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Chapter 162


Raon was proud even in front of Sieghart’s great master and a strong man who had become a master a long time ago. He looked straight at Irond without the slightest sign of intimidation.

“If you want me to join the White Regiment, please clearly outline what the main mission of the White Regiment is, what you can learn, and what you can gain.”
“her… .”

At those words, Irond’s eyes wavered again. The Master is the ultimate warrior with both physical and mental stability. It’s hard to see such a change in facial expression, but he seemed really embarrassed.

However, this is only natural.

‘Because I’m the one taking the lead right now.’

As Burren said, now that the training is over, various organizations can offer recruitment to new prosecutors.

Irond personally came to recruit him as soon as the training was over. A person like that would not back down after being rejected once.

“You’re bolder than I heard.”

Irond’s expression returned to its original state. Not just the face, but also the mind seems to have stabilized. He was not a martial artist who reached a high level for no reason.

“I wasn’t being bold, I just said what I had to say.”
“That is correct. “I arrived too roughly.”

He slightly raised the corners of his mouth and nodded. Seeing him admit it right away, it seems like his personality is cool and cool, unlike his iron-clad face.

“But I really want you.”

Irond’s eyes flashed bright blue.

“Excellent military power, loyalty to his comrades, mental strength that does not break even in the face of the strong, and even a distribution that openly commits crazy acts. “I like everything.”

The momentum of his sincerity spread as pressure.

“I have gone through numerous selection ceremonies so far, but this is the first time I have made the move myself. Say it again. Raon Sieghardt. Come to Baeknyeondae. “I will open the way for you to go upward.”

Irond held out his hand again. It seemed as if his straight fingers were going to tear open the path ahead.

“What, what! “Is the Great Lord of the White Lotus recruiting him directly?”
“This is the first time I’ve seen Daeju step forward.”
“Raon Sieghard… .”

The prosecutors on the side street looked at themselves and Irond in turn, their mouths gaping.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t decide right here.”

As serious as he was, Raon also gave a proper refusal this time.

“You know your position very well. Are you willing to listen to proposals from other places?”

Irond lost his momentum and laughed.

“you’re right. “When I have the upper hand, I have to get what I get.”
“If it were any other guy, I would break his mouth, but for a new prosecutor with the highest level of Expert, these are rather humble words. good night. “Let’s prepare properly and come here too.”

He said that and turned around. He disappeared on the spot as if he had never existed from the beginning. A walking method that can be felt with the senses but cannot be seen with the eyes. As expected, it was a master-like force.

-Okay… .

Lars frowned as he looked at the place where Irond had disappeared.

-Don’t be happy just because someone took good care of you. When King Bon was in the demon world, tens of thousands of demons visited him every year, offered their wealth, and pledged loyalty. Compared to the main king, your level is… .
‘okay. okay. ‘You’re great.’
-Listen carefully! Hearing about King Bon’s time in the demon world was like a miracle… .

This time, Raon hurried to the annex, letting Lars’ words slip through one ear.

‘This smell… .’

As soon as I arrived in front of the annex, the fragrant smell of food wafted out.

-Oh oh!

Lars’ hands were shaking as he held on to the annex door.

-Oh, it’s the scent of apple meat pie and pineapple pizza! It’s full of the smell of food you’ve never tried!

The guy who had been rumbling endlessly about the demon world closed his mouth and hummed his nose.

‘It looks like they prepared it in advance.’

It seemed like Sylvia and the maids had prepared food for the party after learning that today was the last day of training.

-La, Raon, hurry! Get in quickly!

He’s a devil who can’t come to his senses whenever he smells food, so I’m so embarrassed that I can’t even say I’m going with him.

Raon shook his head and opened the door.

“omg! young master!”
“lady! “The master has arrived!”

Sylvia, Helen, and the maids who had been scattered here and there came out and gathered in front of the entrance. Yua, who was in the kitchen, smiled brightly and waved her hand.

“I’m back.”

Raon made eye contact with everyone and smiled.


After taking a light shower, Raon comes out and sees various kinds of food laid out in front of him. There were many dishes I had eaten often, but there were also quite a few dishes I was seeing for the first time.

“This new work was created by Helen and Yua together.”

Sylvia pointed to the pot in the center. Meat, seafood, and vegetables were boiled deliciously, and stir-fried rice was spread underneath.

“This is the same. “It’s a soup made with tomatoes, beef, and chicken, and it’s really delicious.”

This time he pointed to the red soup in a large bowl.

“And this… .”

She introduced me to pizza with lobster, dried ham spread on bread, and transparent stew with shrimp.

“All of this was done by a child.”

Sylvia grabbed the shoulder of the toddler next to her.

