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Chapter 115

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the message.

‘It’s purified blood… .’

Not just blood energy, but purified blood energy. It seemed as if the requiem sword was devouring the psychic energy contained in the blood and dedicating the remaining sincere energy to itself.

‘It’s definitely pure energy.’

In fact, the energy provided by the requiem sword had a higher purity than the mana contained in the mana stone. It was an auspicious energy that did no harm to oneself at all.

‘I accept it.’

As I lowered the blocking wall of aurors, the energy provided by the requiem sword began to seep into my body.


An energy as clear and clean as dew spread throughout the body through the mana circuit.

[Purified blood strengthens the body and mind.]
[All abilities have increased by 2 points.]

I clenched my fists in the joy of a cool and sincere energy filling my whole body.

But the message did not end there.

[The trait has been created.]

A new window appeared in front of me, saying that a characteristic had been created.

When using Yogi with your own body or weapon, you can operate more Yogi with less aura and mental power.

Raon’s eyes lit up when he saw the details of Yogi’s adaptation.

‘Are you okay?’

Just using a sword imbued with yoga consumed a lot of mental power and aura. If you have that characteristic, you will be able to have a little more leeway when fighting with a requiem sword.

-for a moment.

As Raon nodded in satisfaction, Lars soared before his eyes. The eyes, submerged in blue cold, were distorted.

-Why did the characteristic arise?
‘You said it before. The system works in a way that helps me. I must have created that trait just for the day when I use the Requiem Sword.’
-How do you think that characteristic was created? This is the real king! Isn’t it obvious that the power was taken from the main king’s body?
‘I guess so. ‘Ask something obvious.’

Lars gritted his teeth. A chill filled with anger crept over the blue flames.

‘No matter how much you think about it, it’s comfortable.’

As Raon was closing the message he had checked, the requiem sword vibrated slightly. It was a gentle movement, as if to say let’s get along well in the future.

‘Are you asking me to please you?’


As if what he said was correct, the requiem sword let out a vivid cry.

‘Unlike Parasite No. 1, you are definitely helpful. Please cancel the term Parasite No. 2. Please take care of me too.’


The requiem sword trembled as if grateful.

-Bo, Bonwang is parasite number one? The parasite is you! It’s a spine breaker that sucks the King’s power right down to his marrow!
‘I see.’

When I answered with a sly smile, Lars roared, causing anger and coldness. Feelings of anger surged over the blue cold that exploded like a volcano.


Ras’s previously accepted anger burned like a lingering fire and oppressed his spirit.

“Huh… .”

Excruciating pain, as if your pores were being pierced by thousands of needles. Just as he is growing, Ra’s is also regaining his powers. He slowly exhaled against him and operated a ring of fire and a cartoon ball.
As the level of my soul rose and heat swept through my entire body, the pain from Ras’ anger and cold began to subside a little.

‘It’s definitely a match.’

The ring of fire and the cartoon ball were the only shields that could overcome Ras, who wielded a sword of cold and anger.

-Offer your body and soul to the King!
‘You can’t do that.’

My hair stood on end from the pain that felt like it was splitting my flesh, but I smiled as if nothing had happened.


While I was sweating and enduring excruciating pain, a message appeared as if I had been waiting for it.

[Withstood the interruption of anger.]
[Strength ability increases by 1 point.]
[Your physical strength increases by 1 point.]

It was a skill level that rose in return for enduring anger and coldness.

-Holy shit! The original king’s abilities have exceeded! also!

Lars jumped up and got out of his body. He gritted his teeth, glaring at his message as if it made no sense.

‘You can’t do that.’

Raon pretended to brush up his hair and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

I can’t let down my guard either.

Contrary to his leisurely words, his back was wet with sweat.

Although Rasra gives generously, his true identity is the monarch of the demon world. He must never lose his mind.

‘At first I thought it was the same, but it wasn’t.’
-What do you mean?
‘Requiem Sword is much nicer than you.’

Raon snorted at Ras and cleaned the blade of the requiem sword.

