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Chapter 148

Raon opened his eyes as soon as dawn came. Since it was the time when he always woke up, he came to his senses automatically without having to sleep any more.

However, there was one thing that was different from usual. The message in front of you.

[Due to the effect of , all abilities have slightly increased.]

There was a pleasant message that my abilities had increased.

‘I can definitely feel it.’

Is it because my senses have heightened? Although it was a small amount, I felt that my physical abilities had increased.

Compared to when I trained with all my might, my physical abilities increased by a small amount.

Of course, it was not 1 point but a decimal point, but I couldn’t believe that my abilities had increased this much while I was sleeping.

‘I didn’t become the devil for nothing.’

When I heard from Ras why Sloth became the Demon Lord, I wondered how such a thing could happen, and it was because of this ability. It was absurd that he had the ability to become stronger just by sleeping.

‘There… .’

Raon stood up and lightly turned his shoulders and ankles.

‘My body is light too.’

My body was as light as a feather, without the slightest fatigue. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the content, it seems that sloth also has the ability to sleep well.


Ras seemed to be displeased with it all and ground his teeth as soon as he popped out of the bracelet.

-That poor sleeper! You handed over too much power!
-Then I guess not. Even though it’s small compared to what you’ve been training, hasn’t your ability level increased to the point where you can feel it?

Lars cursed in succession, saying that Sloth must have gone crazy.

-Giving this crazy ability to a guy who is already growing up like a monster. If I see him later in the demon world, I will make it so that I won’t be able to sleep for the rest of my life.
‘hmm… .’

Raon quenched his appetite.

‘Now that I think about it, I feel a little sorry for them both.’

Lars watched and was tricked, and Sloth was fooled without knowing anything. He felt a little sorry for the two demon lords.

– Boo, pitiful? How can anyone say they feel sorry for you after what you did! You evil bastard!
‘It’s an evil spirit… .’

I smiled at the thought that this was the first time a human had heard the demon’s voice several times from the king of the demons.

‘Still, this ability is not perfect.’
-Could it be that there is a downside?

Lars’ eyes turned round when he heard that there were drawbacks.

‘okay. I have a desire to sleep a little more.’

Is it because of the effect of sloth? Unlike usual, the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed began to creep in.

-hmm? Didn’t you wake up right away?
‘I have a strong mentality. ‘It’s meaningless.’
-Then you’re saying it’s of no use to you! You’re making fun of King Bon again!

Lars probably thought he had been tricked, so he bit his lip and let out a cold wind.

‘Calm down. Are you going to give me ability points as soon as I wake up?’

Lars let out a strange groan and stopped abruptly. Even though he’s angry, he doesn’t seem to want to hand over his abilities.


Raon chuckled and then looked at the black flower bracelet on his wrist.

‘You said this bracelet contains Sloth’s soul, right?’
-Bo, when did King Bon say such a thing?
‘You said yesterday that I took Sloth’s soul. Isn’t that what this is?’
-uh… ?

Lars opened his mouth in confusion. She has seen this guy for a long time, but this is the first time she has seen such a dumb expression.

-Well, was that so? Probably not?

I desperately tried to turn my head and hide my expression, but it was no use. Since I can’t lie, being clumsy with my words also played a part.

‘That’s right. I don’t know what it is, but it’s an item that contains the soul of Sloth.’
-Keuuuu, you’re really quick to notice!

Lars clenched his fists and turned his head. She glared at herself with murderous eyes.

-That damn bastard must have liked your meanness and gave you something with his soul in it! What a fool!

Raon nodded, shaking two flower bracelets.

‘I said I should listen to you carefully.’

Lars not only gives ability points, but also gives various hints and information through his mouth. I thought of the base of a tree that provides shelter even after death.

‘So what kind of ability is this?’
-I do not know.
-I really don’t know that. It’s not Sloth, but a part of its soul resides in it, so your actions will determine its abilities in the future. and… .
-joy! Find out more yourself!

Lars snorted and turned around. The look on his face made it seem like he wouldn’t open his mouth for a while.

‘That’s enough.’

Raon smiled with satisfaction. If the spirit of Sloth is present, it will become an extraordinary item, so all you have to do is wait calmly.

-Let me give you one piece of advice.

Lars turned around again. A fierce spirit emanated from his blue eyes.

-If you had encountered arrogance, jealousy, or greed, you would never have survived. If he had encountered lust, he would not have been able to reap even a bone; if he had been in the same position as gluttony, he would have been eaten just like that… .
‘Aren’t you the glutton?’

The guy couldn’t maintain his serious appearance for long and his eyes returned with irritated eyes.

-Anyway, remember meeting stupid sloth as the luck of your life.

I wanted to say that the luck of my life was meeting a hot guy named Lass, but I barely held back because I thought it would make a fuss.

-You will never have an opportunity like this again.
‘Hmm… .’

Raon whetted his appetite as he looked at Lars floating in the air.

As I was looking at Ras, who had become smaller after using up all his strength yesterday, strangely, really strangely, I could feel the aura of heroism in the names of the demon lords.


