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Chapter 119

Chapter 119

“Huh? Why am I sleeping here?”

Aileen, waking from her sleep, looked around.

And then,

“Ah! I came here to bathe!”

She remembered that she had fallen asleep in the lake after washing off the waste that had been expelled from her body after eating the wild boar meat that Sejun had given her.

“It was really dreadful.”

No comment on the waste, for the sake of Aileen’s image. It was indeed fortunate that a powerful purification magic was cast on the lake.


“Hehehe. It’s easier to use my mana now.”

Aileen came out of the lake, examining her body, and spoke, feeling the mana inside her moving smoothly.

In Aileen’s case, her Dragon Heart hadn’t been beating for a while, preventing the infused mana from flowing and hardening along with the impurities, hindering her use of magic power.

So, this time, the hardened mana inside her body was expelled along with the waste after eating the pork Sejun had given her, making it much easier to move the magic and increasing its efficiency.

And with the increased efficiency, she was able to do more.

Aileen left the administrator’s area for about 5 seconds, then hurriedly came back when she started to feel weak.

“Huff, huff. I went out of the administrator’s area!”

Aileen was thrilled with her achievement. Now, although only for a short time, she had enough mana flowing within her body to endure outside the administrator’s area.

She thought she could open the portal if she tried, but

“I will never open it! Never!”

Aileen had no intention of opening the portal.

If she opened the portal, her grandfather or father might come in and interfere with her and Sejun’s relationship, or they could change her role as the tower administrator to another dragon now that her dragon heart’s condition had improved.

“Since I won’t be able to see Sejun, I will definitely not open the portal.”

Thus, Kaiser’s long-awaited reunion with his beloved granddaughter did not happen for a long time.


After eating a delicious lunch of grilled mushrooms,


As the rabbits were about to go back to the fields to work,


The ants, having finished harvesting mushrooms, gave the rabbits a ride and moved together.

And then,

[You have harvested shiitake mushrooms.]

[You have 37,123 times left to complete the job quest.]

[Your job experience has increased slightly.]

[Your proficiency in Harvesting Lv. 5 has increased slightly.]

[You have gained 1 experience point.]

Sejun also harvested mushrooms again.

Then, about two hours into harvesting mushrooms,


From a distance, the roar of the mother Crimson Giant Bear was heard.

“What’s happening?”

“She’s shouting, ‘Don’t come here, it’s our territory!’ meow!”

When Sejun was curious, Theo translated the words of the mother Crimson Giant Bear.

“‘Don’t come here’?”

It meant something was coming.

“Guys, let’s go!”

Sejun ran to where the mother Crimson Giant Bear was, taking his bodyguard Cuengi with him.


As usual, the mother Crimson Giant Bear, Pink Fur, was patrolling around the farm. Her name had been changed from Red Fur to Pink Fur as her fur color had changed.


Pink Fur was diligently patrolling around the farm today as well.



From afar, about 2000 mushroom ants could be seen approaching.

Since Sejun had told her not to stop the mushroom ants if they came, Pink Fur was waiting to guide them as they drew near.




As they got closer, the mushroom ants were being chased by an enormous number of fire ants.


So Pink Fur, in a warning to the fire ants that had invaded Sejun’s farm, roared and prepared to fight.


As Sejun arrived at the scene of the commotion,




Like Sejun, 30 Black Minotaurs who had heard the roar of the mother Crimson Giant Bear joined in and were in a standoff with the fire ants, protecting the mushroom ants in a circle.

However, the number of fire ants that had followed the escaped slaves was nearly 100,000. They were not merely confronting; they were surrounded by the fire ants.



As the Crimson Giant Bear and the Black Minotaurs attacked the approaching fire ants by kicking them,


The fire ants retaliated by spewing from their antennae towards them.

A single attack wouldn’t have been felt, but with 100,000 fire ants, it was a completely different story.

When tens of thousands of fire ants focused their fire on one spot, the firepower intensified, and flames caught onto their bodies.



As the Crimson Giant Bear and the Black Minotaurs, their bodies aflame, cried out,

“This is dangerous!”

Sejun quickly moved to save them.

“Create Thunderclouds!”

With Sejun’s shout, clouds covered the sky.


Sejun made it rain to extinguish the fire on the Crimson Giant Bear and Black Minotaurs and to drench the fire ants so that electricity could flow better.


“It’s not going out.”

The fire was so strong that it didn’t go out easily.

“Throw Thunder!”

Sejun decided to deal with the fire ants first. Along with Sejun’s shout, blue lightning bolts fell from the thunder clouds towards the fire ants.


[You have defeated a fire ant worker.]

[You have gained 1000 experience points.]



About 1000 fire ants were electrocuted and died.

This time, his legs didn’t give way due to exhaustion as before. His magic power had increased by 5% with the acquisition of the Talent: Magic Circuit, and the efficiency of his magic improved as his body’s waste was expelled.

“Throw Thunder!”

Sejun used Throw Thunder again to save the Crimson Giant Bear and Black Minotaurs.



But he could only do it twice.


[Why does Dad, being weak, stepping up?!]

Cuengi supported the collapsing Sejun and scolded him..

“What are you talking about? Can’t you see your Mom and the Minotaur’s screaming?!”



Sejun pointed angrily at the Crimson Giant Bear and Black Minotaurs, whose bodies were on fire. He was disappointed in Cuengi.

Just then,

“Why is that a scream, meow?”

Theo asked Sejun in a lazy voice.

“If that’s not a scream, then what is it?”

“They’re saying it’s refreshing, meow!”


What Sejun thought were screams were cheers from the Crimson Giant Bear and Black Minotaurs, who were happy to burn off the old grime on their fur with the strong fire they had encountered in a long time.

“Ah… what have I done!”

