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Chapter 116

Raon quenched his appetite.

‘You got it right.’

After obtaining the Requiem Sword, I realized that the way to use Yogi was a little different from how to use Auror.

It wasn’t difficult to use Yogi because the Requiem Sword showed the way, but there was one more power that he couldn’t use properly.

It’s the bitter cold.
With Mangakong’s swordsmanship, fire attribute aurors were able to maximize their strengths, but only aurors have yet to learn the ability to handle the harsh cold.

He felt it when he was fighting a mad blood demon, but he couldn’t handle the extreme cold perfectly. Even if he tried imitating the manga Gong’s swordsmanship, soft swordsmanship, or Runan’s, he only felt awkward.

‘I need a way to deal with the cold.’

The being in the world who is best at handling cold is the Lord of Anger who lives on his forearm.

However, there is no way Ras could give good advice on how to use cold energy.
It was obvious that he would make strange demands, such as telling me to get angry, kneeling down, or filling the bathtub with mint chocolate.

‘That’s why preliminary work was needed.’

As they became closer to Requiem Sword, talked more, and began to empathize with each other, Ras was itching to join them.

As two weeks passed, the guy who felt left out and anxious eventually approached me first and took the bait.

He presented the greatest treasure he could give, the method of using cold energy. But Raon’s reaction was calm.

‘Because now is not the time to lift the fishing rod.’

Lars is a brat, but he’s not an idiot. Here, if he gave a prompt answer and showed interest, it was obvious that he would doubt the situation and go back on his words about teaching me how to be cold.

‘I need to take a little more time.’

Even when catching a powerful fish, if you immediately lift the fishing rod, the rod will break or the fishing line will break.

Now was the time to loosen the meat by swinging to both sides.

‘How to use cold energy?’

Raon asked back without moving as if he was not particularly interested.

-Yes, that’s right. In my opinion, you don’t really understand cold.
‘hmm… .’
-With someone as capable as you, you probably know that you’re not good enough, right?
‘There are definitely more problems than when using Mangakagong’s aurors.’
-right! If you give me just a little help, you will be able to use cold energy better than any other human. Because there is more than one way to use cold energy!

Lars’ voice tone rose and he spoke faster. As if someone was chasing me from behind.

‘But are you good at using cold energy? What I saw was ugh! All I do is scream and emit cold air?’
-Well, that’s because the main king doesn’t have a body! If only I had a body, I would have shown more detailed operations!
‘Well, it’s not bad… .’

Raon slightly turned his neck. He was looking at himself as Lars curled his body into a ball like cotton candy.

-Think about it carefully. How long do you think you can hide your coldness? Eventually, that information will be revealed to everyone, so it would be good for you to learn how to use it properly.
‘That’s true.’
-When King Bon was in the demon world, many demons came to him and begged him to tell them how to use cold energy, but he did not tell anyone the secret. A heavenly opportunity has come to you… .
‘Because the words get longer. I’m feeling sleepy again.’

Raon turned his head and lifted the blanket up to his neck.

‘I’ll sleep for now. Let’s talk later.’

I closed my eyes as if it didn’t matter.

-Raon Sieghardt! You are now missing the opportunity of a lifetime! King Bon’s use of cold energy is an art that cannot be learned even if you pay a thousand gold or risk your life! If not now… .
‘Ahm. sleep.’

I pushed away Lars, who was talking endlessly, and smiled slightly.

‘I’ll be able to learn it soon.’

The fact that Lars appears like that is proof that he is anxious. It won’t be long before he will show his sincerity and teach you how to use cold energy.

Raon lightly tapped the requiem sword to show that he had done well so far, and the requiem sword seemed to understand what he meant and trembled slightly.

* * *

Raon slowly caught his breath, looking up at the old, yellow castle wall full of blood stains like a spotted puppy.

It is full of the smell of burning corpses, the smell of blood, and the sting of animals. It was an environment that would make even a person with a strong stomach nauseated.


Dorian began to gag, clutching the charred wall. Raon patted the guy on the back and looked up at the wall again.

“Is this Habun Castle…?” .”

I was able to know what kind of place this was and what the situation was just by looking at the walls full of traces of battle and smelling the smell of the battlefield that had not yet been extinguished.

This place was literally a hell of endless battle.

-Ugh! It is the air of the battlefield that makes you feel that the real king is alive!

Lars took a deep breath, as if he liked the smell of blood and the rotten corpse.

“Uh, Mom. The unfilial son goes first! Well, I have a family… .”
“Calm down.”

When I stood in front of the castle gate with the half-dead Dorian, the head of a young man who appeared to be in his late 20s suddenly rose from the castle wall. His short purple hair and cold eyes were impressive.

“Who are you?”
“I am a mercenary who has volunteered.”

Raon showed the mercenary badge he received from Rimmer.

