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Chapter 202

Raon memorized all the booklets he received from Judiel and then headed to Sieghart’s main gate. Even though it was not the departure time, Cheryl, the Heavenly Sword Master, the five members of the Heavenly Sword Team, and the five members of the Gwangpungdan had all arrived.

‘Cheongeomdae… .’

It’s definitely different.

The strength of the Cheongeomdae prosecutors was sharpened like a famous sword. Even the grown Gwangpungdan looked like a child compared to them.

“oh! Who is this! “It’s Raon’s fault!”

The middle-aged man standing next to Cheryl waved his hand. He had a soft appearance, but his physique was healthy and he looked very strong.

“Was that the friend you said you were going with?”
“It’s an honor to work with a prosecutor who has rewritten history!”

He chuckled and came over, holding out his hand.

“I watched your duel with great anticipation. “I am Ekon, Vice Commander of the Cheongeomdae.”

This is a person who was in the directory given by Judiel. As one of the two vice-chiefs of the Cheongeomdae, he was a destructive swordsman who could crush his opponents with both strong and heavy swords.

“This is Raon from Gwangpungdan. i look forward to.”

Raon held Econ’s hand and bowed his head.

“It’s a mission, but let’s have fun. “I look forward to it.”

He didn’t say what he expected. I patted him on the shoulder and went back to where Cheryl was.

“Why did you come so late?”
“Everyone arrived earlier!”

Burren and Marta frowned, asking why they didn’t come sooner.

“Did you come earlier than the promised time?”

Raon pointed to the sky where the sun had not yet risen.

“You should come faster! “The Cheongeomdae people were waiting for you!”
“I don’t really mind, but it’s better to come early.”

Seeing that the two people’s eyes were slightly red, it seemed like they had not been able to sleep well in anticipation of their mission with the Cheongeomdae.

“Haam… .”

Runaan yawned with sullen eyes. It’s not that he had trouble sleeping, he just had a lot of sleep in the morning.

“We can come back alive, right?”

Dorian’s chin trembled as he touched his stomach pouch, as if he was worried.

“Of course. Cheongeomdae is going together… .”

Crane bit his lip, looking paler than Dorian.

“don’t worry. “I will make sure you come back alive somehow.”

Raon made eye contact with the five Gwangpungdan members and smiled. All of these people are colleagues who have been together for a long time. He vowed to protect it no matter what.

“Uhm… .”
“No need for blood. “I’ll take care of it.”

Runaan nodded loudly, Buren scratched his head in embarrassment, and Marta turned her head.

“Doesn’t that ‘somehow’ sound scary?”
“therefore. Wow, what are we going to do this time… .”

Crane and Dorian looked at each other suspiciously. It felt like what had been going on for three months had not yet resolved.

“Once everyone has said their hellos, gather around.”

Cheryl patted her coat and turned around. Her eyes flashed fiercely.

“We’re leaving right away. “There is no rest until evening.”

* * *

“Hmm… .”

Econ, the vice-captain of the Cheongeomdae, approached Cheryl, who was riding a horse next to him.

“My lord. Can’t we just get along? “I like that guy.”

He glanced at Raon following behind him and grinned.

“You like it?”
“yes. “I was quite moved when I saw the sparring with Garon.”

Econ continued, clenching his fists.

“If your blood doesn’t boil even when you see him charging into the sword with his sword, you’re not a warrior. “I want to bring him to my university and raise him.”
“Grow it… .”

Cheryl shook her head.

‘That child is not someone who should be raised.’

I recognize Econ’s skills, but he can’t handle Raon. Raon does not have the talent or capacity to be under anyone.
He shines alone and noble like a star in the North Sea.

“It’s just that we bring them…” .”
“Be loud and do as you say.”
“I don’t like being bullied like that!”
“What does a guy who was a military base commander before becoming a unit commander say?”

