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Chapter 199

Coo coo coo coo!

The huge river waves melted away, revealing Garon hidden behind them. Her chest sinks as if struck by her hammer and she vomits out his blood. It was a miracle created by the harmony of Taehwabo and Yeomryonggyeol.

But it’s not just Garon who is shocked.


Raon also bent over and spit out blood. Serious internal injuries. It would be strange if it was okay to cut that much force.


Garon clutches his chest and steps back. The pupils shake as if an earthquake has occurred.

“Where are you going?”

Raon kicked the ground, swallowing the blood that had accumulated in his bladder. When Garon backed away from her, she instead moved forward.
My stomach was pounding and my head was dizzy, but I held on and stepped on Taehwabo.

“Kwaaagh! go away! “Fuck off!”

Garon screams and spreads his swords one after another. Although it seemed like he was swinging it at random, the sword still had a lot of energy and the way it was used was accurate.

‘so that.’

There is a way to avoid it.

The six resonating rings perfectly penetrated Wu Chung-geom’s tricks.


I bent my knees to avoid the sword strike that was curved like a rake, and then stepped on Taehuaibo. Her vision narrowed and she saw Garon’s shocked face. She wrapped Hwaryeong around his wrist and stretched out Hwaryeong.


As if spring had passed by and summer had arrived, the red petals that bloomed in a split second decorated the air. The brilliantly fluttering pieces of flame rotated dizzyingly and wrapped around Garon’s whole body.


Garon tried to explode the power he had gathered, but it was already too late. Because the bright red petals had already reached a close distance from him.

“Now, wait!”
“There is no time in a fight.”

At the same time as Raon’s laughter, Hwaryeong’s petals that touched Garon exploded at the same time.


Garon, caught in the storm of heat, screamed and fell to his knees.


Raon vomited blood once again. He clenched his fists, holding back the pain that felt like it was tearing through his stomach.

“Uh, how… .”

Garon’s lips trembled as he extinguished the flames of the manga ball with the aura he had barely created.

“How can you fight in that condition!”

His eyes were wide open as if he were mesmerized. He had much more severe internal injuries and seemed to think it made no sense for him to move.

“Because you have never fought a strong man.”

Raon laughed, wiping the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You kept trying to run away, right?”

Garon launched a powerful attack when he had the advantage, and retreated in situations where he could not understand or were involved. His defeat is fear. The problem arose because he had never fought a life-threatening fight against a stronger opponent.

“Even if you train alone or fight and win against the weak, you can reach a high level. But you can’t be a strong person.”
“ah… .”
“If you only want to win a fight, stay in Jinmujeon and only play with your subordinates!”

Raon struck Garon’s chin with his closed fist.


Garon’s body, unable to properly defend itself, rolled on the floor.

“Ouch… .”

Raon approached Garon using the ring of fire.

“I didn’t expect you to be rolling on the floor, right? “That’s why the world is fun.”
“Ugh… .”

Garon’s jaw sank and he couldn’t close his mouth. He just backed away again, bleeding from his empty front teeth.

“S-stop! I lost… “Inhale!”

Raon covered Garon’s mouth with the sheath of his sword.

“It’s the same thing to call that younger brother that older brother.”
“Ugh… .”
“Because of you, our kids have suffered for three months. “I have to take responsibility for that.”

He struck Garon’s chin in the opposite direction so that he could not speak.

Whoa whoa!

Garon was stuck at the end of the sparring arena.

“It wasn’t him who hit us, it was him who hit us.”
“I was really hit hard. “Now I don’t even know why I got hit.”
“I’ve gotten stronger, but it feels like I’ve lost something.”
“Is this right?”

I ignored the questioning voice coming from Gwangpungdan for now.


Garon’s mouth was covered in blood and he could not speak, so he stretched out his hand to the floor to withdraw from the arena.

“Where are you going?”

Raon grabbed Garon’s ankle and threw him on the floor on the other side.

“This is just the beginning, we can’t end it here.”

I smiled as I saw Garon coughing up blood.

“don’t worry. “I won’t kill you.”

Raon raised his clenched fist and smiled coolly.

-yes! The battle you fought must be won, and you must step on it thoroughly so that it cannot attack you again. I finally like it.

Ras grinned and nodded.

-Would you like to be a candidate for the devil?
‘Green one!’

* * *

From the moment Raon began to beat Garon with his fists, a heavy silence hung over the entire Great Hall.


It was only after Garon, who had been hit like a punching bag, was thrown upside down on the floor, unconscious, that the audience began to speak out one by one.

