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Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Found him!

75th Floor of the tower, Wandering Merchant Association Headquarters.

“Have you found out why the Black Minotaurs left the 99th floor?”

Mason, the chairman of the Wandering Merchant Association, asked urgently. He needed to find out quickly why the 500 Black Minotaurs were moving down the tower to prevent harm to the wandering merchants.

“I’m sorry. All I found out is that the Black Minotaurs have all entered the 77th floor of the tower.”

Mason’s subordinate answered his question.

“The 77th floor?”

Mason was perplexed. There was no strong power, abundant food, or much wealth on the 77th floor. There was no reason for the Black Minotaurs to go there.

“Yes! Moreover, the Black Wolf Tribe and the Silver Wolf Tribe have joined forces on the 77th floor for some reason.”

“What?! They too? What on earth is happening on the 77th floor?”

“According to information obtained from the wolves, the Black Minotaurs will return once they find the being they desire.”

“A being they desire? So they’re looking for someone?”

As far as Mason knew, only the Minotaur King could command 500 Black Minotaurs. However, the Minotaur King, tied to the waypoint, could not know anyone on a different floor.

Everything was full of questions.

“Hurry and deploy the agents of the Secret Inspection Bureau to the 77th floor! We must find out who the Black Minotaurs are looking for!”

Mason’s instincts told him that the being the Black Minotaurs sought might have a significant impact on the tower in the future.


Thus, agents from the Wandering Merchant Association’s Secret Inspection Bureau were urgently dispatched to the 77th floor.



Cuengi ran in a straight line toward where the compass given by Kaiser was pointing.



If anything blocked his path, Cuengi showed no mercy. Orangutans, chimpanzees, and others were grabbed by their scruffs by Cuengi.

And then


[Have you seen my dad?]

Cuengi grabbed every monster he met by the scruff and asked if they had seen Sejun, but none of them had seen Sejun, who was only in the monkey village.

Thus, Cuengi, who had been running and running to find his father, came upon a massive village surrounded by a red light beam.

Cuengi no longer carried a bag. He had eaten all the packed meals on the way, and even the honey in his snack pouch had been consumed a long time ago.


As Cuengi tried to enter the village without hesitation,

Gwoo?!(Who’s this guy?!)

Gwoo!(Get lost!)

The gorillas guarding the village entrance blocked Cuengi.



Thwack! Thwack!

Cuengi quickly subdued the gorillas blocking his path.

In the meantime


Another gorilla quickly called others, and all the gorillas in the village rushed out.


Cuengi roared and charged at the gorillas.

A 1 vs 500 battle.



Thwack! Thwack! Thud!

1 was overwhelmingly strong.


[Did you see my dad?]

Cuengi grabbed the scruff of a gorilla that was still conscious and asked.

Gwoo!(I haven’t seen him!)


[You’re lying!]

Because Cuengi hadn’t yet described what his father looked like.


Cuengi delivered the final blow to the lying, bad gorilla.

And then


[Where is my dad?!]

As Cuengi was about to set out again to find his father,

Gwoo?!(Who dares to cause trouble in my village?!)

A massive 10-meter tall gorilla, enraged, rushed toward Cuengi.

[77th Floor Boss Gorin]

The boss of the 77th floor, Gorin, who was guarding the waypoint, was the chief of the gorilla village.


Cuengi fought in his giant form against Gorin, who looked strong. In an instant, he grew to 22 meters tall. He had grown significantly since he last fought.



Cuengi clasped his hands together and struck down on Gorin’s charging head.


With a tremendous explosion, Gorin’s head was buried in the ground.


That was the end of it.


Cuengi moved again following the compass.


But soon, Cuengi became hungry again.



[There’s nothing left to eat…]

As Cuengi was walking towards where Sejun was, holding his hungry belly,

Sniff sniff.

A delicious smell wafted from somewhere.

Kreong?! Kreong!

[This is?! The smell of daddy’s honey potatoes!]

He also smelled roasted sweet potatoes and other dishes that Sejun used to cook.


[Daddy, Cuengi is hungry!]

Cuengi quickly ran towards the smell of Sejun’s cooking.


Sniff, sniff.

A gorilla wearing a skirt came into the village, sniffing with its nose.

And then


Chomp, chomp.

The gorillas sat down in front of the food and began to eat voraciously. Other gorillas stood behind, escorting the one in the skirt.

[Gorina, Daughter of the Gorilla Chief]

“That’s a named creature.”

Sejun spotted the name above the head of the gorilla wearing the skirt. It seemed to be a mid-level rather than a boss. Still, it was a challenging opponent.

“President Theo, what do you think?”

“What do you mean, meow?”

“Can you beat that one?”


Shiver, shiver.

At Sejun’s question, Theo began to shake. Although he had hoped for something, he felt sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.

“If President Park is in danger, I’ll step in, meow! President Park, don’t worry, meow!”

He still talks big.

Flap, flap!

(Me too! I will fight too!)

Upon Theo’s words, the golden bat also cried out, spreading its wings as wide as possible, promising to protect Sejun. Even so, it was much smaller than Gorina’s finger.

“You guys…”

Sejun was moved. He suddenly realized that he was relying on Theo and the other animals.

“Thank you.”

“That’s the right attitude, meow! Live with gratitude towards me, meow!”

(Pip-pip. I’m grateful too!)

Sejun expressed his gratitude by patting the heads of Theo and the golden bat that were protecting him.


“Create thundercloud.”