“It’s a baby. how have you been doing?”
“yes! “It was fun because there was so much to do!”

Yua nodded, fluttering her pigtails. Her slightly sunken eyes reflected the regret of leaving her grandfather behind, but her joy was not false either. Sylvia and her maids seemed to treat her well, like her sister or daughter.

“I don’t know why my toddler is so cute!”

Sylvia spread her hands and hugged the toddler tightly.

“She’s good at cooking, sings well, and is cute! “There’s nothing you can’t do!”

With those words, he rubbed his cheek against Yua.

‘I suffered a lot.’

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at Yua and Sylvia. That’s what Sylvia does when she’s in a good mood. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw the two people getting along so well.

-Ooooh! Raon.

While laughing at Yua, Sylvia, and the maids, Lars let out a groan. When she looked down, she saw that her whole body was trembling, and cold air was flowing from her mouth, as if she were seriously ill.

-What are you doing? Food is dying! Quickly take up arms!
‘The expression ‘eat quickly because it’s cold’ is too strong.’

Not even a minute had passed since the food came out, but the exaggeration was too extreme.

“Raon. “Good job on your training.”

Sylvia smiled brightly as she served tomato soup.

“huh. “Uh, Mom?”

I tried to get the soup, but she wouldn’t let go of the bowl.

“But why do you always do dangerous things? “They said they destroyed all the heavy armored personnel carriers!”
“Well, that’s… .”
“I know you have thoughts, and I know you’re strong, but since it’s heavy combat, I can’t help but be worried.”
“that’s right. young master. “I couldn’t sleep well.”

Sylvia slightly lowered her eyebrows. Her maids all nodded as if agreeing with her words.

‘It’s natural.’

Since Karun did not treat Silvia or himself like people, it was natural to worry that he might kill or seriously injure them.

“Because everyone moves and creates a hole to escape to. “Don’t worry too much.”

Raon reassured everyone with the energy of a cartoonist in his voice.

“I know you’re wise. However, Karun is not a very patient person. “If possible, avoid bumping into each other.”
“I heard you always give good answers.”

Sylvia sighed lightly and served the soup.

-It’s done. quickly… .

Lars was on the verge of becoming really skinny. He looked like the Grim Reaper beckoning me to eat quickly.


I sighed and picked up my spoon. She was about to start eating her soup that Sylvia had made for her when she heard a knock on the front door.

“I will go.”

Judiel, who was at the end, left the restaurant. However, she came back in less than 10 seconds and called Raon with her pale face.

“I am a guest who has come to visit you, Master.”
“yes. I think you should go out and see for yourself… .”

Raon nodded and got up.

‘Who is it that has that expression?’
-Anyone who gets in the way will be killed! Anyone!

I headed to the front door with Lars, whose anger was stronger than ever.

There was a young woman who brightened up the entrance to the annex where the large lights were turned off.

-You bitch! The King will freeze you immediately!

Ras, who was trying to shake off the cold, was forced into the bracelet and looked at the woman.

His hair was flaming red, and his eyes were blue as clear as a lake. Her facial features were also gorgeous and she was a beauty that you couldn’t forget once you saw her, but it wasn’t her appearance that Raon saw.


A powerful energy wave that knew no bounds enveloped her entire body. master. Not inferior to Irond, whom I saw a moment ago. No, she was a strong woman who seemed to have reached a higher level than that.

“I’ve been watching you since the trainee entrance exam.”

His voice was as clear as his eyes. She slowly closed her eyes, opened them, and then continued her words.

“I fell in love with his spirit of keeping his cool in any situation, his wit to take advantage of the situation, and his genius martial talent that surpasses all of that.”

She stretched out her long white hand.

“My name is Serena Calvin. She is the head of the Gonggeom Dae and she is the one who will become the head of Sieghardt’s family. Be my strength. Raon Sieghardt.”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked into her blue eyes.

“Serena, the great swordsman, is coming in person… .”
“Hey, this isn’t a dream, is it?”
“He is the highest ranking among the great lords… .”
“Do, master!”

The maids behind them swallowed their dry saliva when they heard Serena’s identity.

‘Serena Calvin… .’

It’s a name I’ve heard of. A heroine who came from a vassal family, neither direct nor collateral, and declared that she would become the head of Sieghart’s family. She was a warrior who was cold as ice but showed off her fierce power like fire.

‘Does this person want me too?’

Serena, like Irond, seemed to have come at this time because she wanted to join the armed forces.

“Sieghardt’s armed groups are treated differently if they are not in the direct line or the highest level. But the Public Prosecutors’ Office where I serve as head coach is different. Evaluate based on skills and performance. “It will be the best home for you.”
“It’s discrimination… .”