I want to meet you soon?

* * *

Raon went to the training ground to get his body used to the rapid increase in his abilities in a short period of time.

After lightly relaxing his body, he slashed his sword vertically. The blade fell with an eerie sound and left a clear mark on the floor.

A sword wind that blooms spontaneously even without using aurors. It was a miracle achieved through strength, agility, and detailed sense.


He stepped forward and raised his sword to its middle point. A gentle flow of soft sword techniques extending along the horizon. Waves of sword strikes cut through the cold darkness of dawn.

The moment Raon slightly turned his ankle, Geomseok suddenly changed. The calm, endlessly flowing river curved like the waves of the Great Sea.

Gwanga sword. Like a hungry beast, a ferocious sword strike cuts through the air, leaving red scars.

Due to the powerful wave of force, the floor of the gym split like a spider web, and the cool air became hot like summer.


Raon took a deep breath and lowered his sword.

“It’s more than I thought?”

The power of the increased abilities was beyond expectations. It seemed like it would take quite a bit of time to completely control my now stronger physical abilities.

“Still, it’s good to see a way to grow.”

In my past life, there was no way to become strong. It felt like I was walking alone in the dark, but now it was different. Even though it seemed like it would take a lot of time, my heart pounded because I could see the path to growth.

“I should try using that.”

Raon raised his sword again and used Manga Ball with all his might. The heat blooming over his shoulders made the land filled with permanent snow boil like lava.


A bright red flame burns like a snake’s tongue on a blade resembling a snowy field. The flames that remained after covering the entire blade danced in the air, creating a dragon-like shape.

When the dragon had two horns, Raon kicked the ground and swung his sword.


That day, a dragon’s howl erupted from the center of the training ground.

* * *

Sieghardt Gaju match.


Rimmer opened the huge door so roughly that it broke and entered the throne room.

“That guy. “Can’t they be locked up somewhere?”

Glenn frowned as he saw Rimmer walking briskly.

“If you lock him up, he will dig a tunnel and come out.”

Roen smiled softly and shook his head.

“Matriarch! “Have you seen this?”

Rimmer waved the letter in his hand with a cool smile.

“that… .”

Gren narrowed his eyes after checking the wax part of the letter.

“Why is the report from Habun Castle in your hands?”
“I swiped what I was bringing to report.”

Rimmer laughed as if he was bragging.

“You are crazy.”

The teacher and the disciple. Glenn was saying to Rimmer what Lars always said to Raon.

“Roen. Throw that guy in the cave right now. “Place iron plates on the floor and ceiling, and never take them out.”
“Huh! “Why, why are you like this?”

Rimmer shook his head quickly and waved the letter.

“I ran as fast as I could to deliver the news about Raon to the head of the family, so I’m sorry if you show up like that!”
“I guess you want to know, not me.”
“Well, there is that too. “I’m surprised every time I get a report, so I have no choice but to wait.”

Other trainees also showed outstanding performance in their assigned positions, but no one could match Raon’s performance.

Just by watching and listening, I could see that the gap between Raon and the other trainees had widened further.

“Then let’s open it.”
“for a moment.”

Glenn snapped his fingers. The letter in Li Mer’s hand gently floated away and she entered his grasp.

“Open, are you using an intangible weapon to steal the letter?”
“… … .”

Rimmer laughed as if it was absurd, but Glenn opened the envelope without even looking at it.

“To see my grandchild’s activities first, I use my absolute martial arts skills… .”

What I just used was not a simple manifestation of Aura, but an intangible weapon that can only be used when one reaches the highest level. I never thought that I would use my absolute lack of education just to get a letter.

“hmm… .”

As Glenn read the letter, the corners of his mouth trembled like a fishing hook floating in the sea.

“W-what is it that makes you do that?”
“I do not know. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone like you so much.”

Although the change in Glenn’s expression was not that great, the two could see that he was very happy.

“Well, it’s no big deal.”

Glenn threw the letter away, muttering that it was a trivial matter. The letter that flew fell so naturally at Rimmer’s feet. It’s almost as if he’s telling me to look quickly.

“Uhm… .”
“Let’s see first.”

Rimmer and Roen nodded and looked at the letter at the same time.

The small piece of paper said that Raon had once again saved Habun Castle and became the hero of this place, and that everyone in Habun Castle had decided to become Raon’s strength.

“Wow… .”

The two people burst out in exclamation, unable to take their eyes off the letter.

“Is this guy the real thing?”

Rimmer stood in front of Glenn with his mouth wide open.

“I may have saved everyone, but it’s not normal for even that strict Old Man Milland to stand behind Raon! “It’s a real achievement!”
“It’s not that special.”

Unlike Rimmer, who made a fuss, Glenn calmly shook his head. But she couldn’t hide the twitching corner of her mouth.

“It’s nothing special!”

Rimmer stiffened his expression and continued speaking.