Although he is smiling softly now, Econ was originally the head of the Cheongeomdae’s military base. He had a knack for finding fault and bullying others.

“If you can’t resist and take on a challenge, make sure to step on it.”
“That’s no problem, but what did that guy do wrong?”
“But why… .”

Econ tilted his head as if it was strange.

“Raon often tries to solve problems through force. It’s clear that you’re strong for your age, but the world doesn’t look at age. “We need to let them know that there is a sky above the sky.”
“ah! It’s not that you don’t like it, it’s that you’re worried about me! “Don’t go out and get killed!”

He looked back at Raon and grinned.

“If that’s the case, then it’s acknowledged. “I will really torture that child just to see what happens to him.”

* * *

As the sun began to set, Cheryl stopped in a small clearing.

“That’s all for today.”

After getting off the horse, she disappeared, saying she had work to do.

“We’ll take a look around, so please prepare for camping.”

Econ narrowed his eyes and entered the forest with Cheongeomdae.

“All right.”

Raon nodded and got off the horse. He put down his backpack and looked back at the Gwangpung member.

“We start preparing for camping now. “Burren and Dorian set up the tent, and Runaan and Crane pick up firewood.”
“I am?”

Marta approached, pointing at herself with her finger.

“You cook with me.”
“cooking? why me!”
“Because you’re the only one here who cooks food like a human being.”

As a trainee, I felt while camping, but in the beautifully grown Gwangpungdan, the only person who knew how to cook was Marta.

“You know what will happen to the food if you order from those guys.”
“Okay… .”

Marta frowned as she pointed to Runaan and Burren.

“Ha, I understand.”

She nodded and took a seat in the center of the camp and started digging a space to put a fire.

“Dorian. “Please bring out the pots, utensils, and ingredients.”

As if he had been waiting, Dorian took out various tools, cooking ingredients, and even cutlery from his stomach pocket.

Raon took the tools and dishes and set them down next to Marta.


Lars came up and quenched his appetite while watching Marta prepare the ingredients.

-Beef girl does some cooking.
‘I know very well.’
-Because I lost my appetite after eating the food made by those guys.

It seems that Lass, who only cares about the quantity, had a hard time eating Gwangpungdan’s group food.

-There is a big problem!
‘Big problem?’

Raon narrowed his eyes at Ras’ serious voice. As he grabbed his sword and tried to spread his spirit, Lars’ words continued.

-The quality of that beef is not good. There is no marbling at all.
‘… ‘That’s a big problem?’

I thought it was an attack or something big, but it turned out to be marbling of the meat. I wanted to hit Lars in the back of the head.

-Marbling is the lifeblood of beef! Isn’t this the biggest problem of all?
‘Self-proclaimed devil lord. ‘This is not a fancy restaurant.’
-Ugh, I can’t help it. The king will be patient here. And he is not calling himself.

Lars continued to talk nonsense, saying he couldn’t tolerate meat like this next time.


Raon sighed and was about to start a fire when Lars stuck his head in again.

‘Why again?’
-Are you going to leave them as is?

The guy pointed to the forest where the Cheongeomdae entered a little while ago.

‘I’m going to leave it alone for now.’

I looked in the direction Lars pointed and tilted my chin slightly.

‘If you look at it for a while and decide it’s not right… .’

Raon’s mouth quirked up.

‘I have to hit it.’

* * *

Econ and Cheongeomdae returned to the camp only after preparing the meal and setting up the tent, as if they had promised.

“Are you done already?”

Econ whistled as he looked at the neatly set up tents.

“I tried to help, but he was really quick.”
“It looks like you have some experience with external missions.”
“Ah, but this tent was pitched a little dirty.”
“There are crumpled places and rolled up parts.”
“It would have been better to dig the hole a little lower.”
“This one is a bit lacking too.”

As soon as the Cheongeomdae prosecutors returned, they looked around the tent and found fault.