In fact, I heard that lower-level affiliates are discriminated against at university regardless of their skills.

“It’s those eyes. “I’ve always liked those eyes.”

Serena smiled slightly as she looked at herself with a calm look in her eyes.

“Would you like to stand at the top of this family with me?”
“Raon. Who on earth… ah!”

Sylvia, who was coming out the front door, faced Serena and opened her eyes wide.

“It’s been a while. “Sylvia.”

Serena looked at Sylvia and nodded slightly.

“Today is just a greeting. “Next time, bring a gift and come back.”

She looked at Sylvia for a moment, then turned and left the annex.

“You are the same.”

Sylvia looked at Serena’s back and clasped her hands together.

“Do you know each other?”
“okay. “Her mom gave it to her constantly when she was a new prosecutor.”

She smiled slightly, as if she was remembering that time.

“You said you would become the head of Sieghardt back then, and you’re still the same now.”
“You said you would become Sieghardt’s head even when you were head of the family?”

Sylvia nodded immediately.

‘That’s amazing.’

Wouldn’t it be great if he were a major player like he is now? To say something like that during Budanju, the liver wasn’t usually that big. I don’t think the title ‘Hogeol’ was given to me for nothing.

‘That’s cool.’
-I don’t know if it’s cool, but the taste is to die for!

When I was exclaiming that it was amazing, Lars gritted his teeth.

-Let’s go and eat quickly!


next day.

Raon headed to Training Center 5 to report that the training had been successfully completed. The inside was already full of trainees, and Rimmer was late as expected.

“Raon! “I heard you defeated Horaine!”
“What are you really doing?”
“You’re crazy! it’s crazy!”
“Because of you, all my achievements were buried!”
“This guy is the real deal!”
“Did you eat a dragon heart by yourself?”

Trainees who saw Raon approached and smiled warmly. There was no more jealousy or envy. It was full of smiles and admiration for the outstanding performance.

“… … .”
“joy. “If you’re a senior, you have to do that.”

Buren frowned without saying anything, and Martha snorted with her arms crossed, saying it was only natural for the head of the 5th training center.

“Raon. Sorry. It wasn’t ice cream. Instead, I’ll give it to you later.”

Runaan held her sleeve tightly and muttered something I didn’t know what it meant.

‘After all, I feel at ease when I come here.’

Although it wasn’t as big as the annex, this training hall 5 was one of the few spaces that made one feel at ease. I felt a little sad that I didn’t have much time left to spend here with them.

“Aren’t you guys even tired?”

A light voice came from the wall. Li Mer came down, scratching her loose hair.

“You are late. “Instructor.”

Burren blocked Rimmer’s way.

“Training is over, so why are you late?”
“You set your own appointment time, but you’re late, so you’re late.”
“It’s too late once or twice in life.”
“Aren’t you late, instructor, not just once or twice, but every day?”
“Ah, how picky! “You’ll lose your hair!”

Rimmer used footwork to jump over Buren and climb onto the platform.

“hmm… .”

Burren brushed his blue hair with both hands and then checked his fingers. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that he wasn’t really chosen.

“Well done, everyone did a great job on the training. Although it was a short period of time, I think you would have roughly figured out how each group trains and what they do.”

Rimmer got straight to the point before Burren could argue further.

‘I don’t know… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes. All I did when I went to the central military camp was to break it, hit it, and break it again. Although I’ve become stronger, I have no idea what the heavy combat unit does.

“A week later. “The selection ceremony you have all been waiting for begins.”

The selection ceremony is the most important day to end five years of training and decide on each member’s affiliation. It was no exaggeration to say that the efforts so far were bearing fruit.

“It may have already arrived for some, but starting today, Daena Dan will be proposing to recruit you.”

Rimmer’s eyes turned to Raon for a moment.

“Because it is determined by the five years you have built up. “Don’t get caught up in immediate fame or profit, but make decisions carefully.”

He gave advice with more seriousness than usual.

“To give you a hint, choose a small group. In a large organization, there are so many people that it is not easy to go on a mission. On the other hand, small organizations are good at building performance because most of their members are mobilized for various missions. and… .”

Rimmer pointed to his own face and grinned.

“The more handsome the leader is, the better. It is even better if you are kind and good at gambling, a generous heart that thinks of children is also important, and strong swordsmanship and elegant walking techniques are important. Especially like the wind… .”

Suddenly, his story began to take a side path, even a distant one.

-That stupid bastard is starting again. There are so many dirty words.
‘So you’re similar to someone.’
-Is there another guy who talks that much?
‘okay. There are many more.’
-You’re crazy.

While I was listening to Rimmer’s nonsense while holding back the words, ‘That’s you,’ Buren came up next to me.

