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Chapter 113

“You are truly amazing!”

Dorian let out a long snort.

“You’ve completely forgotten me!”
“sorry. It was just a nice break up atmosphere. “I forgot you existed.”
“Ugh, I can’t believe my presence was at that level… .”

Dorian drooped his shoulders helplessly.

“But you got a good sword. “That’s enough.”

Raon pointed to the second sword hanging on Dorian’s waist. He was eventually able to receive the sword made by Kuberud and leave the workshop.

“Well, that’s true, but… .”
“But since you and I are both carrying our swords, it looks a bit useless.”

Currently, he is wearing the sword supplied from Sieghart, Kuberud’s sword, and the requiem sword, and Dorian also has two swords.

If a stranger saw him, he would click his tongue and say he was showing off.

-joy. You know it well. The characteristic of weak guys is that they carry a lot of weapons. When King Bon was in the demon world, he simply conquered an area with his own two hands… .

Lars was still chilling, probably because he was angry about the parasite comment earlier. Anyway, it got too long so I ignored it.

“Well, how about it? It’s cool because it looks like you’re using dual swords. uh?”

As I was about to leave through the main gate of Cameloon, I encountered a group of knights wearing silver armor. Armor with a lion symbol on the chest. It was Owen’s Knights.

“oh! “We meet often.”

The blonde man in front of the knights waved his hand cheerfully. It was Greer de Owen, the Third Prince of Owen.

“I see.”

Raon smiled brightly and took the hand Greer held out.

“Thanks to you, I was able to get a good sword. thank you.”
“Thank you too!”

Dorian turned his waist so he could get a better look at the sword he had just obtained.

“It looks like you found a decent sword.”

The prince smiled softly, as if he was amused by the sight.

“yes. I found a sword I like. “I never dreamed that such a person would be here.”
“That’s right. “Even though I tried to stop him by his pants, he eventually went out and took a seat there.”

He looked at the sword hanging on his waist and muttered that it was regrettable.

“By the way, it’s just as expected.”
“He is not someone who gives me a sword just because I recommended him. I guess he gave me the sword because he liked you. “Don’t you know that craftsmen have strong pride?”

Greer wiggled his fingers, saying that he was amazing and that he was a swordsman that I approved. It felt like my body was itching to fight.

“Where are you going?”
“Let’s go north first.”
“Then will you come with me? “We also have to go north one day.”

He pointed to the knights behind him. These were faces I had never seen before, except for Setun, who had previously played in a draw with Buren.

“Of course.”

I didn’t think it would matter as I wasn’t on my way back, and I got the Requiem Sword thanks to Greer, so I wanted to tell some of the story.

“Good idea! “The road won’t be boring!”

The red-haired knight who had been watching from behind approached Greer.

“We are on a mission. If you increase your company carelessly… .”
“This friend is Raon. Raon Sieghart! It’s okay if it helps. There won’t be any problems.”
“hmm? Raon?”

The knights’ eyes changed when they heard the word Raon Sieghart. I felt eyes scanning my entire body like a reptile examining its prey.

Raon calmly looked into his eyes. The abilities of his knights cannot measure his own power. At best, I would consider him a top level sword user.

On the other hand, he understood the skills of all of them at a glance. Greer is a top-level sword user. The remaining articles were at the intermediate to low expert level.

I saw a faint hint of disappointment in the knight’s eyes.

‘As expected.’

It was clear that the knights did not understand their true power and thought it was less powerful than they had heard.

-It’s a waste of the name knight to judge only by what you see and not be able to hide your facial expressions.
‘You’re still young. It will change as I gain more experience.’
-You’re too young, aren’t you?
‘I’m a little different.’
-Do you think you are special? Being special means being like a real king. The noble and elegant person who was born as the Absolute and lived as the Absolute… .

I thought that somehow, no matter what the situation, I would have to brag about myself to get rid of my anger. As I was listening, I could only sigh.

“then Let’s go. Please also tell me how you received the sword from him. “Even after I sent it, I was curious and kept thinking about it.”

