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Chapter 108

“Wow, you’re crazy. It’s really crazy… .”

Dorian’s lips trembled as he looked out of the auction house bathroom.

‘To think of robbing the black market, is Ganttaeng the size of a continent?’

It made me want to rip Raon’s head off, wondering how he could come up with such a crazy idea.

‘You really won’t have it, right?’

I wanted to think that no matter how much it was Raon, it wouldn’t really rob the black market.

okay. I wanted to think so. But this person does it if he does it.

Raon never went back on his word. Didn’t he kill the Green Demon, survive the Glow Blood Demon, and beat up Raiden?

“Whoa… .”

When I let out a long, deep sigh as if I was smoking a cigarette, the door opened, and Raon came out, wearing a black night suit all over his body.

‘Ugh! I really wore it.’

He wore the black clothes he had in his pocket and pulled the mask over his head. He even nodded his head as if satisfied.

“This is fine. “I won’t get caught.”
“No, master. please… hmm?”

Dorian tilted his head.


Raon’s height has grown recently, so I’m now at eye level with him, but now it seems like his height has decreased a lot. He has noticeably lost his height to around mid 160’s.

“Um, that young master? Tall… .”
“I cut it down a bit. “I don’t want to get caught.”
“Oh, I see. yes?”

I see, that’s bullshit!

Even advanced Sword Experts and Masters cannot decrease or increase their height at will. It seems like the person itself has changed since he was in the family.

“Well, who did you learn that from?”
“Instructor Rimer.”
“ah… .”

Since Rimmer is such a unique elf, I thought that might be the case.

“I took a quick look at the surveillance network, and it seems worth doing.”

Raon stretched and grinned. It sent a chill down his spine, just like the devil’s smile.

“Hey, master over there. That butterfly. They say it’s rare, but it’s not out of the ordinary, so you might have to find it later… .”
“Unfortunately, we don’t have much time. “It’s not like I can come here often.”

Raon smiled softly, but a fire was shining in his eyes.

“Plus, I was blatantly ignored and ridiculed, but there’s no need to endure that.”
“Wow… .”

Dorian scratched the back of his head. Actually, that is correct. That woman openly started a fight with her and even interrupted her auction.

“Did you know who that fox mask was?”
“yes. So I want to stop it further. Honestly, I want to tie your arms and legs!”
“I am Princess Jaina of the Balkar Kingdom. “She is not only talented in magic, but her eye for equipment is outstanding, making her the current king’s favorite daughter.”
“It was Balkar.”

Raon’s smile deepened when she heard that she was the princess of Balkar. She looked like an animal stalking its prey.

“Then the things the princess bought will go to the VIP room?”
“yes? “Maybe so, right?”

The auction house provides luxury rooms to VIPs who spend a lot of money, and delivers the winning auction items to their rooms. If she were the princess of Balkar, she would naturally have a private room.

“Then it’s not like you’re robbing the black market. You’re robbing that princess. “Once an item enters the room, ownership is transferred.”
“yes? Well, is that how it works? I don’t quite understand… .”
“I thought about it for a while, but I think I can go. I’m waiting for you.”
“Eh? young master!”

Raon laughed softly and then disappeared from the bathroom. I was watching it right before my eyes, and he literally disappeared.

“Ah, isn’t being a princess more dangerous than the black market? “Am I crazy?”

Dorian shook his head as he looked at the empty bathroom.

* * *

The best assassins each have their own unique methods.

Kazan, the assassin from the east, is fast, Doruma, the assassin from the west, is soft, and Fatu, the assassin from the north, is sharp.

And Raon, the southern assassin, was secretive.
Due to the characteristics of Muyeongbo he had learned, his presence and presence were reduced to the maximum, like a shadow on a moonless night, so even the experts were unable to properly understand his movements.

For the first time in a long time, Raon was able to use Muyeongbo to his full potential and reach the 4th floor of the auction house where the VIP room was located without being noticed by anyone.

‘In times like this, Muyeongbo is the best.’

Muyeongbo is a secret walking method that neither the wind nor the shadows follow. Although it was slow, there was no better way to hide its presence or appearance.

By reducing the height and size with this control, people who came to participate in the auction and the guards guarding the VIP floor did not notice their presence and only passed by.

-That’s strange. If it were your normal personality, you wouldn’t do something crazy like this. Did you really go crazy when you left home?

As Lars said, it is crazy to go and steal the princess’s items just because she started an argument openly, was ignored, and the auction was interrupted. Especially when you think about your personality.