-What does it mean to be kind? It’s a tiny creature that tried to control your body!
‘You changed your mind. ‘I’m different from you who tries to devour me somehow.’
-That guy is the same. If I were as strong as King Bon, I would not have given up and targeted you.


The requiem sword vibrated its blade as if it were not true.

‘They say we shouldn’t look at each other the same way?’
-I will soon destroy not only you, but that magic sword as well.

Ras looked down at the requiem sword, emitting a vicious cold air.

‘I’ll be grateful if you raise my abilities.’
-Okay, even if you are not the real king, you will not die well. He is the type of person who makes enemies wherever he goes.
‘My enemy is only you.’

There is a real enemy that must be killed at all costs, but I do not speak of it.

“Prosecutor Raon.”

After cleaning the requiem sword, I was about to put it in its sheath when Greer approached me holding a black cloth.

“Thanks to you, I survived. “Thank you again.”

He still didn’t look like a prince. He smiled and bowed his head.

“no. “I also have a relationship with them.”
“It’s definitely true.”

When I showed him the requiem sword, Greer nodded.

“I thought it was just a little weird energy, but it went beyond common sense. “I’ve never seen a sword like that before.”
“So do i. “It seemed like the resentment was stronger than I thought.”
“Are you okay? I heard that this sword bites its owner too… .”
“Now he has completely accepted me as his master.”
“Well, since it has that much power, I would have accepted it. “It is a force that is admirable.”

He grinned, saying he would try harder to catch up in the future. He was also a cool person.

“Now that we are comrades, I can show it to you.”

Greer took out a white bead the size of a child’s head from the black cloth she had brought with her.

“This… .”
“These are items from the White Blood Church branch that we were taking with us. As you know, the White Blood Cult absorbs half of the villagers it attacks on the spot and kidnaps the other half. “We think they use these beads to transport the kidnapped people to the White Blood Cult headquarters.”

He looked at the beads with eyes full of anticipation.


The requiem sword vibrated after hearing Greer’s words. It seemed like a desire for revenge and a desire to save people who might still be alive.


Raon looked at the requiem sword with admiring eyes.

‘That’s amazing.’

Even though he became a magic sword, he still wanted to save people, which showed how warm-hearted the people of Siren Village were.

“By the way, master.”

Dorian, who had been staring blankly at the requiem sword shedding its name, raised his head.

“Where did you learn dagger skills? “This is the first time I’ve seen you use it. It’s not a joke, right?”
“Well, definitely.”
“It was a systematic dagger technique.”

Greer and the knights also turned their gaze at those words. He seemed curious about what kind of swordsmanship it was and how he learned it.

“… “I learned it from instructor Rimmer.”
“no wonder.”
“If it’s him, he deserves it.”

Dorian, the prince, and the knights accepted it coolly, saying that Rimmer would have also learned dagger skills.

‘This one is useful too.’

The excuse of Rimmer was working everywhere.

Raon chuckled and put the requiem sword on the back of his waist.

* * *

Noon the next day.
A young man with blue hair was sitting on a thin tree branch. His eyes were sharp, and his mouth was tightly closed. It was as if a pine tree had transformed into a human being.

This man, who radiated a noble force like a sword, was none other than Borini Keaton, the third leader of the Silver Knights of the Owen Kingdom and one of the Twelve Stars of the Continent.

Raon and Greer were caught in his brown eyes as they arrived at the crossroads. The two said goodbye and went their separate ways.


Borini’s gaze followed Raon’s back, not the three princes he was supposed to protect.

‘You definitely figured me out.’

Yesterday, when the White Blood Cult attacked the Three Princes and their party, Raon’s energy was momentarily disturbed, but Raon did not miss that split second and realized where he was.

‘What a guy.’

After realizing that he was not the enemy, he focused only on dealing with the White Blood Cult. He had the judgment and concentration of a veteran knight who had experienced many battles.

‘What was more surprising was the dagger technique.’

I heard from the prince that Raon Sieghardt was a sword genius, but I had no idea that he was even skilled in dagger skills.
This was not a clumsy technique of using a dagger, but rather a skillful sword technique that seemed to have been drawn thousands or tens of thousands of times.