Greer gestured as if to come quickly. Raon laughed and hit Dorian on the shoulder.

“let’s go.”


A VIP room on the 4th floor of the basement of the black market that only high-ranking nobles, royals, or famous people on the continent can enter.

Under soft lighting, a noble-looking woman wearing a black dress was sitting with her legs crossed. She was Jaina, the princess of Balkar.

As she was tapping her fingers on the table as if bored, the door opened, and a thin-eyed woman with purple hair flowing down to her waist came in.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.”
“I see Orien, the powerful figure in the Dark Cloud, so this doesn’t matter.”

Heukun is an intelligence organization with branches spanning the entire continent. They had so much information that even God said they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

“I’m not a real person at all.”

The woman called Orien narrowed her eyes further and shook her head. She lowered her chin slightly as she spoke.

“Then let me tell you about the information you requested. Shall I tell you directly? Or in writing… .”
“Please tell me here.”
“All right.”

The woman called Orien nodded and straightened her shoulders.

“The direct descendant of Raon Sieghart you mentioned does not exist in the world.”

Jaina was startled and spoke informally without realizing it.

“I’ll say it again, there is no one named Raon in Sieghart’s direct lineage.”
“Well, that doesn’t make sense?”
“Is the information accurate?”

I was so embarrassed that I even forgot how to speak as a princess.

“you’re right.”

Orien was not embarrassed and just blinked.

“Well, since Sieghart is a very closed group, we don’t have much information, but we do know the names and faces of the direct lineage, upper level collateral lineage, and vassals. “There is no direct descendant named Raon in Sieghart.”
“Hey, this can’t be happening? “That doesn’t make sense!”

Jaina stood up, pounding her fist on the table.

‘Am I possessed by a ghost?’

As a direct descendant of Sieghart, Raon exudes a rogue spirit and also shows his closeness with Greer, the three princes of Owen.

‘What on earth happened?’

Greer couldn’t have lied. Even before I met Raon, I was talking about Sieghardt being divine, a genius in swordsmanship, and that he would become the head of the family in the future.

‘Then the direct lineage is clear. This guy is definitely a direct descendant… uh?”

Jaina swallowed dry saliva.

‘doesn’t exist. Now that I think about it, you didn’t say that they were both direct descendants!’

That’s how they set the mood, but they never once said that they were actually direct descendants. It was so absurd that I burst out laughing.

‘Damn it! That guy was collateral!’

That was the only way to explain this strange situation.


I was out of breath at the thought of bowing my head and apologizing to the collateral. I wanted to catch him right away and put him on his knees.


Jaina gritted her teeth and glared at Orien sitting in front of her.

This is the downside of Heukun. They don’t answer anything other than the questions they ask. He must have known that Raon was collateral.

“Let me ask you one more question.”
“There is an additional price?”
“does not matter.”

Orien spread his hands as if to speak.

“Information on a subsidiary named Raon who belongs to Sieghart.”
“I’m 15 years old. As you said, I come from a collateral background and am currently serving as the trainee representative at Sieghart 5 Training Center. He won a sparring match with Greer de Owen, the three princes of the Owen Kingdom, and defeated a group of bandits named Seol Ho-chae who were trying to defect to the North-South Alliance. and… .”

She gave me more small information, but no story about Eden came out of her mouth.

“Huh… .”

Jaina listened to the whole story with a red face and stood up. Throwing the bag of gold coins she took out of her arms onto her table, she smiled coldly.

“You’re doing a really good job.”
“thank you.”

Orien smiled, taking the sarcastic remark as a compliment.


Jaina left the room and closed the door with a loud bang.


Her angry voice could be heard from afar.

“This is Sieghardt’s collateral, playing with Valkar’s forbidden jade leaves… . “Is it fun?”

Orien snapped his fingers, and black shadows rippled under the lights.

“Gather information about Raon Sieghart.”

Her red lips drew a fine line like a crescent moon.

“It feels like I haven’t seen this person in a long time.”