“Habun Castle is the land of warriors. Their loyalty is solid, their beliefs are firm, and their military power is outstanding. “Winning the hearts of those people will be a great help to Raon in the future.”
“I also agree. Habun Castle is a place of great honor. “These are the people who will come to help Raon wherever he is and whatever he does.”
“That’s something you’ll have to wait and see.”

Contrary to his blunt words, Glenn’s mouth was constantly fluctuating. She seemed unable to hold back her laughter at her unexpected report.

“Hey, just hold back and smile brightly.”

Rimmer stretched the corners of his mouth.

“I want to be the first to know the news about my grandchild, so I use a formless technique, and why do I force my muscles to hide the rising corners of my mouth? Even if you show even 10% of your sincerity, Raon will hug you and say, ‘Grandpa!’, but to be really strict, Sieghart is the best ever… Ugh!”

Rimmer, who was speaking, screamed and threw himself.


The floor he was standing on turned black and he collapsed.

“Brain, brain? “Are you really trying to kill me?”

Rimmer looked at the floor and swallowed dry saliva.

“That’s not bad either.”

Glenn slowly got up. Rimmer’s cheeks were slightly flushed, as if he was a little embarrassed by his situation.

“Now, just a moment. It would be unlucky for someone to die on this auspicious day when my disciple and the grandson of the matriarch achieved great things… .”
“It’s not bad to have a sacrifice.”
“O-an offering? me?”

A lightning flash that seemed to set the world on fire flashed from Glenn’s long fingers. As the light was about to spread out, Rimmer gritted his teeth and put his hands together.

“It can’t go on like this! Sword Realm Appearance!”

The moment Glenn paused for a moment at that magnificent voice, Rimmer kicked the ground and opened the door to the throne room.

“You know you shouldn’t spread rumors about this, right? I’ll come back later! I’m done… uh?”

Rimmer, who was trying to bluff and run away, opened his eyes wide. My feet don’t touch the ground. Before he knew it, he was captured by Glenn’s aura and his body was floating.

“Ji, the greatest matriarch in Sieghardt’s history. Forgive me just once… .”
“Roen. “Dig some ground.”

Rimmer rubbed his hands together like a fly, but Glenn’s gaze became colder.

“Because today is that bastard’s memorial day.”

A bright yellow thunderbolt struck Sieghart’s throne room.

* * *

Raon exhaled slowly and opened his eyes, feeling bored. Red eyes that were a combination of sincerity and seriousness were sunken deep.

‘It’s perfect.’

Over the course of four months, I was able to adapt to my body becoming stronger, and I also improved the performance of my newly acquired martial arts skills. Just as I had planned, I was in the best shape in 4 months.

‘I can fight with style.’

I might not be able to beat Milland, but I didn’t think I would lose ugly.

When Raon gathered his thoughts and got up, the door to the dorm opened and Dorian came in.

“young master. “It’s time!”

He swallowed dry saliva with eyes filled with worry and anticipation.

“The commander is already out and waiting.”

Today is the day of the sparring with Commander Milland that we promised four months ago.

I was fortunate to be able to start my last chance at Habun Castle in peak physical condition.

“let’s go.”

Raon took the sword hanging on the wall and left the dorm.

“Raon! Win!”
“Before you leave, you must defeat the commander!”
“I will believe it!”

I nodded to the cheers and support of the soldiers and entered the training hall. The area outside the training ground was filled with knights, swordsmen, and soldiers, so there was no room to step.

“Are you ready?”

Milland, who was standing in the center of the training ground, gave a calm look.

“Thanks for your patience, everything is perfect.”

Raon smiled and lowered his head.

“Thank goodness. “It won’t be boring.”

Milland threw away the thick coat he was wearing. He stepped on the heavy steps and placed his hand on his sword.

“Then there is no need to waste time. come.”

A gentle force like a spring wind suddenly turns into a powerful energy wave, like a storm.

Milland’s aura, built up over decades of standing on the battlefield, began to weigh down his entire body.


Raon held his trembling hands and resonated the ring of fire. He raised the level of his soul and caused a comic ball.


He kicked the ground with such force that the floor collapsed and jumped into Milland’s space. Let’s start with Gwanga Sword. The crazy beast’s fangs fell like lightning.


It was a sword strike that was beyond reproach in terms of speed, power, and direction, but Milland broke the teeth of Gwanga Sword just by lightly lifting the sword.

Although the attack was completely blocked, Raon’s eyes did not change. The Gwanga Sword is a sensory sword that penetrates into the enemy’s gaps. This was the beginning.

Awesome! Damn it!

The silver brilliance from Raon and Milland’s hands clashed countless times.

A powerful shock wave shattered the frozen ground, and violent waves exploded through the space, but Milland was not pushed away in the slightest. He truly had the stature of an iron man.

“Strength and speed are good, but they are not sharp. “Is that all?”

Milland’s voice subsided coldly. It is a view looking down from the sky to the ground.

“Is that possible?”

A red flame flashes through Raon’s eyes. In the sword play, young flower buds bloomed like starlight.

“Now is the start.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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