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Chapter 13


Raon’s eyes narrowed.

“What bet are we making?”

When he suddenly asked me to make a bet, I couldn’t figure out what Lars’ intention was.

-There is no need to be nervous. This King does not lie or deceive you. I’ll show you directly.

As soon as those words were finished, a new message came to mind.

[ proposes the first bet.]
Conditions: Pass the formal trainee exam with honors.
On success: +2 to all abilities, randomly selected traits.
In case of failure: Generates 10 points of emotion.

After reading it, I could immediately understand what it meant. It literally seemed like if he won the bet, he would hand over Lars’ abilities.

“Are you telling me to pass the regular trainee exam that Rimmer mentioned with top honors?”
-Yes. He said he will definitely select the chief, so the results will be clear.
“hmm… .”

However, there were a few unknown parts.

“What are the characteristics of random selection?”
-One of the characteristics that the main king possesses will be given to you. Of course, your level will be downgraded to match your inferiority.
“It’s a trait… .”

Raon looked at Lars, who was burning with blue flames as if he had poured oil on them. He always called himself the king of the demon world.

I couldn’t believe it, but it was clear that he was special. Even if given arbitrarily, there was a high possibility of developing useful abilities.

“one more. This is the most important thing, but what does it mean to get 10 points of anger when you fail?
-That’s literally it. The feelings of anger that this king has are created in you.
“Does that mean you can control my emotions?”
-Not to that extent. The feeling of anger that this king passes on to you is close to dust. It’s like a drizzle. but… .

The blatant anticipation melted away in Lars’ voice.

-Like clothes getting wet in a light rain. If you accept the King’s anger, no matter how strong your spirit is, one day you will no longer be able to control those emotions.
“Was that what you were aiming for?”

Raon looked down at Lars with cold eyes. It seemed like the guy had given up on taking his body all at once and was trying to rob him step by step.

-You probably realized that your body changes depending on the stats in the status window. If you accept this bet, you will be one step closer to your revenge.

Lars said to accept the bet in a calm voice that was uncharacteristic of an angry king. For the first time, I got annoyed with this guy.

‘But why make this bet?’

Since the existence of the main body was confirmed, it would have been enough to draw on its power and disobey his own spirit, but I couldn’t understand why he was resorting to such a troublesome tactic.

-As I said, the King’s original abilities are connected to you. If only he could summon that strength, he would have taken your body right away.

Lars responded as if he could read my thoughts.

“Did you lie about anything?”
-The main king is the monarch of the demon world. He doesn’t know anything else, but he doesn’t lie.
“after… .”

Raon let out a deep sigh. He was right. Lars was obviously crazy, but he always answered questions honestly.

“Is it a poisoned apple that I have no choice but to eat?”

Since I was told that all my abilities would increase by 2 and that I would gain a special ability, I couldn’t refuse.

On the other hand, the risk of failure was relatively small. Of course, it would be dangerous if it piled up.

“Hmm… .”

5 There were many outstanding children in the training hall. Not to mention Runaan and Buren, the collateral and recommended students also had unique talents.

An ordinary child wouldn’t even dare to look at Seok.

But he is a reincarnation.

No matter what the test is or how talented the children are, if they use their past lives, they will never lose.

“good night. “I accept it.”
-It’s a good choice.

[You have accepted the bet with .]

Raon made eye contact with Ras through the floating messages. The guy was laughing. He smiled with confidence that he would win.

So I smiled the same way.

It won’t work out the way you think.

* * *

Early morning the next day.
Buren opened the training room door and came inside.

Even though the sun was not up, his hair was neatly combed and his training clothes were tightly ironed. It was truly an aristocratic appearance.


Crane, who had greeted me exaggeratedly every time I saw him, and several of his assistants awkwardly lowered their heads and turned away.

‘Why are you doing that?’

When I thought about why I was like that, something that happened yesterday came to mind.

‘Did you really touch it?’

Burren frowned. No matter how much you don’t like Raon, touching him personally would be tarnishing the great Sieghardt’s name.

‘Pathetic things.’

As I was about to approach the idiots to say something, the door opened and Raon came in.


But it was so fine. There were no bruises or wounds, as if he had not been hit at all. He looked more confident than yesterday.


On the contrary, as soon as Crane and other subordinates saw Raon, they turned around like 10,000 tails and threw him into a corner.

‘what? ‘What on earth happened?’

Buren swallowed dry saliva. I have no idea how things are going.


I couldn’t stand it anymore and approached the trembling collaterals.

“Bur, Burren!”

Krain and other subordinates opened their mouths and lowered their heads.

“Why are you shaking so much?”
“Well, that…” .”

The attendants fell silent when they saw Raon standing behind them, not themselves. There was clear fear in their eyes.

‘You’re afraid of Raon, not me?’

What did Raon do to make them so scared?

“Oh, nothing happened.”
“That’s right. “It’s really no big deal.”

The collaterals laughed with awkward expressions and scratched the backs of their heads.

‘Did you get hit back?’

There is nothing else.
It was clear that the collateral guys went to Ra On to educate him and got back on him.

Buren turned his back and looked at Raon. He stood quietly as if he had no interest, just like yesterday.

‘Are you saying you were hiding your abilities?’

I snorted. A sick person with no talent hides his power, but it’s nothing but dust.

‘Try your best.’