He had briefly forgotten that there was nothing as pointless as worrying about others on the 99th floor of the Tower. He had misunderstood and stepped forward for no reason.

“If I do well, that’s enough…”

Sejun muttered to himself in self-reproach when


Cuengi called out to the Crimson Giant Bear. Dad has collapsed again!


The Crimson Giant Bear was surprised at Cuengi’s words. Again?!


Deciding to end the battle, the mother Crimson Giant Bear struck the ground with both hands.


Magical power erupted from the ground, perfectly targeting the area where the fire ants were, in the shape of a donut with a hole in the middle. Most of the fire ants disappeared without leaving a trace.


The remaining fire ants were taken care of by the Black Minotaurs, ending the battle.


When Sejun checked later, indeed the fur that had caught fire on the mother Crimson Giant Bear and the Black Minotaurs which had caught fire, had become shinier.


Floor 55 of the Tower.

“Great job, everyone.”

After driving out all the wild boars and freeing the captive rabbits, Iona spoke, looking at the wolves and rabbits.

The number of rabbits had increased to about 5,000. They were the freed rabbits and those who had joined them after the harvest festival.

The original plan was to go to the 99th floor of the tower, but after the death of Grid, the owner of the 55th floor, they headed back to their hometown on the 55th floor.

“Hegel and Elka, stay here and help the rabbits.”



There were a lot of crops to be harvested at the farm on the 55th floor, so Iona had the wolves help with the rabbits’ harvest.

And then,

“Kyoot, kyoot, kyoot.”

She headed towards Grid’s mansion, humming a tune, to bring his wealth to Sejun.


“It’s too much.”

The items inside the mansion couldn’t all fit into Iona’s pocket space, so she decided to take only a part of it and put the rest in the treasure vault.

“It’s all moved.”

Having placed all the items in the treasure vault, Iona went outside and used magic.

“Wind, obey my command and sweep it away! Tornado!”


A massive typhoon tore down Grid’s mansion. It was for building a new royal palace in the Red Ribbon Kingdom.

Pi Ppi!

ChuChu gathered the rabbits in the vacant lot and proclaimed the re-establishment of the Red Ribbon Kingdom.


At ChuChu’s declaration, the black rabbit and other rabbits cheered. There would be many hardships ahead to restore their former glory, but ChuChu thought that with the current momentum of the rabbits, they would be able to restore the glory of the Red Ribbon Kingdom one day.

A little later,

“I’ll go back to Sejun now. Queen ChuChu, please lead the kingdom well.”

Iona said, looking at her disciple ChuChu.

Pi Ppi.

ChuChu looked sad as Iona announced her departure.


The black rabbit comforted ChuChu by patting her shoulder.

“I’ll visit often. Farewell for now.”

Iona then headed back to the 99th floor.

“Kyoot kyoot kyoot. I can finally get some good sleep!”

Iona’s steps toward the 99th floor, where Sejun’s lap and Theo’s tail were, were light as a feather.


[Guard ChuChu has established the Red Ribbon Kingdom on the 55th floor of the tower.]

[The farms belonging to the Red Ribbon Kingdom are included in the farms of Tower Farmer Park Sejun.]

It seemed that the tidying up of the 55th floor was complete.

[Your farm’s size has exceeded 1,000,000 square meter.]

[Talent: Centurion Landlord grows into Millennium Landlord.]


The farm Sejun had created on the 99th floor was about 670,000 square meter. The 55th floor’s farm must have been large, as Sejun’s talent rapidly grew into Millennium Landlord.

[Appoint Guard ChuChu as the 55th floor’s caretaker.]


When new information he didn’t know appeared, Sejun checked his newly transformed talent: Millennium Landlord.

[Talent: Millennium Landlord]

-A talent acquired only by a farmer with more than 1,000,000 square meter of farmland.

-You may designate one caretaker to manage the farm in your stead.

-A caretaker can appoint 100 tenant farmers and 3 guards of their own.

-You can designate up to 1,000 tenant farmers.

-Tenant farmers can use Landlord’s farming skills. (If a tenant farmer uses the skill of the Landlord, the Landlord receives a 5% skill proficiency reward.)

-You can designate up to 10 guards to protect the farm. (The Landlord receives 50% of the experience gained by the guards in combat within a 3km radius around him.)

-The talent grows with the size of the farm.

The significant change was the role of a caretaker, managing the farm in his stead, and an increased number of tenant farmers and guards.

“Appoint guard.”

Sejun first appointed Mother Crimson Giant Bear, as a guard.


“It won’t work, right?”

Sejun muttered, looking at the two dragon statues chattering above the fountain. Just mentioning it might get him killed for daring to consider dragons in such a way.

“Let’s talk about it when we’re a bit closer.”

Giving up on making the dragons into guards.

“Appoint tenant farmers.”

Sejun initially appointed 100 mushroom ants as tenant farmers. He planned to see how the mushroom ants worked before deciding whether to appoint more.


[The tenant farmer Mushroom Ant used Seed Harvesting Lv. 4 to obtain mushroom spores.]

[The tenant farmer Mushroom Ant used Seed Sowing Lv. 5 to plant mushroom spores.]

[Millennium Landlord receives a 5% skill proficiency reward.]

[Millennium Landlord’s Seed Harvesting Lv. 4 proficiency slightly increases.]

[Millennium Landlord’s Seed Sowing Lv. 5 proficiency slightly increases.]


[The tenant farmer Mushroom used Seed Harvesting Lv. 4 to obtain mushroom spores.]



“This is amazing!”

While the designated Mushroom Ant tenant farmers remained still, messages about continuous skill usage appeared suggesting they harvested and sowed mushroom spores from their backs on their own.

Day 277 of being stranded. Sejun became Millennium Landlord.

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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