‘The last one was a masterpiece.’

A sword strike made by condensing Yogi and Aura. Its power and range had reached the highest level of Expert.

“and… .”

It was beautiful.

The prince and knights there may not have known, but Borini, who watched from afar, felt it clearly.

The sword deployed by Raon Sieghardt is not a simple technique. Sword dance. It was an art created with a sword. The resentment contained in this beautiful yet sad dance made my heart flutter for a moment.

“Raon Sieghart… .”

I didn’t really believe him when he said that the Three Princes were true geniuses, but what he said was absolutely true.

Kingdom first. No, I joined the Silver Knights, said to be the best on the continent, and saw people with various talents, but this was my first time seeing a child like that.


Borini Kitten smiled faintly as she watched Raon’s back moving away.

“There might be another new star in Sieghart in a few years.”

* * *

After riding the portal, Raon and Dorian traveled for two weeks and arrived at Judian Forest near Habun Castle.

If you travel just one more day from here, you will be able to enter Habun Castle, one of the hells of the North.

“Ugh… .”

Dorian gritted his teeth as he lay down on the cot he had pulled out of his stomach bag. Despite the heat of the campfire and the thick blanket, his shivering did not stop.

“Lord, I’m going to die. “I’m really going to die!”
“I won’t die.”

Raon shook his head as he cleaned his requiem sword.

“It is an ordeal that can be easily overcome if you follow what you have learned and do what you can.”

Rimmer is not a person who tells people to do things they cannot do. The fact that he sent it means that it is a test that can be easily overcome. Of course, there are exceptions, such as mad blood demons.



The requiem sword sounded a clear sound as if it were correct. As the two weeks passed, he had built up a bit of a friendship with himself and Dorian.

“I know that, but it’s scary! “How can I do something scary?”

Dorian placed the night light he took out of his stomach pocket on the bedside and got under the blanket.

It was a huge luxury to have a bed and a night light while sleeping on the street. Of course, thanks to that, he was able to sleep comfortably.

“It’s done.”

Raon cleaned the requiem sword and put it back into its sheath.


Lars cleared his throat as if he didn’t like something and popped out of the bracelet.

-Aren’t you being too nice to that little creature these days?
‘You’re being nice to me?’
-Yes. Don’t you clean it once a day and talk to it regularly?
‘Well, because it helps.’

Even though it was said that it was not necessary, the requiem sword used Yogi to find prey such as deer, and it also found bandits first and warned them.

-Well, isn’t that something you can do too?
‘But even so, I’m grateful that you do something for me.’

It’s true that he had better sense, but I was quite grateful just to be able to do something like that.

‘It also teaches you how to use the potion.’

Requiem Sword taught me how to better use Yogi and how to adapt to Yogi.

Since they only do pretty things, it’s natural to clean them often and talk to them.

-Even if you use a trivial power like this, you will only fall below the level.
‘Even if I fall in grade, I have to become stronger.’

Raon smiled slightly and pushed away Ras, who was pouting.

It wasn’t like he was particularly alienating, but the more he talked to the Requiem Sword and became closer to him, the more anxious he became.


As if teasing Lass, who was emitting cold air, the requiem sword burst into flames.

-How dare such an insignificant creature!
‘don’t do it.’

When Ras tried to suppress the requiem sword by spewing out cold energy, Raon used the manga ball to block Ras’ energy.

-Why are you blocking it?
‘You started the fight first.’
-This king is the monarch of the demon world! I can’t stand still when something like a magic sword rebels… .
‘Because I’m going to sleep. Quiet.’

Raon forced Lars into the bracelet and laid him down on the cot. He turned his back and closed his eyes, feeling the softness.

As I slowly caught my breath, as if trying to sleep, Lass popped out from the bracelet again. Unlike before, he seemed a little dispirited.

-Are you sleeping?
-then… .

Lars swallowed dry saliva and continued.

-Bo, would you like King Bon to teach you a little about how to use cold energy?

Raon smiled slightly with his back turned.

The Lord of the Demon World took a sharp bite in the fishing hook after two weeks.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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