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Chapter 117

Sieghard’s throne room.
Glenn looked down at Rimmer from below the podium with icy eyes.

“Why did you come again today?”

Rimmer looked up at Glenn and burst into laughter. She belatedly pretended to cover her mouth, but that in itself was an act. His expression was so disgusting that I wanted to hit him.

“you… .”
“I will apologize first.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I was looking at you the wrong way, matriarch.”
“I didn’t know that you would secretly move the banquet because of Raon. “I never thought you would care for your grandson that much.”

The non-banquet is an information organization directly under the head of California. It was a supreme institution that only operated under special circumstances.

“How did you… .”

Glenn’s voice trembled, unusually.

“Hey, there is Jjambap, and I also have some information.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders, but it was obvious where the information was missing.

“Ha, Roen… .”

Glenn sighed and looked at Roen standing to his left. Roen waved her hand as if she didn’t know much, but she couldn’t hide her mouth, which rose like a crescent moon.

“Isn’t it amazing? What did you think of winning money at a gambling house and participating in an auction? “Who did you learn from?”

The answer to who you learned from by watching is already available. The person in front was a red-haired elf.

“Plus, he’s a really funny guy who loses at an auction, steals things, and taunts the princess of Balkar.”

Rimer burst out into a frivolous laugh, saying that he had raised his student well.

“It’s not clear yet what was stolen.”
“Well, if you’re 90% sure about the non-banquet, it’s the right answer.”
“You know everything.”

Glenn clicked his tongue briefly. It seems that Roen told Rimmer most of the information. The two of you have been hanging out together recently, and it seems like you’ve become closer than before.

“However, not even the banquet knew how Raon stole the black butterfly. “I am a bastard.”
“Is it so good that your disciple stole?”
“Didn’t the princess of Balkar make the first move? And so on! If you put up with that, it would be unbecoming of Sieghardt. “Raon took revenge, which was completely deserved!”
“That’s right.”

Glenn nodded as if he thought that was true. She would have been rather angry if she had just put up with the argument that was coming her way.

“Because he did not reveal that he was Sieghardt, there were no points deducted from the test. “He has outstanding ability, but he also relies on luck.”

Rimmer clapped his hands, saying he was indeed my student.

“Kuhm, well, that kid definitely has that side.”

Glenn nodded with an awkward expression, as if he was holding back a burst of laughter.

“Obtaining Kubarud’s magic sword and saving Owen’s three princes was a great feat. “You will benefit greatly when you do business with Owen later.”
“Actually, Raon has had a special side since long ago. He didn’t cry when he first saw me, and he smiled when he used his aura to examine my body… hmm!”

Glenn looked at Rimmer, who was smirking, and stopped talking, then forcibly lowered his mouth.

“That’s too bad. “I thought I saw you smile for the first time in a while.”
“If anything, I’m much more proactive than I was here. It will be fun to hear his performance in the future.”
“I’m sorry, but that won’t happen. “Because the non-banquet has already been withdrawn.”
“yes? why?”
“The banquet was sent to block the movements of Karun and Balder. Raon has arrived at Habun Castle, so there is no need for anything more.”

Glenn closed his eyes and clenched his chin. She had a calm demeanor, as if she didn’t even think about grandchildren.

“Ah, then you asked me to report to Habun Castle.”

Rimmer nodded as if he knew everything.

“No, not really this time!”

Loen shook his head at Glenn’s murderous gaze.

“Hey, it’s obvious. What would a matriarch who loved her grandchildren so much do? “I would have contacted the lord of Habun Castle and asked him to report regularly every two weeks or so.”
“Umm… .”

Glenn bit his lip to make it invisible.

‘He’s like a ghost.’

Is it because I’ve been there too long? Rimmer knew nothing about himself.

“Oh, I like Raon too, but I can’t keep up with the matriarch. “They say a grandfather loves his grandchildren, and he is truly amazing.”
“… … .”
“therefore! When Raon returns from the exam, he doesn’t just weigh it there, he calls him and says, ‘My beloved grandson. Thank you for your hard work. You don’t know how happy I was to hear your news. Let’s hug this little girl for once.’ If you do this, misunderstandings will be resolved, the head of the family will be good, the viewers will be good, and Sylvia will be good, and a peaceful world will be created… “Inhale!”

Rimmer felt the cold, subdued atmosphere of the throne room and kept his mouth shut.

“Oh, I had an appointment. I have to go… .”

