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Chapter 187

Chapter 187

Having opened a document in the treasure vault, the Black Rabbit found himself suddenly transported to an unknown location.


The Black Rabbit looked around, trying to determine his surroundings. The ground and everything in sight was as white as snow.

While the Black Rabbit was examining the environment,


A powerful vibration emanated from the ground.

Instinctively drawing out his signature weapon, the mallet, the Black Rabbit concentrated on the vibration beneath his feet, his ears perked up.



The vibrations grew stronger, indicating something was moving underneath the ground towards the Black Rabbit. The Black Rabbit calmly listened, trying to envision the source and movement of the vibration.

Suddenly, a giant, elongated creature, resembling a snake, emerged from the ground.


There wasn’t just one approaching enemy.

And then,


The very moment he felt the vibration right below him,



With a powerful jump, the Black Rabbit propelled himself into the sky.



Three snakes made of pure white stone bodies broke through the ground, their massive jaws snapping at the space where the Black Rabbit had been moments before.

As the airborne Black Rabbit began his descent, drawing closer to the stone snakes,


Bam, bam, bam!

Utilizing the gravitational pull, the Black Rabbit struck the head of one of the stone snakes and used the recoil to propel himself to the next snake’s head.


While the first snake’s head cracked and crumbled under the assault,


Bam, bam, bam!

The Black Rabbit smashed the second snake’s head in the same manner, then used the recoil to destroy the last remaining snake’s head before landing gracefully.

Kugugung. Kugung.

More enemies began to arrive after hearing the sound just now.


“Lord Kaiser! Lord Kellion!”

[The Tower’s Administrator says that the Black Rabbit has moved to the White Tower, so you can rest easy.]

As Sejun called out and ran towards Kaiser and Kellion, Aileen conveyed the message. The Tower’s Administrator was alerted to any beings that entered or exited without using the designated entrance.

“The White Tower? Phew.”

Sejun sighed in relief upon hearing Aileen’s words. If it was the White Tower, then he was safe. The land deed for the White Tower was from the 43rd floor.

Sejun had once asked Kaiser about the level of the other towers and was told they were slightly less challenging than the Black Tower, so the Black Rabbit was unlikely to face any danger.

Moreover, the administrator of the White Tower was Kellion. With Kellion’s help, bringing the Black Rabbit back would be easy, or so he thought.


-It’s not that simple.

Kellion promptly declined Sejun’s request.


-There are several problems. First, the Black Rabbit cannot withstand my energy.

“What about Ajax?”

-That’s the second issue. While dragons remain unaffected, other creatures, upon leaving the tower, are affected by the power of destruction.

“And what happens when they’re affected?”

-They either die or get corrupted by destruction and turn into monsters.

It was a complicated situation.

-There are three ways to bring the Black Rabbit back: give him a land deed document for the Black Tower, wait for a White Tower to appear on Earth and have him exit from there into the Black Tower, or use Lindgen to create a passage.

-Realistically, the first option is the only way.

Upon hearing Kellion’s words, Kaiser affirmed. There had never been an instance of another tower appearing where one already existed since the creation of the towers. And while Lindgen could create a passage out of the tower, it was impossible to connect two towers.

-Get the land document, and I’ll have Ajax deliver it.

After the discussion with the dragons,

“Vice Chairman Theo, you heard, right?”

Sejun spoke to Theo. At this juncture, the only entity capable of procuring a land deed document was Theo. They had to bring back the groom before the wedding.


“What are you talking about, meow? I didn’t hear anything, meow.”

Theo, who had just woken up from sleep, responded in a drowsy voice.

“Vice Chairman Theo, listen carefully…”

Sejun explained the situation.

“Vice Chairman Theo, you’re the only one I trust with this task.”

“Understood, meow! Chairman Park, you can trust me with this, meow!”

Theo was invigorated by Sejun’s complete trust in him. He was determined to meet Chairman Park’s expectations and, as an older brother, rescue his soon-to-be-wedded younger brother!

‘Puhuhut. Chairman Park trusts me, meow! I’m too cool, meow!”

“I’ll be right back, meow!”

Elated with himself, Theo headed to the 77th floor of the tower. It was time to visit the new lost-and-found storage that Taru had mentioned.


“Cuengi, how’s the Black Rabbit?”


[Big brother is teaching the bad guys a lesson!]


As expected, being on the 43rd floor meant there wasn’t much to worry about. Sejun peered into the bronze mirror held by Cuengi to see the current situation of the Black Rabbit. Inside the mirror, the Black Rabbit was fiercely fighting against the giant stone snakes.

‘There’s plenty of food in the treasure vault, so there shouldn’t be any problems until Theo brings the land deed document.’

As Sejun was feeling relieved,

“That must be their leader, right?”

A stone snake, much larger than the others, emerged from the ground. A large purple crystal was embedded in the forehead of this leader snake.

“It’s good that I gave him elixir-grade cherry tomatoes.”

Sejun spoke in a satisfied tone, watching the Black Rabbit effortlessly finish off the snake boss. The leader snake crumbled under just two blows from the Black Rabbit’s mallet.



From the fallen leader snake’s purple forehead crystal, a burst of light erupted.

“What is that?!”

When the light vanished, a giant made entirely of crystals appeared. It looked like a formidable opponent. Sensing the enemy’s strength, the Black Rabbit adjusted his stance and wore the Dragon Armor Helmet – a gift given by Sejun.

“That can’t be the Apostle of Destruction, can it?”