“Huh… .”
“Hey, I won. “Raon won!”
“I can’t believe Garon lost so miserably… .”
“Ji, this is reality right now, right?”

Most of the spectators, who had been predicting Raon’s defeat and Garon’s victory just a moment ago, gaped as if they were dumbfounded.

“Is there a history of an expert defeating a master?”
“It’s over there. “And that was three months ago.”
“Well, then, defeating the 7 apostles… .”
“It means it’s real.”
“A 17-year-old expert who defeated two masters.”
“If it happens once, it’s a coincidence, but if it happens twice, it’s skill.”
“This is in Sieghardt’s history. No, it will remain in the history of the continent.”

The spectators who filled the grand performance hall swallowed their saliva, looking only at Raon.

“I saw this duel myself and am the winner! “Good thing I took the vacation!”
“I know. “I lost a lot of money, but I’m not sorry.”
“me too! “I hit all the moon sticks, but all I could do was laugh.”
“Are you laughing because you’re sad?”
“It’s really causing a frenzy.”

By nature, strange events excite humans. The audience smiled and applauded Raon despite losing money.
As a warrior who pursues strength, he was happy that the greatest genius in the family’s history had emerged.

“Raon! Raon! Raon!”
“Gwangpungdan! Gwangpungdan!”
“I look forward to it in the future!”

Many swordsmen at the Daeyeon Armed Forces cheered for Raon and the Gwangpungdan.

However, there were also people who had the opposite reaction.

“That stupid guy… .”
“I should have finished it this time.”
“It’s a waste to even be called a master to be pierced by such poor swordsmanship.”

The immediate family and their subordinates could not accept this twist and gritted their teeth. Raon, standing proudly, was reflected in their angry eyes.

* * *


The handle of the throne that Glenn was holding was bent like scrap metal. The force that went into it without my knowledge crumpled the handle like a piece of paper.
His red eyes, which always contained boredom as if he had lost any emotion, were clearly trembling.


Glenn groaned and turned his back on the throne.

‘I can’t believe you figured out Taehwabo’s true intention so quickly… .’

Taehwabo is not just a simple walking technique, but a peerless martial art that amplifies the attributes of swordsmanship by practicing the walking technique.

I thought it would take Raon a year at the earliest to figure it out, but he achieved it in less than four months. Since he taught it himself, I laughed out loud because it was so absurd.

‘It’s not just Taehwabo. This… .’

human temperament. Raon’s character of moving forward rather than backing down in the face of crisis has created the current result. A 17-year-old prosecutor who walks in front of Kang-gi without fear. No one will believe him unless he sees it for himself.

“I am indeed.”

Glenn’s eyes softened. I was really happy that that brave guy was my grandson.

“… “It really doesn’t work as expected.”

The voice of the Grand Master of the Heavenly Sword trembled slightly. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard you sound this embarrassed.

“This is my first time seeing a child like that.”

Glenn nodded without even realizing he was smiling.

“It was beyond my expectations.”

Even to him, Raon was an unpredictable troublemaker. Of course in a fun way.

“Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve seen the matriarch smile at her grandchild.”

Glenn immediately raised his hand and forced down his raised mouth.

“It wasn’t that bad when I saw it three months ago, but I don’t know what happened.”

Cheryl narrowed her thin eyes even further.

“I’m surprised too. “I thought it would take a year to harmonize Taehwabo and swordsmanship.”

Glenn nodded. Recognizing Raon’s talent, he thought about it for a year, but had no idea that it would be completed in just three months.

“As the children grow up.”

Raon did not become stronger alone, but he himself achieved tremendous growth by improving the skills of the Gwangpungdan swordsmen. Even saying he was amazing was an accomplishment that would be insufficient.

“Garon has not let down his guard since he was first hit by Raon’s fist.”

Cheryl whetted her appetite as she watched Raon knock out Garon.

“To be an Expert who went head-to-head with the Master and won, it would really rewrite history.”

The corners of Glenn’s mouth rose slightly again. Until now, there were many people who did not believe that Raon defeated the Seven Apostles, but after this match, those doubts will be put to rest. I was proud of Raon who made it impossible for anyone to refute it.

“I understand why that guy always said Ra-on, Ra-on.”
“It was a huge hit! “I’m rich now!”

Cheryl pointed to Rimer, who was shouting with both hands raised in the direction of the Gwangpungdan.

“I’m rich! Everyone worship me!”

He was making a fuss, holding the gambling paper tightly in his hand.

“Hmm, even if it looks like that, the way you see it is accurate.”

Glenn cleared his throat and leaned back on the throne.