“Starting tomorrow, make sure to fix the parts I just pointed out.”
“okay. They’re all asking you to help them. know?”
“In times like this, you have to learn it so you can use it later.”

They kept pointing out meaningless parts as if they were being generous.

“All right!”

Buren and Crane accepted Cheongeomdae’s words as real advice and nodded their heads loudly.

“My lord. “Please eat first.”

Eken first brought beef stew and bread to Cheryl. She chewed her food very thoroughly like a child.

-For such poor ingredients, the taste isn’t bad. After all, the market is a side dish.

Lars smiled slightly, as if he liked the beef stew.

“The food is not good either.”
“A little salty.”
“I know. “Is your liver a bit strong?”
“Did you pour salt in it?”

The prosecutors of Cheongeomdae did not just ignore this time either. I clicked my tongue, complaining about the decently made stew.

“Shiba… .”
“I will prepare properly next time.”

Raon immediately covered Marta’s mouth when she was about to swear and looked at Econ.

“Please do that. “We are a little sensitive to food.”

He grinned and started eating his stew again. Contrary to claims that the taste was strange, the Cheongeomdae prosecutors completely emptied the bowl containing the stew.

“It was a good meal.”
“The taste was a bit subtle, though.”
“Please tone down the liver a little tomorrow.”

They placed the finished dishes in front of the Gwangpungdan and made only the most obnoxious noises.

“profit! you guys… .”

I grabbed Martha’s wrist tightly as she was about to convulse.

“There is a clean valley over there. You can wash your dishes there. “We’ll have to go a little further and rest.”

Econ didn’t even say anything about helping, but took out cards from his pocket and started playing poker with the other prosecutors. What he meant was that he wouldn’t even help clean up.

“let’s go.”

Raon watched them for a while and then took the Gwangpungdan members to a place where there was a valley. The distance was farther than I thought, and the direction was different from their gestures.

“Those bastards are fucking us, are you going to put up with it?”

Martha frowned as she dipped her bowl into the valley.

“Martha. Be careful what you say. “The prosecutors of the Cheongeomdae are at the level of commanders of the general armed forces.”

Burren sat down next to him and shook his head.

“He’s the leader, damn it! “I’m getting angry, but you want me to hold back?”
“They came to scout, and we did the cooking and installation, so it’s not really unfair.”
“reconnaissance? You probably didn’t even go out on reconnaissance? “There is something to look at here!”
“Cheongeomdae are not such scum.”

Martha seemed already disappointed, and Buren seemed to still have faith in the Swordsman.

“Wash and fight.”

Runaan yawned as if she wanted to sleep quickly and gestured to the two people.

“That’s right. “Do the dishes first.”

Raon stepped between the two and wiped the grease off the bowl.


Buren and Marta turned their heads and started cleaning the dishes in their hands.

When I returned from washing dishes with the Gwangpungdan members, Econ and the Cheongeomdae prosecutors were playing poker. Cheryl had already entered the tent and was nowhere to be seen.

“Good work!”

Ekon waved the hand holding the card and grinned.

“Because we leave at dawn tomorrow as well. “Let’s sleep now.”

He stood up, putting the card in his arms.

“You know that the night watch is usually cut off in order of time, right? “You guys stand by today.”

Econ drove in the nail so that Gwangpungdan could not respond and entered the tent.

“I will sleep well today.”
“With the Lord of Gwangpungdan on watch, I can sleep in peace.”

Other Cheongeomdae prosecutors also quickly entered the tent, fearing that someone would call them.

“Ugh… .”
“Why, somehow I feel like a chore.”

Buren, Dorian, and Crane looked at the tent with shocked expressions.

“… … .”
“You’re not a chore worker, you’re just a servant! “You idiots!”

Runan quietly cleaned up the dishes, and Marta gritted her teeth.

“You guys grow up. “I will be on watch today.”

Raon sat in front of the campfire and closed his eyes.

“Budanju is alone?”