Anyway, the fact that we are at the bottom remains the same.

* * *

As Raon relaxed his neck, he made eye contact with the collateral he had a ‘conversation with’ yesterday.

“Turn it off!”

The companions let out bizarre groans and took a step back, as if they had encountered a devil.


Questions appeared in the eyes of the other temporary trainees as they watched the subordinates, who had been openly swearing just yesterday, hesitate.

Raon turned his head at the sound of snoring. It’s Burren. The look of ridicule or ridicule was blatant.

‘You probably think it doesn’t matter what you do.’

It was clear what Buren was thinking. He probably thinks it’s meaningless for a untalented guy to struggle.

‘It’s a very big mistake.’

Talent is meaningless to someone who has a ring of fire. By the end of the temporary training period, we will have surpassed Buren by a long way.

-That snake’s eyes are annoying. Pull it out.
‘Here we go again.’
-All those who carelessly turn a blind eye when the main king is in the demon world… .
‘Be quiet.’

Raon tapped the bracelet. Lars’ words were interrupted by a crackling sound.

-Hey, this guy is real!
‘You really talk a lot.’

As I was ignoring Lars’ words and trying to use the ring of fire, the door to the training hall opened.


Rimer and the instructors came in through the creaking door.
The instructors lined up with Oh precisely, but Rimmer took small steps and climbed onto the stage.

“Did you sleep well?”

Rimmer looked down and grinned.


The temporary trainees answered loudly even though it was early in the morning without the sun rising.

“Even if you trained your body regularly, it must have been quite difficult since you ran with all your might. therefore… .”

Rimmer nodded loudly and smiled.

“Run today too. “With all our might!”
“Oh, today too?”
“The more human physical strength is used to the end, the more its limits increase. Run with all your might. “Until I say stop.”

While the children were frowning, the two of them kicked the ground first, just like yesterday. It was Runaan and Burren.


Unlike yesterday, the two did not store up their stamina and ran with all their might.

“Running again!”

The kids who thought they were going to learn something today got annoyed and started running.

-Are you jumping again? boring. You can become strong without any training. When you see the blood of yours and your enemy… .
‘I like it.’

Raon interrupted Lars. He filled his lungs with the morning air and kicked the ground.

-You like it? Running endlessly while drinking sand?
‘Because the more you run, the stronger you become.’
-stupid! If you hand yourself over to the main king, you could become the strongest within a year… .
‘If it’s not me, it’s of no use.’

I cut off Lars’ nonsense with one word and started playing with my feet.

‘It’s faster than yesterday.’

Perhaps because my agility and stamina increased, I was able to run faster.

I was able to keep up with the speed of Bang-gye and some of the recommended students from the beginning, which I was able to catch up with only when yesterday’s training was over.

“Uhm… .”
“La, Raon?”

The children in the lower-middle group widened their eyes when they saw themselves. The expression on his face asked why you were stuck here.

‘It definitely grows fast.’

Raon smiled slightly and ran alongside them. Not only did it have a ring of fire, but it also had abilities, so the growth rate was truly magical.

However, even though they were running with all their might, Burren and Runaan were getting farther and farther apart. Clearly, the talent and training of those two were not at a level that could be matched now.

‘The environment is not bad.’

It made us use our full power, and there were a lot of kids ahead of us to catch up with. It was the best environment for training.

Raon saw Rimmer dozing on the platform. Although he seemed like an extremely light-hearted man, his training methods were solid.

‘Your training. ‘I’ll use it well.’

* * *


The running started at dawn and stopped only after the sun rose.


The children lay down on the training ground with nothing to do and were out of breath.

Because most of the children ran as fast as they could, unlike yesterday, few people were able to stand properly.

“This is the end of early morning training.”
“Bird, dawn… .”
“It’s not even morning, it’s dawn… .”

The children shook their heads when they heard that the early morning training was over.

“At dawn, the air is clear and an environment is created where mana can be felt more easily. “You’ll continue to run even after you become formal trainees, so you’d better get used to it quickly.”

Rimmer twirled his fingers. It was a gesture expressing children running endlessly.

“Then eat breakfast.”
“After running like this, what kind of meal…” .”
“Bah, I can’t eat!”
“Do you want to come in?”

The children lay down and cried out in pain.

“It’s good to eat even if it’s hard. Because the training continues after that. You can’t hold on if your stomach is empty. But again, the choice is yours.”

Rimmer left the last words and disappeared as if to leave it to his own devices.

“You run like this and then feed me right away…” .”
“Well, I need to eat something. Even if I vomit later.”

The children stumbled into the restaurant. Perhaps because the training had been intense since dawn, the meal was light and not greasy.
All it had was warm soup, soft bread, light meat, and a few vegetables.

“The food is terrible.”
“But I can still eat this.”

The children in the collateral room saw Raon quietly looking at the food on the plate.

“Look over there.”
“You’re not eating.”
“He grew up in an annex, so I wonder if something like that would fit in there.”
“Well, even though he was at the bottom of the pecking order, he would have been treated only as a patient.”

The children giggled and mocked Raon, but this time Raon had completely different thoughts than their predictions.

‘Give me food?’

I don’t know if training is over. In my previous life, I had never received food during training.

At a younger age, I would have done everything myself, whether it was eating weeds or hunting animals, so feeding them was something I never even thought about.

‘Is this place really the worst?’

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