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Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Hehehe. I Expected This Much

“You Are a Field?”

Sejun was disappointed with the name of the new combat skill he acquired. The name didn’t seem to fit a combat skill. He felt a bit uneasy.

“Let’s check it out first!”

Sejun quickly checked the new skill he had gained.

[Job Combat Skill – You Are a Field! Lv. 1]

– You can plant crops on living enemies. (However, it can’t be planted on enemies whose skin can’t be penetrated.)

– Using the Seed Sowing skill on an enemy causes the planted seeds to root in the enemy’s body, absorbing their vitality (TL: aka life force) and growing rapidly. (Some seeds have special properties.)

– By using Seed Harvesting, you can harvest the crops grown on the enemy, causing additional damage. (There’s a very rare chance to harvest a random stat from the target.)

“What is this?”

The newly acquired combat skill allowed him to use ‘Seed Sowing’ and ‘Seed Harvesting’ skills in combat. But being able to plant crops on a living entity… Is it some sort of parasitic plant?

He wanted to test it out, but there were no enemies around.

“Cuengi, let’s head back.”

Sejun decided to return with Cuengi. Soon, the 12th Blue Moon since he entered the tower was approaching. And, since they had burned all the kudzus around, the vicinity of the tangerine tree on the 83rd floor of the tower was safe for the time being.



[Cuengi is going home!]

On hearing that they were going home, Cuengi rushed over with the harvested kudzu roots.

Using the waypoint, Sejun and Cuengi returned to the 99th floor of the tower.


“Meow meow meow. Humans, I have arrived, meow!”

Humming a tune, Theo announced his arrival at the camp on the 40th floor of the tower.



The camp on the 40th floor of the tower was completely empty.

“What happened, meow?! Where did my minions go, meow?!”

It was his first task after officially becoming the Vice Chairman. There were no hunters to buy Chairman Park’s crops, meow! Everything had been messed up from the start.

“This can’t be, meow!”

Theo quickly surveyed the camp to understand what had happened. The tents were full of items the hunters hadn’t taken with them, and there were signs that they had moved hastily in one direction.

Theo’s conclusion after observing the surroundings was clear.

“It’s certain the humans are in danger, meow! Both Chairman Park and humans are weak, meow! Puhuhut. I need to save them and make them my slaves, meow!”

It was quite a leap in reasoning. Not a normal train of thought.

“Meow! This is Chairman Park’s favorite coffee, meow!”

When Theo was about to pick up the coffee he found in the tent,

“Vice Chairman Theo, when did you arrive?!”

Eom Jeong-sik, a member of the Earth Defense Force who had been sleeping in another tent, called out to Theo.

From Eom Jeong-sik, Theo learned where the hunters had gone.

“Meow? The humans went to the 41st floor of the tower, meow?!”

“Yes! They all rushed there after hearing that a wandering merchant selling equipment had appeared.”

“So they weren’t kidnapped, meow…”

Theo was greatly disappointed with Eom Jeong-sik’s revelation. My plan to please Chairman Park with many new slaves…

“I must go there and see for myself, meow!”

He was curious about who the wandering merchant was who dared to charm his minions.

“Inform Han Tae-jun to gather information about Chairman Park’s family, meow!”

“Even if you didn’t ask, a report sent by Captain K… I mean, Mr. Han… arrived a little while ago.”

Eom Jeong-sik handed Theo the report. The report detailed the recent raid on the Three Head Society’s hideout.

“Thank you, meow! Eat this, meow!”

Theo took out a small pouch the size of his front paw and poured about 20 peanuts onto Eom Jeong-sik’s palm. He had picked up the pouch of peanuts that Iona had dropped.

“Thank you!”

“Eat well, meow!”

After Theo left for the 41st floor,

“What’s this?!”

Eom Jeong-sik checked the option on the peanut and was stunned. It was a new type of crop, with an effect that enhanced brain activity.

“I need to give this to my daughter.”

Eom Jeong-sik thought of his daughter, who was preparing for the college entrance exam as soon as he saw the options on the peanuts.

