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Chapter 183

Chapter 183

“Phew. Cuengi, come here.”

Sejun, after re-engraving a new tattoo with Kaiser’s scale on his left arm, called Cuengi.

Krueng… Krueng.

[Sorry, Dad… Cuengi made a mistake.]

Knowing he was at fault, Cuengi cautiously approached Sejun, checking his reaction. He was aware that his brief moment of agitation had put Sejun in danger.

“It’s okay. It wasn’t Cuengi’s fault.”

Sejun said, patting Cuengi’s head, reassuring him. Sejun knew. Such incidents could happen again. It wasn’t something Cuengi could just control with willpower alone.

In TV or YouTube videos, you’d sometimes see owners struggling to handle the energy levels of their large dogs. However, it’s the owner’s responsibility to handle it, not the dog’s fault.

Rather, Cuengi had been holding back, even subconsciously, always considering Sejun. For example, he never kicked Sejun in his sleep.

Moreover, whenever Theo cuddled, Cuengi, wanting the same, resisted the urge every day. Whenever he exerted force during fights, he always adjusted his direction and strength, considering Sejun’s position.

Sejun felt more guilty knowing how much Cuengi was trying for him.


Relieved by Sejun’s words, Cuengi shed tears. Only now did his pent-up emotions burst out.

“Why are you crying, Cuengi? Dad is really okay.”

Sejun wiped Cuengi’s tears and reassured him, holding him close and comforting him.


‘I don’t like it, meow!’

Theo felt uncomfortable seeing only Cuengi getting petted. But for now, as the elder brother, he sat quietly on Sejun’s lap.

Tap. Tap.

Theo’s tail gently patted Cuengi’s butt.

“Cuengi, you said you wanted to see grandma?”

Once Cuengi had calmed down a bit, Sejun spoke, holding up the Mirror of Longing.

Krueng! Krueng!

[Yes! Cuengi wants to see Cuengi’s grandma!]

Cuengi responded energetically to Sejun’s question.

“Okay. Look, this is Cuengi’s grandma.”

Sejun showed Cuengi the image of Kim Mi-ran in the Mirror of Longing.

Krueng! Krueng!

[It’s Cuengi’s grandma! Cuengi missed grandma!]

Cuengi joyfully observed the mirror.

“Beside her are grandpa and younger dad.”

Since it was dinner time and they were all eating together, Sejun also introduced the others. In this way, Cuengi familiarized himself with all of Sejun’s family.


[Daddy, what’s that?]

Cuengi began to inquire about the side dishes he saw in the mirror.

“That’s Kimchi stew. It’s the food dad wants to eat the most.”


[Is Kimchi stew that delicious?]

“Well, you can get tired of it if you eat it often, but then you miss it when you don’t.”


[That’s confusing.]

Cuengi found Sejun’s words puzzling.

“You’ll understand when you’re older.”

Sejun gently stroked Cuengi’s head as he spoke. Of course, it might never happen for Cuengi. The thought of Cuengi getting tired of food? It was hard to imagine.

“Let’s go home now.”

Sejun took the animals and ascended to the 99th floor of the tower.


“This week alone, we’ve seized 220 ships that approached the coast without permission.”

“Good job. Please do your best to ensure that not a single suspicious ship enters the U.S.”


It wasn’t wartime, but over 200 ships were seized just on the basis of being suspicious. Under normal circumstances, detaining over 200 ships on the mere suspicion of unauthorized approach was a potential international issue. Yet, instead of reprimanding the Navy Chief of Staff, the president of the USA praised him.

“How’s the situation at the Mexico border?”

“We’ve installed high-voltage fences that stand 50m tall in the border areas and have soldiers and drones patrolling.”

The Army Chief of Staff responded this time.

“We must prevent even a single locust from crossing. The moment one does, it’s the end for the US.”

The President spoke gravely. The breeding capacity of the locusts was tremendous. In just a week, a single locust could multiply into more than 100,000.

Right now, the US was at war with the locusts. Actually, every country was.

“What’s the status of the report’s verification?”

The President directed the question to the CIA Director. The CIA confirmed that the reports from several universities analyzing the spread of the Locust had a common thread: human intervention.

They were verifying if there was any actual human interference.

“Mr. President, our investigations have confirmed the involvement of an organization called the Three Head Society.”


Everyone in the conference room was outraged at the CIA Director’s words. It would be madness to cause the spread of the locusts, as it puts the entire human race at risk.

“What information do we have on the Three Head Society?”

“Currently, we are conducting multiple operations to locate and infiltrate the Three Head Society. According to recent intelligence, a significant number of their members have entered South Korea.”

“South Korea? Why?”

“Yes. There’s a high possibility they’re targeting Park Sejun’s family.”

There was a time when not just the U.S., but every government had monitored Park Sejun’s family at some point to gather information about Park Sejun. However, after Han Tae-jun, who was the only link to Park Sejun, announced that any organization or nation monitoring Park Sejun’s family would be denied crops, all intelligence agents had withdrawn.

“Hmm. Let’s inform Han Tae-jun for now.”

Han Tae-jun was currently in charge of the Earth Defense Force and wielded significant power in the distribution of Sturdy Blade Green Onions. By providing information to Han Tae-jun, they hoped to receive an extra distribution of Detoxifying Green Onion and Sturdy Blade Green Onions in return.


“Let’s conclude the meeting here.”


As the meeting concluded and everyone was leaving,

– The U.S. government has decided to provide Han Tae-jun with information on the organization members who entered South Korea.

The Army Chief of Staff, who had attended the meeting, sent a message somewhere.



[We’re home!]

Thud. Thud.

Having arrived at Sejun’s farm on the 99th floor of the tower, Cuengi cheerfully shouted and excitedly ran around the farm. Although they had returned in less than a day, it still felt good to be home.