A low hill a day’s drive from Cameloon.
Raon, Greer, and Dorian were sitting in front of the bonfire that warmed the chilly night air.

Raon thought that now was an opportunity as the knights left to scout, and told Greer that he had obtained the magic sword.

Only the first word was said, and Dorian said the rest.

“I couldn’t believe it even when I saw it with my own eyes. Red energy spreads out from the sword like an octopus leg… .”
“Oh, that must have been amazing.”
“You should have seen that for yourself. “Both my father-in-law and I were so startled that we fell backwards. I had only heard about it because it was our first time using this sword.”
“under… .”

Raon shook his head. Why was he surprised when he was eating snacks?

“At the end, the master said, ‘Come with me!’ As I do this, my sword hurts! “It was really a scene in a painting that made me burst into tears.”

Greer let out an exclamation, her eyes shining. As expected, that man was more suited to being a knight or a hero than a prince.

“It was a great experience. “I feel envious.”

Greer’s eyes lit up as she looked at the requiem sword hanging behind her waist, but she did not ask to see it without permission. He was definitely a man who knew manners.

“But it’s also a sad story. “The evil of the White Blood Cult is spreading across the entire continent.”
“you’re right.”

Raon nodded. Due to the nature of the religious group, it spread quickly, so there was almost no place without their followers.

“Actually, our mission is also related to the White Blood Cult.”

Greer tapped the sword with the lion symbol on it.

“It’s about taking the items from the Baekhyeol Church branch back to their home country. So, send the knights away… .”
“wait for a sec.”

Raon stopped Greer and stood up. I could feel dozens of signs coming this way from afar.

“W-what’s going on?”
“Someone is coming this way.”
“Aren’t they knights?”

Dorian’s eyes, already frightened, swung like pendulums.

“The numbers are different. And the knights have sensed the presence and are coming back. Prince. “Let’s arm ourselves first.”
“I understand.”

Greer immediately put on his helmet and stood up as if he believed in himself.

“We’re in big trouble! A group of white bloods… hmm?”

The knights who arrived a little while later opened their eyes wide when they saw Raon and the prince who had finished preparing for battle.

“uh? “Did you know there was an attack coming?”
“Prosecutor Raon told me. “Are the White Bloods coming?”
“Oh, yes.”

The knights looked at Raon with dumbfounded eyes. He looked curious as to how he knew.

“First of all, there are over 50 believers, five priests, and one bishop!”
“hmm… .”

Greer raised his hand on his sword, listening to the eerie sound that felt like the entire forest was moving.

“Everyone ready for battle!”
“Ready for battle!”

The knights raised their spirits and blocked the way as if protecting a prince.

“I am sorry. “If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have asked you to go with me.”

Greer turned around, looked at Raon and Dorian, and sighed.

“I didn’t know they would attack Cameloon and Owen’s sphere of influence.”
“it’s okay.”

Raon shook his head and stood in the same line as the knights.

‘It looks like they came after something.’

The prince said he was transporting some goods from the White Blood Church. It was clear that they came after that item.


With the sound of strange footsteps, white-blooded cultists wearing black coats that covered them from head to toe came out of the forest.

Some had one and two white lines drawn on their black coats. priests and bishops I felt a force far superior to that of ordinary believers.

“Kwaaagh! “It’s true!”

Dorian screamed at the appearance of the White Blood Cult. His teeth chattered, but he didn’t dare to back down.

“after… .”

Raon took a deep breath and placed his hand on his newly acquired sword.

‘I didn’t know I would keep my promise so quickly.’

It was a time when I was about to draw my sword, thinking that the world was truly amazing.


The requiem sword hanging behind his waist let out a roar that was enough to make the entire hill tremble.

‘Are you telling me to pick it?’

As if what he said was true, the vibration got worse.

‘Do you want to take revenge with your own power? .’

Raon nodded. He also had no intention of deferring revenge on De Luz Robert to others. He drew his requiem sword, thinking it would work well.

Coo coo coo coo!

The energy of resentment burned and burned on the red-hot blade that seemed to be soaked in blood.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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