“Lord Theo Park, you are here?”

As Theo arrived on the 41st floor, the Black Orc guards spotted him and saluted.

“Where’s the wandering merchant who is said to be here, meow!”

“Wandering merchant?”

The Black Orcs looked puzzled at Theo’s words.

“I heard there’s a wandering merchant selling equipment, meow!”

“Ah… If you mean someone selling equipment, there’s a blacksmith with impressive skills who’s been visiting regularly these days.”

“Where is that blacksmith, meow?”

“Over there!”

The Black Orc pointed in the direction of the blacksmith.

Moments later, as Theo approached the blacksmith’s area,

“I claimed it first!”

“What are you talking about?! You haven’t paid for it yet!”


About 30 to 50 hunters were fighting over each piece of equipment, claiming they would buy it.

And then,

“Uh… Uh… Please don’t fight.”

In the center, a small penguin with a pale white belly and a blue back was fidgeting and desperately trying to calm the hunters with a soft voice that hardly anyone could hear. This penguin was the blacksmith, the cause of all the commotion.

A rather strong scent of being a pushover wafted through the air. A pushovers knows another pushovers when they see one. Seeing the small penguin reminded Theo of his past self.

I must help him, meow! Reminded of how Sejun had helped him when he was pushover in the past, Theo stepped forward. Of course, I was much less of a pushover than that, meow!

“Puhuhut. Need some help, meow?”

Theo approached the blacksmith and asked, laughing like a villain.


“I’ll help you, meow! How much were you planning to sell these for, meow?!”

Theo, well-aware of the market prices as he got information on equipment prices from his interns, pointed to a shield that hunters were fighting over.

“That’s a C-rank equipment, and I was thinking of selling it for 50 tower coins…”

Typically, a C-rank shield would usually go for around 100 tower coins. But selling it for half the price at 50 tower coins was bound to cause a frenzy among the hunters.

“How much for that one, meow?”

This time, Theo pointed to a blue sword. Judging by the crowd around it, it seemed to be the best sword available.

“That’s an A-rank equipment, and I’m planning to sell it for 300 tower coins. Is that too expensive? Should I lower the price?”

There have only been five A-rank equipment items released on Earth so far. An A-rank item has its worth. But to think of lowering the price when selling it for 300 coins… Puhuhut. This fellow has an astonishing lack of economic sense, meow!

With such overwhelming gullibility, Theo felt naturally inclined to help.

Shush. Shush.

“By the way, what’s your name, meow?”

While quickly drafting a contract, Theo asked the blacksmith for his name.

“It’s Kona.”

“Kona, stamp here, meow! Of course, you can refuse if you want, meow!”

The contract delegated the responsibility of selling the equipment to Theo.

“Huh? What is this…”

“Stamp it quickly, meow!”


Reluctantly, Kona stamped the contract under Theo’s pressure. Although Theo was helping, he acted like a bully.

“Puhuhut. Leave it to me from now on, meow! I’ll sell it at a high price, meow!”

Theo stepped forward, shouting loudly to Kona.

And then,

“All of you, put the items back in their place right now, meow! We’ll sell the equipment through an auction, meow!”

He shouted to the hunters.

“Huh? Theo?”

“Why is Theo here?”

“Didn’t he just mention an auction?”

The hunters were briefly stirred up by Theo’s arrival.

“Theo, by what right do you…”

The hunters began to argue, claiming Theo had no right to sell the equipment.

But then,


When Theo showed them the contract he had received from Kona, the hunters obediently began to place the equipment back onto the counters.

“Alright, let’s begin the equipment auction, meow!”

Thanks to Theo, Kona’s equipment sold for nearly the market price, with the A-rank equipment selling for a whopping 5500 tower coins.

“Here it is, meow.”

Theo handed over all the proceeds from the equipment sales to Kona.

And then,

“Now, let’s start the crop auction, meow!”

Next, Theo auctioned off Sejun’s crops.