“Take this.”

I accepted the box Buren held out. When I opened it, I found a gold water thread with a jewel attached to it. Looking at the color, the shape of the knot, and the jewel in the center, it seemed like it was not an expensive item.

“Why this… .”
“It is a jewel thread attached to formal clothes. I have some left over, but yours is empty, so take it and run it. If you, the senior, are so shabby, it seems like we don’t exist either. “Kick it properly.”
‘Have you seen this training?’

The decoration of his formal clothes at the beginning and end of the training was simple. It is said that Sylvia and Helen saved it with all their sincerity, but it is not as flashy as other direct or collateral relatives. With that in mind, she seemed to have given me this water thread.

“I picked it up, so don’t worry about it.”

Buren waved his hand and fell to the side.

‘He’s a benefactor… .’

Like I said yesterday, I guess I’m paying off my debt.

Even if the debt was repaid, it felt good to know that someone else was thinking of you.

Raon put a small box in his pocket. Just a little, but Rimmer’s nonsense became less tiresome.



Raon sighed with a slightly tired expression.

‘I’m dying.’

After being tormented by Rimmer’s nonsense and Lars’ ramblings for an hour, I was more tired than if I had actually fought a battle.

When I crossed the garden, thinking that I had to hurry up and do some training, the central path leading to the annex was full of people, and the door in front of the annex was blocked by a beautifully wrapped box.


Looking at the packaging, I saw that all the boxes in front of the door were gifts, and everyone in line was a warrior radiating powerful energy.

‘What is it?’

As he walked to the front of the annex, thinking it was strange, the unmanned person who recognized him widened his eyes.

“It’s Raon!”
“Raon Sieghardt! Come to our Gyeokhodan!”
“No, our anti-corruption unit will support you!”
“What! “The best place to raise Raon is at our Daemyungjeon!”

The people in line rushed forward at once and surrounded themselves as if they had seen the enemy. Groups I had heard of and groups I had never heard of were calling out their names and calling for them to come.

“hmm… .”

Now I understand. All of these people came from the main building to recruit him.


As Raon looked at the people one by one, Sylvia and the maids came up next to him.

“They all came here because they wanted to recruit you!”
“All those items are gifts from Raon!”
“That’s not all! “There’s more inside!”

Sylvia and the maids smiled wider than ever and pointed to the numerous gifts in the annex.

“I’m so proud of you… .”

He seemed very moved by the fact that so many people flocked to the annex and himself, which had not received much attention from anyone. Tears formed in the corners of Sylvia’s eyes.

“It’s already in trouble if you do that.”

Raon smiled slightly, wiping the corners of Sylvia’s eyes with his sleeve.

“Because it’s just the beginning.”

Now is just the starting line. It is not too late to shed tears at your immediate level.

‘Someday, definitely.’

I promised myself I would show her that sight again.


For the first time in a long time, Rimmer stood facing Glenn inside the throne room of the matriarch.

“Other guys are being scouted here and there, but Raon is the best.”

He continued with an amused smile.

“Except for the armed groups run by the direct line and collaterals following the line, most people sent gifts and people to the annex. Irond and Serena visited in person yesterday. “Everyone is excited to take Raon with them.”
“Hmm… .”

Glenn raised his eyebrows slightly as if he liked the report.

“Isn’t that obvious? It’s been hundreds of years since a new prosecutor’s strength was at the top level of an expert. No, it’s the first time this has happened in Sieghardt’s history.”
“Well, that’s right.”
“It’s really a thing. thing! I don’t know who it is, but I raised him really well. Kya!”

Rimmer patted his chest and grinned.”

“The head of the family must have been as great as Raon, right?”
“I also received offers to recruit from many major players, but not as many as Raon now. “That guy surpassed me that year.”

Glenn’s eyes, which seemed to have become as hard as stone, slightly curved. Her mouth raised slightly and a definite smile appeared.

“You saw it. You raise your grandchildren more than yourself. “That is the typical example of a grandchild idiot.”
“I thought so too. As expected, the head of the family is an inevitable Raonbaragi person… .”

Rimmer muttered something to Roen next to him, and Roen quickly nodded.

“Hmm! noisy!”

Glenn cleared his throat and forced his lips down.

“You probably didn’t come here to say this, so what do you want to say?”
“Is this what you want to say?”
“I see you for a day or two. Those crazy looking eyes. “Today, for the first time in a long time, I will say something worth listening to.”
“As expected, you know me well. Then I won’t hesitate.”

Rimmer’s light atmosphere subsided as if it had been washed away. A strong storm fell to her knees with a childish look in her eyes.

“There is something I would like to ask of the matriarch.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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