Since Black Rabbit had the scale of Kaiser and the Dragon Helmet, Sejun decided to watch the situation unfold and prepared to instruct Ajax to descend to the 43rd floor to protect the Black Rabbit.

In the meantime, the Black Rabbit raised his mallet towards the sky, and the sky darkened as a huge crescent moon appeared.

And then,

“Huh? What’s that?!”

From the crescent moon, eleven transparent rabbits holding rice cake mallets began to descend. It was the Black Rabbit’s skill acquired after becoming the official rice cake maker to summon the spirits of past rice cake makers to join in pounding rice cakes, titled ‘Turn Them into Rice Cakes!’.

The eleven rabbits took turns striking the giant crystal golem one by one. And with each hit, the golem staggered significantly.

After the eleventh and final ancestral rice cake maker had struck, the Black Rabbit delivered the finishing blow, turning the crystal golem to dust.

Then, three purple coins sparkled as they fell. From these, it was clear: the opponent had been one of the Apostles of Destruction.

“Phew. That was close.”

Sejun sighed in relief. But he also felt betrayed.

‘Even you, Black Rabbit…’

Another one had surpassed him. Although he had recognized it some time ago, he only now admitted it.

“I’m envious. Black Rabbit even has a skill like that.”

Sejun envied the Black Rabbit’s impressive skill. Despite having no skills himself, he could summon and command monsters from the 99th floor of the tower and had two dragons at his beck and call. However, the catch was that even if he summoned the dragons, he couldn’t withstand their energy.


[Guard Black Rabbit has defeated the Rocksalt Snake horde that occupied the mine and is now recognized as the rightful owner of the White Tower’s 43rd floor Salt Mine Land Deed.]

[The rights of the White Tower’s 43rd Floor Salt Mine land deed document are transferred to the Tower Farmer, Park Sejun of the Black Tower.]

[Land Deed Skill: Mine Information Lv. Max is activated.]

Along with the message, the land deed materialized in Sejun’s hand. It seemed that when a guard acquired the rights to a land deed, it was handed over to the tower farmer.

“So it works like this?”

Sejun realized he didn’t necessarily need to personally use the land deed to become its owner.

“But, a salt mine?!”

Sejun examined the land deed with an excited expression.

[White Tower’s 43rd Floor Salt Mine Land Deed]

→ This land deed certifies the ownership of the mine located on the 43rd floor of the White Tower.

→ Owner: Tower Farmer of the Black Tower, Park Sejun

→ Grade: S

→ Skill: [Mine Information Lv. Max]

[Mine Information Lv. Max]

→ Size: 33,000 square meters

→ Deposits: 10 million tons of salt

→ Worker: 1 (Black Rabbit, the guard of Tower Farmer Sejun)

→ Note: It’s an open-pit mine.

“An open-pit mine?”

So, all the white stuff surrounding him was salt? And as much as 10 million tons?!


Sejun chuckled gleefully. He no longer had to worry about running out of salt. He could now pickle fish and cabbage. An essential ingredient for making kimchi was secured.

“Tell the Black Rabbit to store the salt in the treasure vault.”

Sejun quickly sent a rabbit to the 55th floor of the tower with a note, explaining the current situation and his message to be delivered to the treasure vault. The Black Rabbit, after persuading the nearby monsters with his mallet, began storing salt in the treasure vault.


On the 99th floor of the Green Tower.

“Grandmother, is it true?! You can bring the Tower Farmer from the Black Tower?”

A beauty with green hair, appearing in her early 20s, excitedly asked a 40-year-old woman with the same hair color.

“Yeah. It seems possible. And even in a better way…”

Brachio gently spoke to her granddaughter. Although it had been almost a month since the meeting ended, Brachio, with her easygoing dragon nature, had only now informed Ophelia.

“How so?”

“Hmm, I’ll need to think about that.”

Brachio had only considered bringing other tower farmers previously. However, her perspective changed after exchanging information about fragments of the Creator God’s tablet with other dragons.

‘To think that a tower farmer played such a significant role in the Creator’s plan…’

[Second Commandment – A tower farmer can command other tower farmers from different towers.]

Depending on one’s interpretation, this second commandment implies that a powerful tower farmer could dominate all towers.

‘Only my granddaughter Ophelia can command all the other tower farmers!’

Brachio got ahead of herself, daydreaming about dominating other towers, an involuntary smile creeping on her lips.

Kellion’s grandson Ajax was a bit challenging, but Ajax is 500 years old and Ophelia is 800 years old, a difference of 300 years. Maybe things will change in a few thousand years, but for now, Ophelia was overwhelmingly stronger.

“Grandmother, please bring the Tower Farmer from the Black Tower quickly. How dare he produce better crops than me… He’s unforgivable!”

Ophelia was intent on scolding Black Tower’s Tower Farmer, Park Sejun, who had produced better crops than her at the harvest festival.

“Ophelia, don’t be too hasty. An opportunity will arise soon.”

Brachio said with a mysterious smile.


“Meow meow meow! Vice Chairman Theo is coming~~~~ clear the way~~~!”

Theo arrived at the lost and found storage on the 77th floor with brisk steps.

“You came?”

Taru, who was on guard duty, greeted Theo cheerfully.

“Yes, meow! I want to draw from the other lost-and-found storage, meow!”

“Follow me.”

Taru unlocked the storage door and led Theo inside. The building looked so dilapidated it could have been called a ruin. Even the previous lost and found storage he visited earlier seemed decent in comparison to this one.

“How much is it for one draw here?”

Theo asked Taru with sparkling eyes. Feeling a strong pull from inside the building, Theo was itching to get in.


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