I tried to go out the door, but my legs wouldn’t touch the ground. Glenn’s incorporeal keeper was lifting his body.

“Go, matriarch? You’re very mischievous… .”

Glenn took a deep breath and stood up. With a snap of her finger, Li Mer, floating in the air, was pulled in like a needle with a thread.

“It seems like the last training wasn’t enough.”

His red eyes sparkled fiercely.

“I will engrave it on your body today.”

* * *

Raon followed Radin out of Habun Castle and then slowly raised his head.

Under the silver sky, you can see a majestic mountain that looks like it was painted with white paint.

‘That mountain is Sterlin.’

That mountain that towered as if it would reach the sky was Mount Stelin, where monsters appeared endlessly.

‘and… .’

This time I looked to the right. The rolling black sea. The North Sea, with its barrier-like waves that never stop, came into view.

Because of this ridiculous environment where monsters from Mt. Stelin and the North Sea appear at the same time, Habun Castle was called the Hell of Royalty.

“Isn’t it cool?”
“I see.”

As Radin said, raw nature had a magnificent taste. It touched her heart so much that she wanted to keep seeing it.

“It won’t be long before you get bored. No, I want to break it. “Come this way.”

He grinned and took the lead. He did not move towards the North Sea, but towards Mount Stirlin.

“Because you never know what might pop out suddenly. “I’m always nervous.”
“Ugh, I don’t know if I’m shaking because I’m cold or because I’m scared. It looks dangerous everywhere… .”

Dorian was clinging to his side, trembling. I dropped it so hard that I had a fever.

“For now, I don’t feel anything.”
“Oh, then I’m relieved.”

Dorian’s trembling hand stopped, as if he believed his own words more than the scouts.

“Hey, newbies! “Come this way!”

At Radin’s call, Raon and Dorian ran forward.

“What does this look like?”

Radin and the scouts pointed to large footprints at the bottom of the mountain path. It was a huge footprint, as long as an adult man’s arm.

“omg! Hey, isn’t this a troll? “It’s really big, isn’t it?”

Dorian swallowed dryly as he looked at the footprints.

“What about you?”

Radin looked at Raon.

“First of all, I’m not a troll.”

Raon looked down at the footprints with calm eyes.

‘It can’t be a troll.’

The troll’s footprints are bigger and deeper. And these footprints were not those of a bipedal animal, but of a quadrupedal animal.

‘If it’s a quadrupedal monster or beast here… .’

As I reflected on the contents of the booklet Judiel gave me, I remembered the owner of these footprints.

“It’s a Kari mountain goat.”
“W-what did you just say… .”

Radin and the scouts looked back at Raon with wide eyes. There was confusion in the smiling eyes.

“They said it was the Kari mountain goat. “Isn’t there a black mountain goat with big feet and three horns?”
“uh… .”

Perhaps because they didn’t expect the correct answer to come out all at once, the scouts were all unable to manage their facial expressions.

“Well, then can you tell when these footprints were taken?”

Radin swallowed dryly and pointed at the footprints again.

“Let me take a look.”

Raon knelt down and checked the footprints. He checked the amount of pressure on the eye and the surrounding snow to determine the approximate time.

“I can see that the area I stepped on isn’t that hard, so it hasn’t been 12 hours yet. If you go west, you might be able to catch it.
“Uh, um… .”

The scouts pursed their mouths, and Radin laughed and approached Raon.

“You said you were a mercenary, right?”
“I don’t know who I learned it from, but I learned it well.”

He said he would see a little more and walked around the mountain. His stance was low and he moved silently, but his speed was fast.

“Joe, shouldn’t you move a little slower?”
“Okay. “Three days ago, the commander himself moved and pushed away the monsters here.”

Although most of the monsters were said to be dead, the scouts’ eyes were constantly moving.

“There you are.”

Radin stopped in front of an angled tree buried in the snow. I turned around, pointing to the bloody traces where half of the body had been torn off near the middle.

“What does this look like?”
“T-Troll! It must be a troll!”

Dorian’s brain wasn’t working properly. His blank eyes continued to look for only trolls.

“It’s the traces of a Beowulf.”

Raon, on the other hand, responded as soon as he saw the traces.

“Why, why is that so?”
“Bewolves mark their territory by leaving marks on rocks and trees with their thick, strong claws. but… .”

Raon shook his head as he looked at the traces on the tree.