“I don’t know if he is a king’s vessel, but he is definitely an extraordinary talent. “I especially liked his fighting spirit that did not back down.”

A small light of goodwill flashed in Cheryl’s eyes. It seemed like he was starting to recognize Raon now.

“That child will become stronger in the future.”
“I broke the wall, so it has to be that way.”
“Did you say you just broke the wall?”
“okay. Raon broke the wall between master and expert without crossing it.”
“But he still…” .”
“okay. “Not a master.”

Glenn nodded slowly.

“In most cases, when you go from expert to master, you go into a trance. “The ignorance accumulated over a long period of time becomes enlightenment and you can naturally overcome the wall.”
“you’re right.”

Cheryl nodded. The first time she went into a trance was also the moment she became a master.

“But that guy is different.”

Glenn pointed to Raon, who was looking up into the air.

“In this sparring, that child organized and established the martial arts he had accumulated and broke down the wall itself. “He understands exactly what he has done and what level he has reached.”
“Then in the future… .”
“Even after you become a master, you will be able to continue upward without stagnating.”

In most cases, the moment a martial artist becomes a master, he wakes up and his skills decrease. Through much training and meditation, one can regain the strength they had when awakened, but for Raon, this meant that there was no stagnation.

“Innate talent… No, it’s a case of effort and talent combined with luck.”
“There are very few people like that.”

Glenn rested his chin and smiled slightly.

“Now, with just one small trigger, we will be able to reach beyond the collapsed wall.”
“Then how about putting it in the ego room? “You will be able to move beyond beginner level to master level.”

Cheryl first suggested a way for Raon to become stronger.

“You can only enter your room once in your life. “It would be a waste to put it in now.”

Glenn shook his head slowly.

“How far do you think that child can rise?”
“that is… .”

Cheryl narrowed her eyes. To be honest, if you are at that level at 17, your future is not predictable. It feels like I am looking at a mountain whose peak is not visible because of her fog.

“I do not know. However, I think I will surpass my current position before I turn 40.”
“There is no plateau, so it won’t take that long.”
“Uhm… .”

I nodded. I wanted to refute it, but after seeing how much it made no sense, I realized it was true.

“Now we have to do the math too.”

Glenn lightly raised his hand.

“If you’re talking about calculations… .”
“Didn’t you bet on the outcome of this match?”

Cheryl swallowed dryly. I made a bet with Glenn on who would win this match. Just as Geumcheomdan lost, he too was a complete loser.

“Then tell me what I want.”

Glenn slowly opened his mouth as he looked at Raon who had thrown Garon away.

“That child… .”

* * *

“Okay, sparring is over! Gwangpungdan won the group match with a score of 35:0!”

The long yet short sparring ended with the host’s trembling voice.

“It’s finally over!”
“You don’t have to get hit anymore! “You don’t have to get hit!”
“I’m done with facing that devil bastard!”

Gwangpungdan members wiped their tears with their sleeves and shouted that they no longer need to be beaten. Everyone was much happier about not having to spar with Raon than about beating Geumcheomdan.

However, these are not the people who are the happiest.

“I’m rich!”

Rimmer’s hand holding the gambling paper trembled.

“Hehehe! “I’m rich now!”

Because he was the only person who bet on the Gwangpungdan’s legacy, the multiplier was beyond imagination. The eyes were tinged with madness and burning brightly.

“Wow. How do I… .”

The host looked at Raon, unable to control the rampaging troupe.

“Everyone be quiet.”

At one word from Raon, the entire Gwangpungdan fell silent. The funny thing is that even Rimmer has become quiet.

“Well, you’ve won, now it’s your turn to tell Geumcheomdan the conditions for victory.”

The host, who had stopped talking, was now using extreme honorifics toward Ra On.

“All right.”

Raon stood in the center of the sparring hall and looked up at the podium.

“What we, the Gwangpungdan, want from the Gold Cutting Edge… .”

As he paused for a moment, all the eyes of the Great Demonstration Hall focused on him. Admiration, admiration, surprise, hatred, jealousy. Numerous emotions continued as I enjoyed the young gaze.

“It is the dismantling of the gold cutting edge.”

As soon as those words ended, silence fell once again in the main training hall.

“W-what now… .”
“dissolution? really”
“I heard it too. You said it was disbanded… .”
“Isn’t this enough to openly argue with Jinmujeon?”
“Oh my god… .”

Everyone here widened their eyes, as if they didn’t know that they were really going to dismantle Geumchundan.

“Raon Sieghardt!”

