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‘Oops. ‘I just made up my mind.’

Lee Han quickly reflected.

I made up my mind after seeing the good deeds of the young skeleton principal, but then I got so annoyed.

“hmm. I’m sorry. There’s a lot going on these days, so you’re angry for no reason. ruler. “I’ll put some grapes here.”

-go away!

“… … ”

In response to the angry hamster’s swearing, Lee Han threw grapes into the cage one after another.

Then the hamster screamed and ran away to the corner.

‘Oops. ‘You’re doing this again!’

Lee Han reflected once again. At the same time, I felt a little embarrassed.

You made up your mind and did this right away.

‘Tsk. After all, is it impossible for me? Acting like a young principal… ‘

“Student Lee Han. are you okay?”

Professor Garcia collected the light from the scepter and carefully placed it back in the storage box, looking at his student with concern.

The experience I had with the Scepter was like putting compressed information into my head for a short period of time.

Even if you were a great wizard, you would still be confused and embarrassed.

“it’s okay. professor. And I learned a lot.”

“really? which?”

“Seeing the real principal, no, the young principal… ”

“Didn’t you just say you’re the real principal?”

“… “I thought I should do more good deeds.”


Professor Garcia tilted his head inwardly.

In the professor’s opinion, her student had already done enough good deeds.

By Einrogard’s standards, he’s pretty good…

‘no. There is no need to stop such thoughts.’

Professor Garcia, who was puzzled, composed himself again.

There was nothing wrong with doing more good deeds. If a student had come to that kind of realization, all you had to do as a teacher was support him.

“Student Lee Han. I am proud of student Lee Han. “I think about that too.”

“after. But as soon as I arrived, I took out my anger on the hamster… ”

“… Well, that much is okay. Even the hamster over there will understand.”

Throwing a few grapes at an evil magic criminal even makes the young skeleton headmaster think, ‘Well, that’s about it…’ ‘There was no doubt that he would respond.

There was no need to be sullen about such things.

“What about Yeongrak?”

Professor Boladi, who had been listening quietly from the side, quietly asked a question.

In fact, Yeongnak was the most important goal of this journey.

If he couldn’t change the mind of his crazy alter ego, he would have to think of a solution all over again.

In that case, the situation could have escalated beyond Einrogard.

“I got the clue.”

After much thought, Lee Han answered carefully.

I wasn’t completely sure yet. However, thanks to what I heard from the young skeleton principal, there were some things I could point out.

– Just as you came down because you were truly concerned about me, please be sincerely concerned about others. Then you will soon understand.

And my crazy alter ego said something similar.

-Get used to this spell. You have to realize a thousand things yourself.

‘hmm. When I think about it, it doesn’t sound similar at all.’

The former was kind, but the latter was just self-serving.

Lee Han once again realized how much the skeleton principal had become a twisted archmage as he got older.

How can you understand the latter?

‘In the end, in order to surpass a certain level of magic, you must be able to understand its meaning.’

Lower circle magic rarely did this. As long as I understood the movement of magical power and the chanting of the spell, there was no need to think about what the wizard meant by creating this magic.

However, high-circle magic could not be perfectly reproduced simply by following the process.

Small World was a good example. It is the same magic, but it cannot be cast without the wizard fully understanding the meaning of the magic.

Lee Han guessed that high-level magic contained a small world like a small world, although its composition was different.

A structure in which one cannot fully draw out one’s power unless one learns and understands the thoughts contained in the small world.

… In fact, it was something that Lee Han didn’t need to learn at all in his current grade, but Lee Han learned it on his own.

‘Yeongrak is like that too. ‘I should have cast it with sincerity.’

Lee Han, who was deeply impressed by the words and actions of the young skeleton principal, planned to cast Youngrak again with that promise.

I wasn’t sure, but right now I couldn’t think of any other way.

“There is no guarantee that I will succeed, but I would like to give it a try… ”

“That’s it!”

“That’s it.”

“… … ”

When the two professors talked as if they had already succeeded, Lee Han was dumbfounded and speechless.

No these people??

“professor. You probably misheard me, right? There is definitely no guarantee of success… ”

“yes yes. I heard. Student Lee Han. We’ll leave as soon as we get some rest and feel refreshed. “The Yasha King must be overexerting himself.”

“… … ”

Lee Han suddenly missed the young skeleton principal.

If the young skeleton headmaster were here, he would have scolded him and said, ‘Please listen to what your student says!’

‘What are you doing if you fail, these people?’

Whether the student was worried or not, the two professors were confident that the problem would be resolved and talked about what they wanted to say.

“really. During my visit this time, I wrote down a little about the young principal’s magic. “I took notes in a hurry, but I’m going to go back and organize them carefully.”

Professor Garcia took out a crumpled wad of paper.

There was magic taught directly by the young skeleton headmaster, and there was also magic written by Professor Garcia after he saw it in person and analyzed its structure backwards.

It wasn’t a very long trip, but it was enough to gain deep inspiration as a wizard.

“Professor Bagrek, didn’t you write it down?”

“I wrote it down too.”

“I thought you would.”

Professor Boladi took out a well-bound black leather notebook. The two professors exchanged what magic they found impressive.

‘What are professors? ‘It’s really awful.’

Lee Han shook his head.

He was just thinking about how the ancient times were terrible and how he could not invite the young skeleton headmaster to Einroguard…

The professors were talking about magic and how long it had been since they returned. I wondered if I had to do something like that to become a professor at Einrogard.