“This guy is probably already dead.”
“Well, how do you know that?”
“They leave traces in the same place periodically. “Judging by the old traces, he must have already died.”

Neither Radin nor the scouts said anything. He just looked at Raon with surprised eyes and his chin trembled.

“Didn’t you say you were testing your reconnaissance skills?”

Raon smiled and spread his hands.

“You can ask a proper question.”

* * *


Radin looked at Raon’s back and swallowed dry saliva.

‘What on earth is this thing?’

A ceremony awaits the soldiers who joined the Habun Castle scouting party.

It’s not about shaking your fist or scolding someone because it’s hazing.
The slightly provocative advice that showed how dangerous this place was and how insignificant the knowledge from books was in actual combat was the scout’s new form.

‘It definitely works.’

Not just soldiers, but even knights and swordsmen. There was no one who did not feel helpless during the first hazing ceremony.

‘but… .’

Radin bit his lip and looked at Raon answering about the traces of the monster.

‘This guy is different.’

Questions about the monster, the direction and location of the trail, the date, and even when the battle took place. There was no stopping the questions asked.

It felt like seeing a scout who had grown up here with him, rather than a kid who had just come to Habun Castle.

‘Even those who have been there for 5 years don’t know how long the traces have passed… .’

Even though he is a mercenary, this guy is young. He was perplexed as to what kind of life he had led to gain this experience.

‘And strangely relaxed.’

No matter how much practical experience you have, this is Habun Castle, called the Hell of the North.

There was no way he didn’t know about the rumors in this land that even veterans were running away, but Raon’s eyes were very quiet.

There are only two types of people with eyes like that.

Either he’s crazy or he’s confident.


Radin came forward with his eyes shining.

“Then what do you think this is?”

He pointed to a trace so small that it was barely noticeable, as if an awl had been pierced into the floor.

‘You never know.’

Most people would think that it is a sign of a vent hole, but that is not the case. This is the remains of a snow lion with a dagger-like claw stuck in the center of the sole of its foot.

Even people who spent a long time in Habun Castle are confused by the traces, so the new soldiers will never be able to tell.

“These are the tracks of a lion in the snowfield.”

Raon immediately gave the correct answer as if laughing at his own thoughts.

“uh? Well, can you say that for sure? “Could this just be a wind hole?”
“I’m sure.”

The guy put his finger into the hole and shook his head.

“If it’s a wind hole, the inside is round, but the traces left by a snow lion have a sharp inside. “Similar but different.”
“her… .”
“Looking at the traces, it must have been a day or so. The direction is north.”

Radin sniffed with a bewildered look on his face.

That’s correct. That’s also a perfect answer.

‘Where on earth did this guy come from!’

* * *

Raon closed his eyes and opened his energy. He even used his sense of lore to examine the entire surroundings.

When answering the question about the snow lion, Radin muttered, ‘You, do whatever you want,’ and left him alone to only corner Dorian.

Thanks to this, Dorian was being dragged around by scouts with a tearful expression on his face. He gave me a sad look as if asking for help, but he ignored me.


The requiem sword was scattering paper-thin yogis to the rear and west, saying it would scout with yogis. Thanks to this, he could only focus on the front and east.

‘It’s really helpful. thanks.’


The requiem sword waved its blade as if it was no big deal.

-Uh, hmm!

Lars, who was enjoying the cold scent of the snowy field, cleared his throat and turned around.

-That’s not how you do reconnaissance.
-Well, it’s not like I’m opening my senses like that.

The guy opened his mouth bluntly as he and the Requiem Sword noticed the presence around them.

‘are you okay. ‘I just need to work a little harder.’
– King Bon also lived in a place like this where snow-covered mountains and the frigid sea intersect. In a place full of snow like this, there is a different way to open your senses.
‘Hmm… .’

As Raon was appetizing, the requiem sword beeped as if it would work harder.

‘I heard there is another way to use the Requiem Sword?’
-Keuung, Bo, the main king is of a different class from those little creatures! As long as the King teaches you, you will be able to experience a new level of sensation!

Ras let out a blue chill as if he couldn’t bear to teach me something.

‘It came sooner than I thought.’

Two days after the fish touched the hook, the time came to lift the fishing rod.

‘Well, it would be okay to at least take a test.’

Raon looked back at Lars with a calm expression.

-Well thought! Once you realize this, you won’t even notice that little monster!

Lars smiled and made a face.

It’s a big catch.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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