He prepared to fight the gorillas. It would be fortunate if they just ate and left, but if not, he had to fight. Still, he felt more relaxed thanks to Theo and the golden bat being by his side.

As Sejun held his breath and prepared for battle,


Gorina, who had filled its belly, began to look around.



Gorina’s eyes widened.

Rumble! Rumble!

Gorina got excited when she saw Sejun’s face. It was her style.



Gorina pointed at Sejun and commanded the gorillas. Catch him!

Sejun was strangely popular with monsters.

“Guys, get ready! Throw Thunder!”

Upon Sejun’s cry, blue bolts of lightning fell from the thundercloud in the sky towards the gorillas.

Crash, sizzle!

Ten of the gorillas were stunned by the lightning, and the rest were seemingly paralyzed, unable to move. Luckily, they were clustered together, making it easy to attack.

“Throw Thunder.”

Sejun used Throw Thunder again, stunning the remaining paralyzed gorillas.

And then, the last one left was Gorina. She was alone but didn’t seem worried.


Rather, she seemed more excited, watching Sejun fight. Not just a handsome face but a strong male.

Rumble, rumble!

Gorina drooled as she charged at Sejun herself.

“Throw Thunder!”

Since it was the last enemy, Sejun put all his magic power into the Throw Thunder skill.




Gorina struck the ground hard, and the surrounding earth sprang up, wrapping around her. She was a gorilla that could control the earth.


As a result, Sejun’s thunder hit the mud wall Gorina had created and disappeared futilely.

‘Damn it!’


Sejun’s legs went weak, and his body trembled. He was out of magic power.


Gorina broke through the hardened mud wall that had melted from the thunderbolt.

And then

Thud. Thud.

Rumble, rumble.

Gorina approached Sejun with a savage smile.


“Ugh… what to do?!”

Kaiser had sent 500 Black Minotaurs towards Sejun, but Aileen was anxious.

“Sejun is too weak…”

He might die before the Black Minotaurs even found him.

So she hurriedly started looking for a new power to give to Sejun. Although he hadn’t accumulated enough contribution to receive a new power, fortunately, Sejun had plenty of Tower Coins.

“Well… the efficiency is poor, but as long as Sejun can be safe…”

You can convert 10,000 Tower Coins into 1 contribution point. And the minimum contribution required to purchase a power is 10,000. So, to buy a power with money, you need at least 100 million Tower Coins.

Luckily, Sejun had received 100 million Tower Coins from Kellion.

“Let’s see. What power does our Sejun need to survive…”

Aileen quickly scrolled down the list of powers. The one she wanted to buy cost 10,000 contribution points, at the very bottom.

<Power: Punch of Great Destruction>

<Power: Gather Below Me>



<Power: Strong Agility>

<Power: Strong Magic Power>

And the powers at the very bottom.

“Since Sejun already has an indestructible body, he needs magic power to strengthen it. Great! This is it!”

Aileen chose a new power to give to Sejun.


“President Park, I’ll protect you, meow! President Park, it was fun, meow!”

(Sejun, I had fun too.)

Theo and the golden bat saying their final farewells to Sejun.

“You guys… ugh!”

This wasn’t it.

‘I can’t just be protected by kids like this!’

When Sejun gritted his teeth and moved to fight together,

[100 million Tower coins deposited in the Seed Bank are used.]

[The Tower’s Administrator grants <Power: Strong Magic Power> to the Tower’s Mid-level Administrator badge.]

[You can later enhance <Authority: Strong Magic> using contribution or Tower coins.]

“Huh?! Power?!”

[Your magic power increases by 50 due to the effect of <Power: Strong Magic Power>.]

[Your magic power stat has exceeded 100.]

[Talent: Magic Circuit evolves into a Enhanced Magic Circuit.]

“Oh! Guys, back off! Throw Thunder!”

Suddenly overflowing with magic power, Sejun yelled at Theo and the golden bat and used his skill. He simply trusted his instincts, as he had no time to check his new power and talent.


When the thunder struck,



Gorina created another ground wall around her to block the thunder.


Sejun hurriedly made it rain to wet the ground, planning to let the electricity flow through it.


Only around where Gorina was, heavy rain poured, soaking the ground.

‘It’s over now!’

As Sejun prepared for the final attack,

“Huh?! Cuengi?!”

From afar, Sejun saw Cuengi rushing towards him. Cuengi was quickly approaching.


[I found Daddy!]

In an instant, Cuengi enlarged himself beneath Gorina’s feet and threw an uppercut at Gorina with its right front paw.



With a punch full of Cuengi’s power, Gorina screamed in terror and flew into the distance, out of sight.


Sejun sighed in relief. It was fortunate. If he hadn’t been able to defeat it with thunder, it would have been truly dangerous.

Kreong! Kreong?

[I missed you, Daddy! Are you hurt anywhere?]

Suddenly shrinking back down, Cuengi hugged Sejun and cried.


[I thought Daddy would get eaten!]

Cuengi had followed the smell of Sejun’s cooking and ran full speed when he saw Gorina drooling at the sight of Sejun.

“It’s okay. But did you come here all alone?”


[I came with the Mino uncles, but I lost them on the way!]

And so Cuengi began to tell its adventure.

Slurp, slurp.

While enjoying the food Sejun had cooked.


[So I beat them up!]

Though the story was about beating up others, the atmosphere was utterly peaceful. Thus, listening to Cuengi’s adventure, Sejun’s 284th night of being stranded came to an end.


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