“name is?”
“This is Raon and Dorian.”

The man’s eyes turned bright red when he heard that name. He seemed to be someone who knew his and Dorian’s identity.

“Open the door.”
“Open the door!”

Following the man’s instructions, perhaps due to his status, the doors to Habun Castle began to open.

Once inside, the smell of burning corpses lessened, but the smell of blood got worse. It seems that there were many fights inside the castle as well.

“Raon and Dorian.”

I looked to my right when I heard a voice calling my name.

The man who had been on the wall a moment ago was standing next to him. Although he was not very tall, his physique was strong and he wore a thick sword at his waist.

“It’s a little later than scheduled.”

As expected, he knew that he was a trainee from Sieghardt.

“Is that okay?”

The man narrowed his eyes when he saw Dorian drooping like a frog with its legs caught.

“It happens all the time, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Raon glanced at Dorian and nodded.

“It’s Terrian. From now on, please call me deputy commander.”
“Follow me.”
“All right.”
“Ugh… .”

I grabbed Dorian’s neck, whose legs were loose, and followed him. Upon entering the five-story building built in the center of the castle, knights, swordsmen, and soldiers were busy moving about.

‘Your eyes look different.’

Although the force itself was insufficient compared to Sieghardt’s swordsmen, the eyes that looked at them showed solid strength.
The fierce spirit of warriors who crossed numerous firing lines. Looking at them, I realized once again that this was the middle of a battlefield.

“This way.”

I followed Terian up the old stairs. When I arrived at the 5th floor, I saw a thick door made of black wood.

“The mercenary from there has arrived.”
“Come in.”

When Therian knocked and stated his purpose, a heavy voice was heard from inside.


The old door opened with a harsh sound, as if the hinges had been twisted.

The room was spacious, but the interior was so simple that it felt empty. Except for the bookshelf filled with maps and books around Habun Castle, it feels like you are entering an ordinary soldier’s room, not the commander’s office.


An old man with gray hair stood up from the yellowed desk. Although he was short, the power and force in his eyes was enormous. Her fingertips trembled from the overwhelming presence, as if she was facing a giant.

‘This man is Milland Brydon.’

The guardian of Habun Castle, who was called the Giant of the North and had guarded this old and worn-out castle for over 20 years, was this little old man.

-It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the eyes of a proper general.
‘Did you feel it too?’
-Yes. It’s a look in the eyes that only a person who has dug a well for decades can have. Even when the main king was in the demon world, there were a mountain of faithful subordinates like that… .
-Listen! Do not ignore the main king!

Lars’s words got longer so I ignored them and turned my head.

“Raon Sieghardt. Am I right?”

Milland’s voice was so husky that you thought his throat was cracked. It seemed more like a neck injury than the original.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Raon answered calmly, while Dorian was horrified.

“The only people in this castle who know your status are me and the vice-lord.”

Milland nodded and pointed to Terrian standing on the left. Bu Seong-ju seemed to be Milland’s son.

“I know why Rimmer sent you here. You must have hoped to come back after gaining a lot of experience. But there is no training or education here.”

The strong conviction in Milland’s voice was evident. The dry saliva was swallowed by the energy of the giant who had guarded this castle all his life.

“There are no friendly instructors, no warm food and no place to sleep. All there is is a cold wind seeping into the bones and an endless battle. “If you want a comfortable life, go back immediately.”
“Well, you can really go back… town!”
“It doesn’t matter. We came here to become strong. “I will accept any battlefield and situation.”

Raon stopped Dorian, who was about to give up, and came forward.

“I like the look in your eyes.”

Contrary to what he said, Milland did not smile at all.

“Let’s see how long that snow lasts. From now on, your status is soldiers. Start from the very bottom. Charles!”

As Milland slammed the desk and screamed, a middle-aged man with a long beard came in.

“Did you call me?”
“These two guys. Send it to Reconnaissance Group 3.”
“It’s a big deal to add mercenaries to the scouting party.”
“I’m thinking of ordering a few things first.”
“All right. “Come this way.”

Raon picked up Dorian, who was standing there as if he had fainted, and followed the man named Charles out.


The heavy door closed, leaving only Milland and Therian in the commander’s office.

“It was pathetic.”

Therian frowned as if he didn’t like it.

“What do you mean?”
“You saw it, didn’t you? The guy named Laon was relaxed as if he had come to play, and Dorian was so scared that his body went limp. “Instead of helping, these guys will only cause problems.”
“hmm… .”
“Both of them are just showing off, with their swords hanging loosely, and Raon even has a flower bracelet on his wrist. It’s not a warrior’s mindset. Please send it back now. “If you look after them, only the soldiers will get hurt.”
“You don’t seem to like it.”

Milland smiled slightly at Therian, whose face was turning red.