However, Raon was not excited at all. Rather, it has sunk as cold as a glacier in the North Sea.
With such a cool-headed spirit, the reason why he acted unreasonably was very simple.

‘Because I’ve been there.’

In my previous life, I had come here and assassinated a high-ranking noble in the VIP room. Of course, he faked his death as a natural death, so he wasn’t discovered.

Because I had memories of that time, I was confident of success.

‘Now is the perfect time to get things done.’

The item she won the bid on will be posted soon. If you enter the VIP room with that item, you can easily steal the Black Butterfly.


Controlling my breathing, I stood at the end of the lobby.

‘Actually, it’s possible because this is also here.’

As the black market goes underground, the level of auction items, security, and vigilance increases exponentially. Honestly, if it had been on the second basement floor, I would have given up.


After a while, an auction house employee came up to the fourth floor, pushing a cart. The cart was covered with thick cloth, one of which resembled the silhouette of a birdcage.

‘This is it.’

It was clear that it was the princess’s auction item.

As I was trying to follow the employee pushing the cart, the sound of the magic boundary turning could be heard faintly, like the sound of a squirrel.

After determining the location by sound, we carefully broke through the border that spread like a spider web.

‘Actually, this is not what is threatening.’

What is truly dangerous is not the border made of mana thread, but the traps and sensors that detect mana.

Traps and sensors made of high-grade mana stones detect unregistered human mana.

No matter how well a person accumulates mana, he cannot have the level of sincerity of mana found in a high-level mana stone.

‘Of course it’s not me.’

His auror, which was built with manga balls and purified with a ring of fire, is not as pure as natural mana, but is purer than high-grade mana stones.


The cartoon ball was pulled up very thinly and passed through traps and sensors made of mana stones.

As expected, the sensors and traps thought they were natural mana and did not work.

Raon broke through all the traps and sensors and followed right behind the auction staff.

He stopped at room 404 and knocked on the door. A moment later, the door opened, and a guard standing next to the princess came out.

“I brought the items the VIP purchased.”

When the guard nodded, the employee pushed the cart and went inside.


When the eyes of the staff and guards turned inward, Raon used Muyeongbo to the extreme and penetrated into the room.

There were two other guards inside, but no one noticed him.

“A total of 12 items were successfully auctioned. “Let’s check it out.”

The employee handed out the documents and took out the items in the cart one by one.

Twelve items, including the black butterfly, were laid out on the floor, and the guard nodded and signed the documents.

‘That’s it.’

Now the owner of that item is not the black market, but the princess. Now there was no problem with stealing.

“You can’t believe I paid 50 gold coins for something like this.”

The guard looked at the black butterfly and made a pitiful expression.

“If you like something, you stick with it until the end, right? Well, it was revenge this time.”
“Well, in the past, I was a bit preemptive and ruined a family. “It’s terrible.”
“If that guy from earlier doesn’t hand over the ring, he’ll soon die with his face crushed by a rock.”
“I will do that. “I’ll rub it like laundry.”

The guards sitting at the table chuckled.

‘They’re the same.’

I was a little hesitant at the thought that the guards might be in trouble after stealing the Black Butterfly, but they were no different. My conscience disappeared.

“Let’s continue with the cards. “I was winning, wasn’t I?”
“He was really good yesterday. “If the order to kidnap me comes, shall I ask you the secret?”
“OK. “If you ask me a question, I will give you a good answer.”

The guards piled up the auction items next to the table and started playing poker, giggling.


Raon clicked his tongue.

‘It’s too close.’

If it’s stuck like that, it’s hard to take out other items.

You could win if you fought, but there was a risk of being caught by the black market guards waiting on the 4th floor.

‘I can’t help it. ‘I’ll just have to take Black Butterfly with me.’

Raon lowered his posture like a frog and looked at the cage containing the black butterfly.

Black butterflies die quickly if kept in an enclosed space, so they are kept in such cages.

So why is the black butterfly only attached to the mana stone even though it is in a cage from which it can easily escape?

The answer is simple. This is to eat the high purity mana attached to the mana stone.

In other words, if you make it feel better quality mana than the mana from the mana stone, the butterfly will break through the cage and fly by itself.


Raon maintained the Muyeongbo and used the ring of fire to purify the aurors. He sliced the Auror with great care as thin as a thread and let it flow to Black Butterfly.

The black butterfly that was clinging to the mana stone and sucking the mana was startled, flapped its wings, and descended from the cage.

