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A Genius Investor Who Picks Up Conglomerates Chapter 300

Episode 300 Isn’t this misinformation?

“Director Han.”

Myeong O-cheon, who was sitting alone sipping soju, softly called out to Manager Han.

“yes. President.”

“Is that really gone?”

“yes. “I just left the mansion.”

“Cluck cluck. It’s been a while since I last had a proper Ddol-I Day. “Even Ohseong’s Lim Gwan-hoon can’t do that in front of me, but the young guy’s acting is amazing.”

A manager with an expressionless face asked cautiously.

“Do you mind if I send it back the way it is?”

“What if I don’t send it back? Are you going to catch me and scare me? Cluck cluck. Oh my gosh, Manager Han. Yes, you still have to learn more under me. “Yeah, why don’t you have eyes for people?”

“I’m sorry, Chairman.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. Jumma, that guy is definitely a kid who will catch you and give you a scare. I was surprised. A kid who just turned 30 has the eyes of an old monk who has gone through many hardships? It’s childish to mess with a guy like that. “If we had done something foolish, we would have been thoroughly prepared for it.”

“Is that so? “I just thought he was an arrogant guy who didn’t know how to be afraid of a one-day puppy tiger.”

“Do you think it was just luck that Jumma achieved wealth exceeding tens of trillions?”

“Of course I may have the ability, but honestly, isn’t it just luck?”

Myeong O-cheon, holding a glass of soju in his hand, nodded in agreement.

“Of course, luck is also important. In business, there is nothing more important than luck. But… Ultimately, that luck comes from people. I think so. You may be able to earn tens of billions of dollars through luck, but once it exceeds hundreds of billions and even trillions, you have surpassed the realm of luck. It means that that person’s courage has reached that level. And usually, as the vessel ages and experiences more things, it becomes bigger and stronger… Jumma, I don’t know how that thing came to be, but the bowl is already finished. “Cluck, click, click.”

Director Han had to suppress the shock that burst out at Dan O-cheon’s words.

This was because in the nearly 20 years that I had been by Myeong O-cheon’s side, I had never seen him evaluate others so highly.

“Did you take care of the contract?”

“yes. “I put it in the safe.”

“Take care of that. That’s because it’s a contract worth over 1 trillion won. LOL. He’s a special guy, but he was born too early. “Those who have never experienced a true failure are likely to end up like that guy if they turn around.”

“surely···. It seemed that way. How dare you bet against the Chairman?”

Director Han also nodded in agreement.

“Director Han. Please sit down and get a drink too. “If I were to drink it alone, it wouldn’t taste good.”

“Yes, Chairman.”

A manager sitting across from Myeong O-cheon accepted the glass in a polite manner.

“Did you know that I also fell into gambling when I was young?”

“I didn’t know.”

“Very well done.” If I worked hard and earned a few pennies, I would go to ancient times and run to the battlefield. But does this damn gambling mean that you always win a little at the beginning and always end up losing money in the end? You’re going to be so crazy and jumping around? “Then I realized, kid.”

“What do you mean?”

Myeong O-cheon poured soju into his mouth and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

“Wow. Soju is wairi Dano today. That means you can never win in a place where professional gamblers are present. From then on, I strictly avoided places where crooks sat and only visited places crowded with thugs. From then on, I never lost money gambling.”

A wry smile appeared on the corner of Myeong Go-cheon’s mouth.

“Do you know what the easiest way to win is? All you have to do is pick an opponent that doesn’t lose and beat them. Do you understand now that I won the bet that Song Dae-un made?”

“It’s because you’re not confident you’ll win.”

“Cluck cluck. Song Dae-un’s Jumma can never defeat me. You may have more money than me, but that’s not everything in Korea. Well, I don’t know that. You’ll probably find out when you wait and see. “What will happen in the future?”

Myeong Go-cheon turned his gaze to the paper calendar hanging on the wall.

“There is plenty of time. Director Han.”

“yes. President.”

“Let’s call Executive Director Oh and have dinner next week.”

“I will.”

“Cluck cluck. It turned out to be unexpectedly busy. “It worked out well for a car that was in need.”

Just like that, Myeong O-cheon drank more than he could drink for the first time in a long time and laughed heartily until late at night.





It was only after leaving Mr. Baek’s mansion that I was finally able to relax and let out a deep sigh.

“I’m so scared. “It probably wasn’t noticeable, right?”

It is not at all easy to enter a tiger’s den filled with ferocious beasts and maintain composure.

However, I was familiar with their physiology.

The moment you show yourself weak, you will be eaten right away.

“Anyway, I signed a contract, so now I can’t even take it out.”

Probably 300 billion won will be deposited into my bank account within a few days.

All of the shares I own in SI Hitech are pledged as collateral.

In fact, on the surface, this bet was ridiculous.

Is this an unequal treaty comparable to the Ganghwado Treaty?

However, unless this tempting bait was thrown, Myeong Wu-cheon would never have moved.

What was more important than pride was whether or not it would make money.

“Approaching the law cannot be a true judgment.”

You may not know it, but Myeong Oh-cheon probably has a truckload of undisclosed crimes, including fraud, blackmail, and instigation of murder.

The image of Myeong O-cheon, who siphoned off the blood, sweat, and money of countless common people and then boasted about being a patriot who always paid taxes, came to mind.

In short, the logic was that as long as you earn like a dog and spend like a politician, everything that happened in the process was justified.

‘You’re being damned.’

They were another type of murderer who committed murder for money.

It was obvious that even at this moment, their black money was ruining the lives of countless people.

At first, I thought about gathering various pieces of evidence and handing them over to the prosecution.

‘But will that really be enough to pay for my sins?’