“I can only think that they are looking down on this castle that we risk our lives to protect.”
“Maybe so. but… .”

Milland’s eyes became even heavier.

“You should never judge a person based solely on their appearance. The two have passed Sieghardt’s training, which is known to be difficult, and are now facing the final exam. “They are not as immature as they seem.”
“I guess so.”

Therian nodded, pouting his mouth as if he didn’t like it.

“It is not too late to make a judgment after watching the two people. “There is no need to have preconceptions.”
“All right.”
“however… .”

Milland licked his lips and took out a letter from his desk drawer.

“I don’t understand why you ask me to give you information about these two guys every two weeks.”
“I guess it’s because I’m worried about Sieghart’s strength, whom I raised with great care.”
“This can be happen. However, this does not come from Limerna or the 5th training ground.”
“This is a letter from Sieghardt Gajujeon. “He asked me to tell him everything about what the two of them do and how they move.”
“If it’s a family fight, then Boo, the King of Northern Destruction?”
“okay. This is the first time he has made such a request, so I don’t know why. “It also says to describe it in detail, so tsk.”
“her! What’s really going on… .”

As the two men pondered Glenn’s intentions, the door opened with a light knock.

“No. 3 Scout Leader Radin. “I came running instead of eating at the commander’s call!”

A man in his 30s dressed in a snowy white coat came in and saluted.

“Even if you appeal like that, there’s nothing to give.”

A man who called himself Radin scratched the back of his head.

“So what’s going on?”
“We sent two new recruits to Reconnaissance Group 3.”
“Oh, how do you know that I don’t have enough hands?”
“There is no need to like it that much. “I might be sent somewhere else soon.”
“What you are saying is that you will eventually send it. “Oh, it’s okay.”
“These are soldiers who will become our fighting force anyway. “Teach them clearly so they don’t die.”
“Then we should go scouting right away. “Practical training is the most authentic form of education.”

Radin grinned and nodded.

“The recent behavior of monsters is unusual. “There are many cases where you go out of bounds, so be careful.”
“I am the third scout leader. Please believe me!”

He placed his hand on his forehead again and left the room.

“Is it okay to go right away?”
“It’ll be okay. I don’t know about that coward named Dorian, but that guy named Raon… .”

Milland tapped the desk and laughed.

“It wasn’t normal.”

* * *

Raon and Dorian arrived at the scouts’ quarters under the guidance of a swordsman named Charles. It was a double room so Dorian and I could stay together.


Dorian still couldn’t get used to the bloody smell and his hands were shaking.

“W-I guess this place is more dangerous than I thought? “What kind of corpses are you building a mountain with?”
“Try to calm down.”
“You saw it too, Master. The smell of blood and corpses from before. “Not only were there monsters, but there were also a lot of dead people!”
“You always say that. The more anxious and difficult times are, the more calm you should be. “You’re dangerous even if you don’t die.”

Dorian covered his mouth and breathed slowly through his nose.

“First, unpack your luggage. “I think I’ll have to stay here for a while.”
“yes… .”

He wiped away the tears that had come out and put down the mat on the bed.

I took out a soft mat and a warm blanket from my stomach pocket, placed them on the bed, and hung a light blue cloth next to it.

“Do you even decorate it?”
“The atmosphere is so gloomy. It’s like I’m at a funeral. But no matter what I do, I feel bad.”

He looked around at the cloth and sighed.

“Do you have golden cloth in there too?”
“of course.”

Dorian nodded and took out a golden cloth.


When I told him the color, he immediately took out the matching fabric. He is a guy whose preparedness is astounding.

“Young Master, please sleep on this too. “If you sleep on a bed like that, your back will hurt.”

Dorian whimpered and brought out a mat and blanket for himself as well.


I nodded and was about to make the bed when the door opened with a loud bang.

“New recruits. Have you finished organizing?”

A man in his early to mid 30s wearing pure white clothes came inside and grinned.

“This is Ravin, the leader of the 3rd Reconnaissance Company to which you belong.”
“It’s called Raon.”
“Well, it’s Dorian… .”

Raon calmly lowered his head, while Dorian lowered his head with his lips quivering.

“I like the faces. “But where were the mat and blanket?”
“Well, I brought it?”
“her… .”

When Dorian raised his hand, Radin tilted his head and muttered that he had never seen a person like this before.

“Anyway, clean up later and put on your outerwear first.”
“The order to dispatch has been given.”

Radin grinned and handed me the white snowsuit he had brought with him.

“Today, we will look at your scouting skills, judgment, and senses to see if you can survive the scouting party in the future.”

As if to scare him, he said that if he lacked even one of the three, he would die quickly.


Dorian screamed in fear, but Raon was different. He smiled slightly and lifted his head.

“Are you saying you are looking at my reconnaissance abilities and senses?”

That was something I was more confident about than anyone else in this Habun Castle.

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