Dorian asked, coming up next to him.

“okay. Because I have something to think about. You guys sleep.”

I was planning to analyze the heavy sword while keeping watch.


Burren and Marta shook their heads simultaneously.

“There is no need for such consideration. Let’s say two people stand for two hours each.”
“I said it’s okay.”
“I’m not okay!”

Martha frowned and sat down next to her.

“You guys sleep. “I’ll wake you up in two hours.”

She crossed her arms and frowned.

“Be sure to wake me up.”
“Okay, then I’ll rest first.”

Runaan, Buren, Dorian, and Crane told him to wake them up and entered the tent.


Martha muttered and turned her head to look at the burning bonfire.

“You know they’re picking fights on purpose, right?”
“If you’re not stupid, you can’t not know.”
“Are you going to leave it like that?”
“You were initially happy to go with Cheongeomdae.”

Raon chuckled.

“I didn’t know they were such cowardly people!”

Martha blushed and shook her head.

“Stop laughing, just say it! Are you going to leave it like that? If you don’t do it, I… .”
“Just three days.”

I held up three fingers.

“If it stays like this for three days, I’ll take care of it.”
“Can you handle it? “There is no way for that side to suppress us by force or position.”
“don’t worry.”

Raon’s red eyes sank coldly.

“Because there is a way to make sure you step on it.”

* * *

Three days have passed.
Naturally, there was no change.

Now Cheongeomdae had to place multiple orders even during lunch or break times, and Burren, Dorian, and Crane had to run around until their feet got sweaty.

The worst part, of course, is when preparing for camping.
Setting up the tent, preparing meals, taking care of the horses, washing dishes and cleaning up afterwards, and even keeping watch. It was all Gwangpungdan’s responsibility. To be honest, Cheongeomdae did nothing other than carry luggage and move around.

There it is.

“It was a bit bland today.”
“Aren’t you looking at liver control too lightly?”
“It’s even more disappointing that it’s a little short every day.”
“A little more tomorrow. Let’s pay just a little more attention. huh?”

The Cheongeomdae prosecutors kept complaining about cooking, organizing, or setting up tents, subtly irritating the nerves.
What was even more infuriating was that if it didn’t taste good, people would eat it all and then complain about it.

“Then let’s start today too.”
“Who did it start with?”

They started playing poker right away, without even saying the obligatory thing about helping with the dishes.

“Ugh, those fucking bastards… .”
“You’re arguing very openly.”

Marta was on the verge of exploding, and Burren’s forehead was also caught by a tendon.

“You guys should go out today on your own.”

Raon stood up, leaving behind the messy dishes.

“What about Lord Budan?”

Dorian, who was gathering dishes, tilted his head.

“I have work to do.”
“Something to do?”
“I’ve been patient enough.”

Raon gave an evil look in his eyes as he watched Econ handing over the cards.

“Bu, Lord Budan! No!”
“that’s right! “Cheongeomdae!”

Dorian and Burren held both arms and shook their heads.

“If we defeat those people, will the Heavenly Sword Master stay silent?”
“that’s right. Stop working now! “We’re going to die!”
“Why do you think the Cheongeomdae is correct?”

Burren and Dorian flinched at Martha’s words. They both realized that they naturally thought that Cheongeomdae would be beaten, not Raon.

“Well, wherever you go, you get beat up… .”
“I’ve never seen them lose… .”

Burren and Dorian scratched their heads side by side.

“It’s good that you have faith in me.”

Raon chuckled and tapped the two people on the shoulder.

“Because it won’t happen to you. I’m waiting for you.”

I waved to everyone and approached Cheryl, who was sitting on a tree.

“It’s a little surprising.”

The Heavenly Sword Grandmaster looked down with cold eyes.

“What do you mean?”
“I thought that the Great Lord of the Heavenly Sword would not allow his crew to play poker.”
“I have no intention of getting involved in the members’ hobbies. “If you do your job right, it doesn’t matter whether you play poker or roulette.”
“Then I guess you don’t care what I do.”