Jinmujeonju Balder, who had been quiet until now, stood up, breaking the chair. A fierce energy that was incomparable to Garon’s weighed down Raon’s whole body.

“Are you saying you’re going to disband Geumcheomdan now?”
“That’s what I said.”
“Are you out of your mind! “How can you say something like that without going crazy!”
“It’s not like I can’t say it.”

Blood flowed down Raon’s lips. The internal injuries that had subsided due to Balder’s terrifying force resurfaced. He was in a lot of pain, but endured it by chewing on the inside of his cheek.

“The Goldsmiths said they would accept whatever our demands were. In other words, there is no reason why we cannot talk about disbandment.”
“No matter how much it is, the disbandment of Dan is because of you… .”

The low voice that interrupted Balder came from the highest platform. Heavenly Sword Master Cheryl. She nodded her head as she looked at Balder and Raon.

“As a notary, I tell you. “The dismantlement of Goldtech is a very possible request.”
“Heavenly Sword Master!”
“Why are you calling me? “Jimmujeonju?”
“This is absurd! Who would think of disbanding the group over such a trivial bet!”
“Isn’t it over there? “The person who thought.”

Cheryl calmly raised her hand and pointed at Raon.

“It was Geumcheomdan who applied for the sparring match in the first place, and it was Geumcheomdan who told us to set the conditions however we want. “What is the problem?”
“Well, the establishment and dissolution of the group cannot be done without the permission of the head of the family… .”
“The head of the family has already given permission.”

She glanced at Glenn behind her and nodded.

“Jinmujeonju. If there was a problem with the conditions, they should have been changed before starting. “Now that it’s all over, all I can see is your boredom.”
“Great Lord of the Heavenly Sword… .”

Balder’s enormous energy wave swept over the Heavenly Sword Master, but she smiled as if it was funny and did not open her arms.

“You seem to be very dissatisfied. Then you win, right?”

Raon smiled and stepped between the two. Today’s protagonist is Gwangpungdan. He couldn’t let other people take his attention.

“You guy. Because of you… .”
“It’s not because of me. Because of Jeonju’s sons. “I just accepted the sparring that came.”

He tapped the sheath of his sword and continued speaking.

“Couldn’t you have taught me manners and an eye for people before teaching me swordsmanship?”
“Are you going to try to the end?”
“So I’m standing here.”
“Whoa… .”

Balder’s eyes burned red. Just before he exploded, Raon raised his finger.

“Because just disbanding seems so unrecognizable. “Let me give you another option.”
“Another option?”
“yes. “Please hand over 80% of the income and compensation that Geumchundan will receive from its activities to Gwangpungdan for the next four years.”
“So, 80% of income… .”
“Compared to dismantling, the conditions would be quite good.”
“Four years is too much!”
“The period that Geumcheomdan tried to suspend our activities was 3 years, so we only added an additional year.”
“Ugh… .”

Because it was something that Jincheomdan caused first, Balder couldn’t respond and bit his lip.

“Isn’t that something you should definitely get?”
“It’s much better than disbanding. “If we suffer this kind of embarrassment and the group is disbanded, it will take 10 years to rebuild.”
“okay. “It’s a bit long and there’s a lot, but it’s better than disbanding.”
“But it still gives me some breathing room. “There is recognition.”

The audience nodded, saying they had to accept it unconditionally.

Raon grinned while listening to the reactions of those around him.

‘It has to be that way.’

80% for 4 years is no different from a slave contract, but when we first talked about disbanding, the current conditions sounded relatively generous and everyone thought they were reasonable.

“Are you planning on changing the period and ratio?”
“doesn’t exist. If you don’t like it, you can choose to disband.”
“Ri, Rimmer!”

Balder shook his head resolutely and turned his head to Rimmer.

“Is it going to be like this until the end? “You are the ones who are suffering because you are at odds with us!”
“Hmm, actually, that’s true… .”

Rimmer tasted his appetite as if he was worried.

“Half of the money brought in by Geumcheomdan will be used as the group’s public funds, and the other half will be shared among all members… .”
“Raon! Instead of 4 years, let’s make it 10 years and just take 100% of the percentage! huh? “You don’t need to look after me!”

As soon as he said he would split the money, he didn’t even look at Balder, but instead glared at him to increase the ratio. What scared me more was that it was sincere.

“Did you hear?”

Raon approached Balder with confident steps.

“Ugh… .”
“Now you choose. Are you going to dismantle it? Or are you going to give me money?”

He raised two fingers and smiled.

It must be clearly shown.

me. No, if you touch the Gwangpungdan, you will be ruined.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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