In any case, Myeong Oh-cheon’s influence will reach the prosecution’s leadership, and if he gathers a luxurious defense team and goes to trial, he will be sentenced to about 2 to 3 years in prison at most.

His enormous assets would still remain, which meant his influence would remain intact.

That could not be a condemnation in the true sense of the word.

‘The real punishment is to take away the most precious ‘money’ from him.’

As I walked down the quiet downhill road in the dark, I began to organize my future plans.

Anyway, the game has started, and I will definitely win this match.


A few days later, Sprout Investment headquarters in Mapo-gu.

“Something···. “Why does it make me more anxious because it’s so quiet?”

I tilted my head at Stephanie’s words.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“I’ve been getting chills intermittently for the past few days and my spine feels like something is going to happen… “There’s nothing special, so I’m anxious for no reason.”

I looked at Stephanie with worried eyes.

“Shouldn’t you at least go to the hospital? “No news is good news, and if nothing happens, it’s good…”

“How accurate are my feelings? Usually, this kind of reaction only occurs when Dylan has an accident… “That’s strange.”

Stephanie then sticks out her forearm.

“Look at this. The chicken meat has been rising since a while ago. “There is definitely something there…”

“Stephanie? If you’re not feeling well, just rest. “Anyone who sees me will think I’m an evil representative who only makes things happen.”

He turned away from Stephanie who kept stroking his arm and looked at Seongi Kim.

“Manager Kim?”

“Yes, CEO.”

“What was the reaction after SI Hitech’s performance announcement?”

“The market is accepting it positively. As performance has improved significantly compared to the past, the stock price, which was 20,500 won, soared to 23,900 won during the day. “I think it will go through a transition period for a while and then settle down in the mid to upper 20,000 won range.”

“Hmm… I guess I’ll have to go see CEO Choi Chun-gil sometime soon. Anyway, Director Kim, please keep a close eye on SI Hitech’s stock price trends. “If you detect any abnormality, please report it to me immediately.”

“Is there a reason why you suddenly care about SI Hitech’s stock price?”

Kim Seon-gi’s question drew everyone’s attention to me.

You’ll probably be surprised.

Because I have rarely shown interest in stock prices.

“There’s a lot of talk around you, right? “SI Hitech will be the first blemish on Song Dae-un’s career.”

Embarrassment appeared on the faces of the three people, as if they had not expected the person concerned to speak openly.

“Don’t pay attention to that nonsense. “These are all stories spread by idiots who are jealous of the CEO’s reputation.”

“That’s right Dylan. SI HiTek, which has shed all the shadows of the DS HiTek era, is now showing meaningful achievements. In the first place, the semiconductor industry itself is an industry in which it is impossible to achieve anything in a short period of time. “Perhaps people’s perceptions will change over time.”

Everyone seemed worried that I would care, but I didn’t really think anything of it.

I couldn’t tell them about the bet with Mr. Baek, so I just said it.

“I don’t care. If you don’t lose your original intention and just keep going like you are now, your potential will definitely explode. Anyway, let’s skip that issue, Stephanie?”


“What are the trends for Once Doctor after its launch? “Is there anything else special?”

Stephanie raised one corner of her mouth and spoke in a confident voice.

“After launching the service, the cumulative number of subscribers reached 100,000 in one month, and the number of affiliated hospitals is steadily increasing.”

I felt puzzling because the performance wasn’t all that remarkable compared to the momentum.

“Of course, it is true that the numbers fall short of expectations. However, one good news occurred here. “There is a better response in the American market than in Korea.”

“In the American market?”

“yes. However, the difference is that, unlike Korea, American users often use the Once Doctor app for diet purposes…?

“Well, anyway, it’s encouraging that there’s a response, so there’s nothing bad, right?”

“So the development team is now quickly revising the American version to suit the needs of diet users.”

“That’s good. As expected, CEO Bae Han-seul is very quick to act.”

Fortunately, she was a woman who knew how to row when the water came in.

Matthew, who was silently listening to Stephanie, added a positive comment.

“It might actually be better to focus on the U.S. market.”


“This is because it is difficult to make profits in the Korean market in the healthcare industry. Compared to the United States, medical costs are very cheap, so it will be difficult to make a large profit. In order to make a profit in Korea, you need to sell services to employers other than insurance or generate profit through B2C, but both forms are not widely used in Korea.”

“Hmm… okay.”

I tapped my fingers on the table, lost in thought, and then looked at Stephanie.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Stephanie to contact our US branch and consider what help she can provide to Once Doctor.”

“yes. “I will do that.”

Stephanie nods firmly.

If you utilize the infrastructure of Pierre Robben, who is in charge of the US corporation, you will be able to receive considerable help.

“ruler! “Today’s meeting ends here…”

We were just about to end the meeting because all the agenda items to be discussed today were completed.

Kim Seon-gi, who was checking his phone, looked at me in surprise.


“Why are you doing that?”

“if···. “Have you filed a complaint with the court?”

“Eh? “What do you mean by that all of a sudden?”

Stephanie and Matthew tilted their heads and checked Seongi Kim’s cell phone, and soon their blank gazes landed on me.

“Isn’t this misinformation?”

Seongi Kim held out his smartphone to me, and the title of the article was written in large letters on the screen.

[A group of victims of stock price manipulation by Sprout Investment CEO Song Dae-un. The third son of Seonmu Group, files a class action lawsuit against ‘Royal Healthcare’ CEO Choi Won-woo]

A Genius Investor Who Picks Up Conglomerates ( Free )

A Genius Investor Who Picks Up Conglomerates ( Free )

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I went on an ocean fishing boat for 4 years to pay off 300 million won in coin debt, and my account is strange. But that was only the beginning of great fortune. The story of Song Dae-woon, a legendary venture capitalist who is shaking up the global economy.


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