“Well… there’s no place like home.”

Tap. Tap.

Sejun seemed to understand Cuengi’s feelings as he walked around the farm, making his footsteps heard by the crops. The crops grew faster, which was good, and his potential increased, which was beneficial. It was a win-win for everyone.

“Isn’t it?”

If the crops grew faster, the harvest would be quicker, which was also beneficial for Sejun.

[You have harvested a well-ripened Magical Cherry Tomato.]

[Your job experience has slightly increased.]

[Your proficiency in Harvesting Lv. 7 has increased slightly.]

[You’ve gained 50 experience points.]

While Sejun was occasionally harvesting the well-ripened crops while walking around the field, he pondered,

“I wonder how Ajax is doing?”

Suddenly curious about how Ajax was working, Sejun took out the bronze mirror, and, infusing it with magic power, and thought of Ajax.


“Why isn’t it working?”

Due to tremendous interference, Ajax’s image was not visible, likely because of the magic power emanating from Ajax.

“Is my magic power insufficient?”

When Sejun infused the mirror with all of his magic power, the interference lessened slightly, but he still couldn’t see anything clearly.




[Daddy, Cuengi is hungry!]

Thud. Thud.

After a joyful run, Cuengi, with a growling stomach, came looking for Sejun.

“Just wait a moment.”

Sejun went to the kitchen and prepared dinner. Tonight’s menu was napa cabbage soup. He craved a refreshing broth. He craved a refreshing broth-based dish. He started by sautéing small pieces of Purple Locust meat in a heated pot.


Once the meat was nicely browned,


He filled the pot with water and added deep-sea giant tuna bones he had prepared earlier. He boiled them on high heat to make a rich broth.

While the broth was simmering,


From the void storage, he took out shiitake mushrooms and detoxifying green onions and then went to the napa cabbage field, harvested 10 cabbages, trimmed the ends, and chopped them into bite-sized pieces, adding them to the pot.

After seasoning the dish with soy sauce, salt, and pepper, he completed the dish.

[You have achieved the accomplishment of making the Refreshing Wind Napa Cabbage Soup for the first time in the tower.]

[The recipe for Refreshing Wind Napa Cabbage Soup is registered in Cooking Lv. 5.]

[Your Cooking Lv. 5 proficiency has increased greatly.]

A message appeared indicating that Sejun had cooked a new dish after a long time.

“Have I been neglecting my cooking lately?”

Sejun self-reflected as he checked the dish’s options.

[Refreshing Wind Napa Cabbage Soup]

→ The Purple Locust meat was pre-fried to retain its clarity, and the broth made from the bones of a deep-sea giant tuna added a savory taste.

→ The Detoxifying Green Onion neutralizes the strong poison found in the Purple Locust meat, preventing the dish from spoiling easily.

→ All ingredients synergize, maximizing the flavor and effects of the wind napa cabbage.

→ Upon consumption, affinity with wind attribute increases slightly for 1 hour.

→ There’s a very low chance of awakening a mid-tier or lower wind-attribute related talent upon consumption.

→ Chef: Tower Farmer Park Sejun

→ Expiration Date: 120 days

→ Grade: A

“Oh! Not bad at all.”

He was pleased with the dish’s options.



“Ah, so refreshing.”

The taste was impeccable. He genuinely wished he had a spoonful of rice to go with it.

“Come on, guys, let’s eat.”

Sejun called over the animals and they all dined together. Instead of rice, steamed potatoes replaced the carbohydrates.

While eating,

“If any of you want to see someone, use this.”

Sejun handed over the bronze mirror of longing to the monkeys and rabbits. He thought that some of the animals who were separated from their families might miss them.



Touched by Sejun’s thoughtfulness, the rabbits and monkeys began to use the mirror to see their loved ones.




[It’s delicious!]

While everyone was engrossed with the bronze mirror, Cuengi finished the entire bowl of cabbage soup Sejun had served in one go and continuously refilled it from the pot.”

When they finished dinner,

[You’ve consumed the Refreshing Wind Napa Cabbage Soup.]

[Affinity with the wind attribute slightly increases for 1 hour.]

A message appeared, and Sejun felt a cooling sensation throughout his body.


“Chairman Park, I feel cool, meow! This is wonderful, meow!”

While enjoying his churu, Theo, feeling Sejun’s change, rubbed himself against Sejun’s knee.


Rustle. Rustle.

A gentle breeze began to emanate from a few of the rabbits and monkeys. They had awakened their wind attribute talent.


Awakening a talent just from a single bowl of cabbage soup? Even if the probability was said to be very low? Why them? What about me? Unlike the animals, Sejun hadn’t acquired any new talent, felt slighted. He examined himself but…


Not even a hair moved.

“Huh? Then what about Cuengi?”

Cuengi had consumed the soup by the potful. As Sejun hurriedly searched for Cuengi,


A strong wind began blowing from behind.

Turning around,


[Daddy, Cuengi has gained a talent!]

Cuengi, enveloped in a gust of wind, appeared. As Sejun suspected, Cuengi too had awakened a wind attribute talent.


[I’m so happy!]

Elated, Cuengi jumped into Sejun’s arms.

“Huh? Wait! Cuengi, sto–…”



Sejun was taken aback, holding Cuengi in his arms. Although he felt a bit hefty, Sejun could comfortably hold him as he was now light enough to be held.

Kuehehe. Krueng!

[Hehehe. Cuengi is now light!]

The talent Cuengi had awakened was ‘Light Body Movement,’ allowing him to reduce his body weight to 1/1000th.

On Day 325 of being stranded, Cuengi finally realized his dream of being held in Sejun’s arms.


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