The Heavenly Sword Grandmaster nodded. Her eyes sparkled blue as if she had been waiting.

“All right.”

Raon nodded and turned around. With these words, he received confirmation that the Great Lord of the Heavenly Sword would not be involved. Now it was time to pounce.


The Great Lord of the Heavenly Sword smiled slightly as he looked at Raon’s back.

‘I guess this is the beginning.’

Raon, who has endured enough, will go to Ekon and tell him to spar.

‘And you will lose.’

Econ is a swordsman who is incomparably stronger than Garon. Raon was standing in a position that no miracle swordsman could ever reach.

‘You have to experience it at least once.’

Cheongeomdae’s secretly arguing and ridiculing Gwangpungdan was under her direct orders.

It was a plan designed to teach Raon, who tries to handle most things by force, about the horrors of the world and give him an opportunity to become a master.


Raon was seen standing in front of Econ and calling out to him. When I applied for a sparring match and was about to go down to watch the referee, I heard something completely different from what I expected.

“Would you like to arm wrestle with me?”

Cheryl’s panicked voice rang out from the darkness.

* * *

Raon smiled slightly as he saw Cheryl’s moans heard from behind and Econ’s mouth wide open.

‘It doesn’t go as you think.’

The current Econ is clearly stronger than himself. Cheryl may have hoped that Econ would break after challenging her, but since she clearly knew what they were thinking, there was no need to choose a way to lose.

“Did you just say arm wrestling?”
“I’ll ask again. “It’s not sparring, it’s arm wrestling, right?”
“yes. “Let’s put some conditions on each other and have a hand-to-hand arm wrestling match.”

Raon nodded calmly.

“I’m sorry, I’m the master, right? “I learned swordsmanship with a focus on strength.”
“I know.”
“Once you become a master, your physical ability itself increases dramatically. “Even if you don’t use Aurors, you can never win against Expert.”

Econ clenched his fists as if showing off his strength. Thick veins sprouted one after another.

“Then it would be advantageous for the unit owner.”
“It’s not just that I have an advantage, I win!”
“Then you can do it.”

Raon raised his hand and said, “Let’s hurry.”

“Ha, it’s me.”

Econ laughed when he saw Raon’s arms, which were strong but not thick at all.

“You will have a higher chance of defeating me with a sword than defeating me in arm wrestling.”
“Still, I want to walk here.”
“good night. “There’s no need to refuse if you say you’ll drink the beolju on your own.”

He nodded with a slightly proud expression.

“Tell me the conditions.”
“If I win, please take over the chores we have been doing until this mission is over.”
“What if I lose?”
“We will do the chores as is, and we will also carry the luggage that Cheongeomdae has.”
“Hmm, your conditions are a bit different, but it’s okay. “I’m going to win anyway.”

He may have thought that he would never lose anyway, so he accepted the conditions lightly.

“La, Raon!”
“Lord Budan!”

Burren and Crane came running in fright.

“Econ’s swordsmanship is a heavy sword and a strong sword!”
“Oh, that’s right! “If he were to be second in power, he would be a sad person!”

The two people whispered in both ears and told us to cancel now.

“I will look after my colleagues and give them one last chance. “Go away now.”
“I have no thoughts.”

Raon shook his head resolutely and held out his arm.

“I heard that you are confident in your power, but I need to tell you that the world is wide.”
“hmm… .”

Econ grinned and took his hand. My rock-like arm muscles swelled, and I felt tremendous strength in his grip.

“Why do you regret it now?”

He smiled with eyes that didn’t waver in the slightest.

‘You will regret it.’

In Habun Castle, he has already gained strength comparable to that of the Master. I myself don’t know exactly how much power I have now.

‘Was your strength now 180?’

Raon smiled coldly and tightened his grip.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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