“Hmm. “Then, I guess I can start by teaching magic to student Lee Han while I’m here.”

“I understand. “It seems like it would be difficult to teach the young principal’s Fydor now.”

“… … ”

Lee Han’s eyes widened at the sight of the two professors trying to force Lee Han to learn the magic he had learned from the young skeleton principal.

What kind of malice is this??

‘If the young principal were here, I would never have tolerated it!’

* * *

King Yasha was greatly surprised by the arrival of Lee Han and his party.

Hmm. Ohsu’s disciple. My expectations were wrong. I never thought it would fail.

Looking at Lee Han’s dark complexion, it was clear that his preparation had failed.

It was shocking, but it couldn’t be helped. King Yasha immediately gave the following advice:

Now that things are like this, I guess I have no choice but to destroy them together with me. Evacuate the students and bring in the wizards. I will try my best to interfere, but I will never let down my guard…

“Wait a minute, I didn’t fail! majesty.”

Professor Garcia shouted, stopping the Yacha King who was ahead.

King Yasha asked in confusion.

You didn’t fail?


But why is Osu’s disciple so dark?

“My face is always like this.”

Lee Han said with a sour expression.

Of course, I could understand the feelings of Professor Garcia and Professor Boladi.

As Lee Han is also a disciple of the headmaster of the skeleton (and what’s more, he was the previous disciple), it would be rude and mean for them to monopolize magic.

Considering the feelings of the young skeleton principal who generously gave it to him, he had to pass on magic to Lee Han as quickly as possible.

… Of course, my own opinion was not included here.

‘Why is the amount of magic I have to learn increasing because the professors forced me to learn magic?’

No matter how much I thought about it, it was a difficult problem that I could not understand.

Hmm. I was mistaken. Then, Ohsu’s disciple. Take a look at what we have prepared!

Hearing the Yasha King’s shout, Lee Han shook off his idle thoughts and stepped forward.

People around him also cheered for Lee Han.

“This student can do it!”

-You must do it!

“… … ”

Lee Han kicked the hamster cage once. The hamster squeaked and cursed.

-Why are you doing this to me?

“How do you kick a professor?”

-… …

The hamster had no choice but to understand the strangely logical words.

Well, that’s right!

‘Concentrate. ‘Forget the hatred and embody the realization you felt at that time.’

Lee Han threw away his irritation with the hamster and resentment toward the professors and fell into a deep sleep.

>The Fall of Gonadaltes> is a magic that began with the promise of a young skeleton principal to ultimately take on the pain of others.

I had to understand that promise and prepare myself to help a little.

‘I don’t know how much I can help… Still, as long as I can… ‘

For a moment, Lee Han, who was concentrating, wondered if he could make such a compromise resolution.

At the very least, when casting a spell, shouldn’t you be prepared to say something like, ‘I will sacrifice all of my remaining assets and my life’?

But I couldn’t help it. He couldn’t lie like that in front of the magic he was casting.

A little more than I’ve ever done before.

Do your best to the best of your ability.

At that moment, Lee Han felt his horizons expand spiritually.

A vast sense of expansion shook my soul, as if I had understood a world and laws I had not known before.

‘This… !’

* * *

The first thing the crazy self saw when it came to its senses was King Yasha strangling him with one arm.

“… “What are you doing?”

You have come to your senses, my friend.

“I can’t believe you came to your senses. what… ”

The crazy clone immediately grasped the situation just by looking around the workshop, grasping the flow of magic outside the workshop, and lightly detecting the magic installed on the outskirts.

“Was it reversed?”


“How did you stop it?”

Here, the outstanding wizards and your disciples stopped it.

Professor Garcia waved his hand with a very awkward expression.

Unlike his student, Professor Garcia still felt awkward dealing with this cold and crazy alter ego.

“Let me show my respect as royalty.”

“Oh, no. “I just did what I had to do.”

“Wizard. Open your chest and accept the royal congratulations. “Not everyone can receive it.”

‘Could it be possible to make the young principal crazy with his personality? ?’

Professor Garcia became slightly sullen as he remembered the kindness of the young skeleton principal.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since we broke up that I’m already missing you.

“Loosen it.”

Let’s do it.

King Yasha quickly removed his arm. The crazy clone quickly reverse-summoned the foundations of the demigod army that had been cast outside.

Professor Garcia, who was watching, asked cautiously.

“So, you’ve given up your desire to conquer the continent, right?”

“Did the royal family say that? I guess that was true. “You don’t have to worry.”

The crazy clone said sarcastically.

By the standards of a crazy alter ego, conquering the continent was more of a mistake made out of impatience.

Even if we leave aside the post-conquest work, how many resources will be wasted during the conquest process?

To my crazy self who was trying to achieve his secret wish through magic, this method felt too crude and crude.


Professor Garcia breathed a sigh of relief. From what he was saying, it seemed like he really wasn’t going to conquer the continent.

“I will also ask the royal family a question.”

“oh. yes.”

“Why is the royal disciple not showing up?”

“… that… ”

As Professor Garcia hesitated, his crazy clone slightly tensed.

Could it be that there was some mistake while casting Yeongrak?

“… “I had exams left so I went to take them.”

“… … ”

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family. – I'm never attending school, ever again! 'What do you wish to achieve in life?' 'I wish to play around and live comforta-' 'You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!' 'Patriarch!' My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!


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