“Wow… Amazing…”

Kona looked at Theo with admiration, overwhelmed by Theo’s commanding presence. Kona could see a radiant aura surrounding Theo.

“Sold out, meow! See you next time, meow!”

As Theo was preparing to quickly return to Sejun’s side,

“Um… Sir Theo…”

Kona called out to him.

“Kona, what is it, meow?”

“Could you… help me sell my equipment again next time? I really need your assistance!”

Kona’s voice was filled with desperation. There was an urgent reason Kona needed to gather a lot of money.

“Hmm, meow…”

Lost in thought, Theo took out a contract.

“Then, from next time onward, I’ll take a 10% commission from the sale proceeds, meow. Stamp here if you agree, meow!”

“Yes! Thank you!”

Kona, lacking the confidence to sell equipment at high prices like Theo, immediately stamped the contract.

“Come with me for a moment, meow! I have a subordinate to introduce to you, meow!”


Theo led Kona to the center of the Black Orcs’ garrison.

“Sir Theo, where is this place…”

Following behind Theo, Kona looked around nervously with a fearful expression. This was where the Black Orc King resided. The first time Kona had unknowingly wandered into this area and almost got killed.


“Greetings, Lord Theo Park.”

Contrary to Kona’s expectations, the Black Orc guards, rather than being hostile, cleared the way and greeted Theo.


“Greetings, Lord Theo!”

“Ulrich, from now on, protect this one whenever this guy comes here, meow!”

Theo gave instructions even to the Black Orc King. Sir Theo….. is amazing! Kona looked at Theo with admiration.

“I’ll inform my interns, meow! The next time you come, ask the other cats to help sell the equipment, meow!”


With that, Theo, who had assisted Kona, quickly headed to the 99th floor of the tower.


“Cuengi, to that location.”

Sejun, spotting ten worker fire ants ahead, spoke softly to Cuengi.

As soon as Sejun arrived on the 99th floor, he intended to capture fire ants from the southern area to test his newly acquired combat skill.




Cuengi responded with his usual booming voice.


Consequently, Sejun’s covert operation to ambush the worker fire ants failed due to Cuengi’s loud response.

“Cuengi, just suppress them! Create Thundercloud!”

As Sejun activated his skill, the sky darkened, and thick clouds formed overhead.


“Throw Thunder!”

Sejun adjusted his magic power and used his skill to render the fire ants unconscious.



The Fire Ants that were hit by Sejun’s thunder attack were knocked unconscious.

In the meantime,

[Herbalist Cuengi has defeated the fire ant worker.]

[You’ve gained 500 experience points, which is 50% of what Herbalist Cuengi gained.]



Cuengi defeated the remaining fire ants. Fortunately, the effects of being a guard still applied, even after changing jobs to an Herbalist.


[All done!]

Cuengi, having effortlessly taken out the fire ants, approached Sejun.

“Good job.”

Sejun praised Cuengi and then approached the unconscious fire ant. He then planted a seed in the Fire Ant’s body.

[Combat Skill – You’re a Field Lv. 1 has been activated.]

Finally! Sejun, filled with anticipation, concentrated his power into his hand holding the seed.

[Unable to penetrate the enemy’s skin, you cannot plant the seed.]

As expected, nothing was easy. Hehe. I expected as much. I didn’t come here without preparation!

“Cuengi, make a hole here.”




As Cuengi pressed his claw against the Fire Ant’s carapace, a hole was easily created.

“I didn’t necessarily have to be the one to make the hole!”

Sejun laughed and planted the seed in the hole Cuengi made.

[Combat Skill – You’re a Field Lv. 1 has been activated.]

[You’ve planted a Kudzu fruit in the fire ant worker.]

[Your job experience has increased slightly.]

[Combat Skill – You’re a Field Lv. 1 proficiency has increased slightly.]



[The Kudzu grows rapidly by absorbing the life force of the fire ant worker.]

Within moments, the Kudzu fruit that had taken root within the fire ant worker’s body began to grow rapidly.

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