‘As expected.’

It was a good idea to lower my posture. If it had been called while standing, the guards would have noticed the black butterfly flapping its wings.

Whoa whoa.

I took a slow breath. The black butterfly is out of its cage, but it’s not time to let down its guard yet. Because he was passing under the table where the guards’ legs were.

If the Black Butterfly’s wings even pass by the guards’ legs, it’s all over.

Raon gently controlled the Auror as if he were a newborn child, seducing Black Butterfly.

From right to left and from bottom to top. The flapping of the black butterfly’s wings prevented even the guards’ clothes from shaking.


The black butterfly, fluttering like a blade of grass, went on a short but long journey and landed in Raon’s hand.


I put the black butterfly in my inner pocket and slowly stood up. The guards were absorbed in the cards without knowing anything.

“Ah, I lost again!”
“This is your 6th straight loss. “Send all your salary this month to me.”
“Oh, damn it! What happens… uh?”

The guard who was throwing the cards widened his eyes when he saw the cage where the black butterfly was.

“Fuck you! doesn’t exist! “No!”
“The butterfly is gone!”

The guard looked back and forth at the cage and his chin trembled.

“Look back, look back! Search everything! “If this disappears, we will really be ruined!”

The guards overturned not only the auction items, but also the beds, chairs, and all the furniture, then opened the windows and eventually even the door.

At that moment, Raon, who was close to the wall, smiled.

‘You can move now.’

He picked up five more auction items from the messy floor and leisurely exited through the open door.

-You’re crazy. You weren’t a fraudster, you were a thief! What kind of life did he live before this king came?

Raon smiled coldly and bitterly.

‘I lived a very dirty life.’

* * *

Raon went to the bathroom again, changed his clothes, returned his body to its original size, and returned to the auction house.

Perhaps because the final auction was in progress, the host’s voice was louder than ever.

“Ugh, shi, my heart itches… .”

Dorian was scratching his heart and shoulders with trembling hands.

“So, eat less snacks on a regular basis.”

Raon clicked his tongue.

“under… .”

Dorian opened his mouth as if it was absurd. This is all because of you, so he looks like he’s talking nonsense.

“Hey, master.”

The guy sighed and moved to the side so that no one could hear.

“You really didn’t get caught, right?”
“Well, that’s a good thing. You gave up halfway, and in fact, stealing black market items is crazy… .”
“You didn’t give up?”

His voice suddenly got louder. He came back so quickly that he seemed to think he had given up on Black Butterfly.

“S-No way… .”
“Here it is.”

When I pointed to the inside pocket, Dorian’s eyes rolled around. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a person’s eyes move like that.

“Uh… .”

As Dorian tried to move backwards, a shadow appeared behind him. When I turned around, there was a woman wearing a fox mask standing there.

“I guess you’re in trouble.”

There was a deep sneer in her voice. She was so explicit that I wanted to describe it not as her mouth but as her snout.

“So you have to take a good look at your opponent. “What can you do when you have no money and are only proud of yourself?”

Even though he was wearing a mask, his voice had an expected facial expression.

“The world doesn’t go the way it wants to. “You can live a long life only if you understand the subject well.”

Since he was making a clumsy threat without even knowing the situation, I just snorted.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Since you know what kind of person I am, hand over that ring. It’s not a threat, but if you say no, your life will be difficult. “I have never missed an object.”

She opened her palm. She looked as if she couldn’t give it to you.

“It’s not a threat, it’s a threat. And are you deaf? “I don’t like it.”

Raon waved his hand as if swatting away a fly.

“What, what? “What did you just say?”
“Go around with your ears pierced.”
“you you!”
“Don’t bother me and go.”

The mask shook. The princess must have been unable to control her anger, so she began to raise her mana.

“I say it in a nice way, but they don’t listen. The object you were aiming for was that butterfly, right? “Are we going to make it so that people can’t even buy and see anything that comes out at auctions or in stores?”

It didn’t matter. Because I already got it.

“Or don’t you let me see the sun rise tomorrow at all? I can erase a mercenary like you with just one finger. Who am I… .”

The woman snorted and was about to take off her mask.

“Hey, lady over there!”

The guard she saw in the VIP room approached her with a serious face.

“Now, I have something to tell you for a moment. just now… .”
“what? “What kind of bullshit is that!”

After hearing the guard’s whisper, the woman’s expression hardened to the point of death.

“Do you seem to be in trouble?”

Raon grinned as he felt the presence of a black butterfly in his inner pocket.

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