.

“Econ, Raon. You, together with the prosecutors, protect Encia and the citizens of Letran.”
“All right!”
“… … .”

Econ answered right away, but Raon approached Cheryl without saying a word.

“I will go too.”
“This is no joke.”

Cheryl frowned and shook her head.

“According to what I heard here, there are only four master-level ghosts. In reality, there are probably more people chasing the saint. “You can’t handle it.”
“I owe him the gift of life.”

Raon took a step closer.

“If you don’t pay it back, it’s no different from a golden animal.”
“you… .”
“Give me a chance.”

Cheryl’s eyes slightly wavered at Raon’s serious attitude.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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