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Chapter 120

I squinted and widened my eyes, but it seemed like this kid in front of me was Dazar. No, I’m sure. He also said his name was Dazar.

“You really are Dazar… … Called?”

“huh. I’m Dazar. “How do you know me?”

The boy tilted his head as if it was strange. Perhaps because he felt relieved while talking to me, his tear-filled eyes seemed to relax a little. Instead, doubt arose in his eyes.

“I haven’t been outside yet…” … .”

I’ve never been outside before. I don’t know what that means, but I wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to what little Dazar said right now.

“Dazar! Why is it like this? Did you get hit by Cedric? “Where are we again?”

I thought that the reason Dazar looked so young was because he was bullied by Cedric. So Dazar’s next reaction was completely unexpected.

“What are you talking about? Who are you that you know my name? “Why should I know you?”

The kid crossed his arms in a slightly annoyed voice. He looks so bold that you wouldn’t think he was the boy who was sobbing earlier.

I squinted.

“You don’t know me… … ? why?”

Did something go wrong with Dazar’s head as he got younger? Ugh. I don’t know. Even if I put this aside for now, I felt that understanding the situation was an urgent priority.

No matter how much I called him Dazar, I naturally spoke informally to him, as if I didn’t want to use polite language with him despite his little appearance.

“okay. I know you don’t remember me. So do you remember this? What happened to Axion? What about Cedric? What happened after that? “Where are we?”

“… … I have no idea who these people you are talking about are. “There is just one thing I can tell you.”

Dazar narrowed his small forehead and collapsed in front of me. He looked like his well-dressed clothes might be covered in dirt, but Dazaar didn’t seem to mind at all.

As he sat down, there was a sound of metal hitting somewhere, but I couldn’t tell what it was.

“This is the prison my father built to escape my grandfather.”

“… … what? prison?”

A prison out of nowhere?

Dazar didn’t seem to remember anything related to Axion or Cedric. While he was staring into his golden eyes, a hypothesis suddenly crossed his mind.

‘no way. Is this really Dazar from his childhood?’

That hypothesis was immediately blocked by reality.

‘No way. That story is from my past… … It is said that they moved to the past of the world where Dazar was located. Does that make sense?’

I immediately denied it as a ridiculous hypothesis, but a part of my mind kept thinking that it might be true.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to explain the young Dazar in front of me.

Moreover, I am someone who has already experienced an even more ridiculous situation, such as being possessed by the world of a novel.

Strangely enough, the wound that had previously penetrated my stomach was nowhere to be found on my body. It was a clean body without a single scratch. It was strange.

“… … look. excuse me. “Are you listening to me?”

At that time, Dazar waved his hand in front of me. My head was spinning in confusion, and I suddenly came to my senses.


“Are you listening to me? You just asked how you got here. This place… … It’s my father’s prison. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like he’s a transcendental person.”

Dazar’s face was dark as he asked that question. He spoke so clearly that I even thought he was the Dazar I knew. It seemed like he was still a child. When you see the facial expressions clearly revealed like this.

And as I looked at the vivid change in expression, I realized that it was really not ‘the’ Dazar I knew. I stammered my answer, hiding my confusion.

“I am… … well. When I opened my eyes, I was here. “I don’t even know how I got there.”

“… … hmm. Then maybe your father caught you too. “Did you do something wrong to my father?”

What kind of person is that father? … Does that also mean putting my son in prison? Since I had never heard anything from Dazar about his childhood, I took a moment to answer.

“I am your father… … “I’ve never seen you before.”

“okay… … ? So was there a mistake? I’ll do you a favor and try to get you out of here. Father… … “I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you.”

Dazar said that with a slightly downcast look on his face. I looked at him sitting against the wall with his mouth closed and asked carefully.

“By any chance, what is the name of the capital here?”

“… … Hoa Lon.”

Hoa Ron… … . That’s a name I’ve never heard of.

“that… … “Why did your father keep you here?”

Is it because I experienced possession once? My mind began to organize the situation more quickly and calmly than I thought. I don’t know why, but the world where Dazar was moved to the past.

And seeing as there is a childhood Dazar in front of me, this move may be related to Dazar. In that case, returning to the original world could also be through Dazar.

‘The last time I moved here… … Dazar was right in front of me.’

Well then, I guess I’ll have to ask Dazar in front of me and find a way to get back somehow. Try creating a situation similar to the one just before moving… … .

While thinking like that, Dazar answered.

“well. I do not know either. But I know one thing. That my father hates me. So he wants me dead soon.”

Is this something that would come out of a child’s mouth right now? I asked him back, dumbfounded.

“Wishing to die? “Where are the parents like that?”

“It’s here. I said I would give my life to Ruben the day his father came back. “I’ll ask you to leave here then.”

Clink, the moment Dazar said that and twisted his body to change his posture, the sound of metal clashing was heard once again.

“This… … .”

Only then did I realize the source of the sound. Black shackles on Dazar’s ankles. It was the sound it made when it hit the floor.

“oh my god… … .”

Dazar’s father would naturally be a transcendent of the Siaster family. And the fact that he is offering Dazar to Ruben… …

‘They said that the people of the Siaster family are the closest to Ruben and are prone to going crazy.’

I’m sure I heard that through Dazar. Cedric was also a Siaster from another world.

So, it means that Dazar is now in danger of being killed by his father.

* * *


Dazar gritted his teeth at the scream that erupted before his eyes. His eyes were determined. After Celia disappeared before her eyes, the chancellor attempted to leave Ruben’s tower.

It took an entire day for Dazar to manage to subdue him and imprison him in his own barrier.

“Huh, huh… … .”

The Prime Minister was trapped in a barrier and looked like a rag.

“This traitor… … . You will not have eternal life.”

The Prime Minister’s veiny eyes turned to Dazar’s back. Elston was there, accompanied by Vanilla and Axion, wearing a barrier.

Elston, who came to where I was shortly after Celia disappeared, reassured Dazar, who was wary, and said that he would protect the children.

Then, he cast a spell that would kill the caster if he broke his oath, and gave Dazar his lifeline.

‘I can’t leave the baby in danger like this.’

Elston seemed sincere when he said that, and in the end, Dazar entrusted the children to him.

It would have been difficult to completely subdue the Prime Minister without his help.

Dazar took a slow breath and asked in a low voice.

“… … Celia, no… … “Where is Hee-ah?”

I definitely felt the space becoming distorted in front of him. Dazar instinctively realized that she had moved somewhere.

I had to find her.

“What, did you know her too? Ah, maybe you ended up holding Ruben’s hand… … Right.”

The prime minister chuckled as if he knew, and continued speaking while pressing his palm against my side where the blood was gushing out.

“Why should I answer your questions?”

Dazar asked this question. It was clear that the prime minister knew where she was. And she didn’t seem willing to answer me.

But he had to find her.

The woman he wanted to be with, even to the point of sacrificing the world.

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

곧 미치는 남주의 엄마입니다
Status: Completed
I thought I was possessed in a novel about farming. Until the male lead, who went crazy because of magic and killed the heroine appeared. “Axion…?” Cheeks like rice cakes, puffy lips & eyes like silver beads. This extraordinary beautiful baby…. “Isn’t this the child My Lady adopted?” My son and the main culprit of the destruction of this world? There was seven years till the male lead killed his (adoptive) mother. I decided to convert the tragedy. Mother wants to live, son! *** ​ The reality of a penniless single mother, first of all, I signed a contract with the hostess’ father using my specialty. Initially, I was just going to make money for milk powder. “Is this ‘rice’? The more you chew, the sweeter it tastes!” “This meal will solve the world’s food shortage!” “This chewy texture! Did you say rice cake? I can’t believe this!” Did I just spread the taste of Korea? It will be perfect if I can stop my baby from going crazy now. “Taming me…is it over now?” “Without you, the world is meaningless.” “Did you want to see me go crazy?” This time, the female protagonist’s father, who was her future in-law, went crazy.


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